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At beforeOverall I REALLY njoyed this book I m so happy that I dove into this series Alien Chastity Belt even though it was supposed to be a BR and I never got back into this series when I was I loved this bookPhysically mentally andmotionally battered a delirious Natara Stone finds herself in a hotel room with the boy she holds responsible for involving her with the Sons of Set and at the same time for saving her from becoming their sacrifice Her world has been turned upside down overnight and the only person she can trust is Seth But is he trustworthyIn less than 24 hours Seth O Keefe gave up the comforts of being the son of highest priest on the west coast for the Egyptian cult known as the Sons of Set Marked as a traitor for saving Natti s life Seth is now a fugitive who the Sons want dead He can hardly comprehend why one girl could be worth risking Faker everything for Was sheSon of Set Kelsey Ketch s second novel in the Descendants of Isis series follows the couple as they try to find a safe haven from Seth s father and his cohorts who are hell bound and determined to recover Natti and bring their god Set back from the dead The story abounds with intensity as the couple struggles to survive A rollercoaster ride this novel takes off where Daughter of Isis left off andxceeds Lawbreakers Suspense Stories expectations Son of Set was a breathtaking addicting seuel I adored Kelsey Ketch s first novel Daughter of Isis and I amxtremely HIPPO IN THE GARDEN excited to report that I loved the second book just as muchThe characters are so likable and uniue In the beginning Natti is shocked and scared after the terriblevents in Daughter of Isis However she still keeps going and plans to side with the Daughters of Isis against the Sons I admired her fierceness and determinationI liked Seth a lot in this novel After a lifetime of being taught horrible ideas and lifestyles from his father Seth is finally realizing how to be a better person He and Natti made a delightful couple Also we make a startling revelation about Seth s mother that I didn t see comingFinally I must mention Seth s father and other villains There are many chapters devoted to their POVs Honestly these chapters were horrifying cold and gave me a birds Spinal Trauma eye view into our villains scary minds I applaud the author for creating three dimensional charactersSon of Set is a wild race infused with romance well researched Egyptian mythology fast paced adventure and awesome writing I can t recommend this series highlynough I guarantee you will stay up until late at night to finish Yes I am speaking from Shadow (New Species, experience45 StarsI received this book for free inxchange for an honest review Tiffany s ReviewAnother great one I loved the first book Daughter of Isis and I could not wait to read Son of Set It did not disappoint This series is intense Oh and not to mention the guy in the cover is HOTTTT I love reading about secret lives that these characters are living Sons and daughters of ancient Egyptian gods In this second book Natti and Seth are trying to beat the 細味人生100篇 evil sons to find the secret that keeps the world in balance Seth and Natti grow closerwhich I love Who will find the secret first Will Seth and Natti finally give in to their attraction toach other If you liked first book then you will love this one I Give It 45 StarsFull Review Thank give 45 starsFull Review Thank toYA Bound Book Tours and author Kelsey Ketch for providing me with a copy of this in The Gathering (Darkness Rising, exchange for an honest reviewFind this review and on my blog The Rest Is Still UnwrittenRead in May 2014Son of Set is the second instalment in Kelsey Ketch s rich Descendants of Isis series and picks up almost instantly where the first book left off again drawing the reader into a story where romance and attraction blend together with Ancient Egyptian gods and their ways to create a tantalizing and fast paced story you re sure to love The Descendants of Isis series has been really fun to read so far Personally I really loved the first book and found Injoyed Son of Set as MongoDB eually as much As a lover of all things Ancient Egyptian Ketch appeals to this side of me that adoresxploring their ancient myths and ideology managing to take something so lush and weave it together in a modern setting with likable characters Son of Set is told in the third person with the both Natti and Seth our focal points Seeing the story unfold through both their Chastity eyes is annlightening Experiential Learning experience at times We see both their individual struggles and fears and I found it really interesting to see the others perception of certainvents Ketch does a good job writing conflicting characters that are deeply layered Die Neurobiologie des Glücks especially where Seth is concerned and I loved struggling with my own perception of Seth and his actions Natti is a very likable character and she s always been a strong one to follow I truly like her as she is but it was interesting seeing a different side of her in Son of Set The abuse she suffered in her short time at the hands of Seth s father Sean has had uite an impact on her physiue and she is a very fragile young woman at the beginning of the book Obviously this changes over the course of the story but Natti struggles with whether or not she can truly trust Seth Her uestioning over his intensions and his ability to control hermotionally are something that are uite a focal issue for her And really it s uite understandable Natti has strong feelings for Seth physically and motionally but how much is actually her as opposed to what he makes and sometimes forces her to feel The conundrum that is Seth O Keefe continues to intrigue me in this book Seth is one of those characters where it would be so asy to dislike him based on some of the things he does to get his way ither by force or coercion but at the same time the internal struggle he puts himself through make it really Ma ‘at; the locket her grandmother gave her holds an ancient Egyptian secret linking to Osiris and Isis That along with being tortured and brutalized by the Sons of Set she can hardly hold herself together Thank God for Seth’s touch That warm tingling sensation that drowns it all out Yet her heart struggles to stay focused She must uickly mbrace her destiny before the secret name of Ra falls into the wrong handsNote Content for Upper YA. .

Oh the levels Kelsey Ketch takes us to on this adventure This is the seuel to Descendant of Isis It is packed with drama action romance and intrigue than before Seth and Natti are on the run from Seth s father Sean and the other Sons of Set Unable to trust anyone they are completely on their own Natti wants to solve the mystery of Ra s secret name while Seth wants nothing than for her to be safe These goals do not seem to hand in hand Natti has to come to terms to what happened to her in the temple and decide if she can trust Seth and the feelings she has for himSeth s character has really grown on me by about a third of the way into this book In the first book I didn t like him and was just beginning to warm up to him Now I can relate to him much better He still has a few traits that are less than wanted but with his upbringing it is fully understandable We get a good view into his story in this book which was very appreciated Not to mention he amuses me with his idea of real food uote I m not ating all this healthy junk twenty four seven I need real food too Chips soda jerky Then there is Seth s father Sean What a villian No matter how hard Seth tries to vade him he is always right behind him He is truly cold Most vildoers at least care and have a weakness for family Not him He truly wants his son dead In fact Here is a uote from the book He would slit his throat and have the pleasure of his son s blood drenching his flesh while watching the light fade from his yes Then there is Natti I actually liked her a bit in the first book Although she has understandably been through a lot As the book continues she does seem to regain a sense of self it just isn t want it was She has a way of making you smile throughout the book though There are a few steamy scenes in this book too And while the romance is heavier in this book it does not dominate it Kelsey Ketch truly does a wonderful job blending the genres Yet this book is mature than the first one While the first book had some scenes that young readers should possibly avoid this book is descriptive and the concepts to the scenes are serious so I definitely did not feel that it was young adult New adult might be appropriate FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck even if 2 of the 3 main characters are teenagers Mind you this is just my opinion Not saying teens shouldn t read this but it is likely better for the older teens Otherwise it is great for all ages on up from there Lots of close calls minds games chaos and await This volume does take on a paranormal aspect than the first one as well and it delvesven further into Egyptian mythology An Big Little Man exciting read Just be sure to read the first book before getting into this one Note I received review copy of this book from the author via Lola s Blog Tour inxchange for an honest review45 StarsBrilliant and high dose mythology hot pursuit thrilling and tense story unraveling secrets Everything I wanted in was there in the book Whatever complain I had for the first book just vanished in the air This book was better than I xpected There were still no hieroglyphic drawing in this #book may be because I m reading review copy or whatever reason still this book was #may be because I m reading review copy or whatever reason still this book was CharactersNatti Daughter of Isis Ah She was so confused Emotions were running high in her veins Half of the time I had sympathy for her and rest of the time she was getting on my nerves Finally she got the glimpse of her power she started to believe in Sons Daughters and Gods She was learning but slowly This character was still developing in the book but whatever amount it was it was goodSeth Son of Set This guy had charmed me He had 180 ffect on me in this book I loved him and as book progressed Tremendous development Smart Logical gifted trained funny cocky If I m in danger and have to run for life I will take Seth with me no other character can be such a brilliant protectorSean He was real son of Set Greed lust power hungry criminal rapist deceiver Name verything you want in villain this man had it all Last thing you want his this person as protagonist s father Horrible isn t itWhat I liked Alternative chapters from Natti Seth and Sean made the narration interesting Sean s view just added horrifying ffect in the book It also gave a hint where the story was going but definitely there were good surprises that I couldn t have imaginedMythology while in the first book there was just a story of Isis Osiris and Set in this one there was lots of mythical stories this is what made me give lots of stars to this book First the book started with story of Understanding Markets and Strategy escape of Isis and 7 scorpions protector of Isis I didn t know about them before this book It was most interesting story in while book There was also a story about Cleopatra s son Seth s knowledge about Egyptian mythology in the booknlightened me with many interesting things like why pyramids are built about God Thoth forms Ra The dead s shadow I loved reading descriptions of the Egyptian dressing and about God Thoth forms Ra The dead s shadow I loved reading descriptions of the Egyptian dressing and words used for that symbols of daughters and Deities mentioned in the bookMore importantly I got to know what Natti s power was and it actually works That was best scene major turning point in the book So much wrapped around that part about Daughters and Seth and Montana Dreams emotions of Natti my head was also spinning with her And from here on the till climax andnd of the book it was mind blowing brilliant unputdownable Solving the riddle of Name of Ra just glued me to seatLoved relationship of Natti and Seth This opposite natured duo worked so well in the book And the Immerwelt - Der Pakt ever increasing pool they felt towardach other Modern South Asia even they both knew it will be deadly will bring down the curse made romance in book so spicy It was forbidden and so unnatural to have such kind they couldn t understand why they had such strong attractions. “ the Sons would never just let him go alive”Seth O’Keefe has broken the laws of his god He never thought he would sacrifice his own future to protect a Daughter of Isis But when the Sons of Set discovered Natti is the Secret Keeper he had no choice Now Seth and Natti are on the run from his father who wants nothing than to see Seth dead With no allies Seth turns to the Daughters of Isis for help hoping they would protect Natti But when. Pecially Natti and the uestions she put for this connection made the story interesting It was still not clear in this book but may I will learn along with her about it in the next bookClimax and End At almost 75% of the book author left me clueless I guessed few things what will come next but I was surprised by turn of Picture Theory events Damn It was soxciting and thrilling I had that cocky devilish grin on my face that Seth and Sean would die to get it After this point I Ancestral Voices expected thend No it was not there Before last 3 chapter again I thought it will And Bid Him Sing end here Nope Ah I don t why those last 3 chapters were included in this book It would have made brilliant beginning for the next book Thend looked dragged and surprised me at the same time But anyway I just Aristotle Detective (Aristotle enjoyed reading itWhy I didn t give full stars Dear Natti If you have been little less childish I would have given this book than 5 stars Why you couldn t do what you have been told Be smart in next book and don t give me thatasy to say look Thank youOverall Son of Set was Stupefying nail biting with interesting Egyptian mythology and bittersweet romance that I highly recommend to those who Bones, Clones, and Biomes enjoy this genre I should mention that I received the arc from the author in return for a fair reviewI m at a loss of wordsIt s been a long time that I have thoroughly Bringing the Empire Home enjoyed a novel to thisxtent I remember Daughter of Isis being amazing but I think Son of Set brought the bar so much higherThe fluidity that was displayed in this novel was perfect I have a really visual imagination and there s at some points that I forgot that I was readingThe sexualromantic tension between Natti and Seth was super intense I haven t read about this much sexualromantic tension since Jennifer Armentrout s Obsidian If you re like me and njoy some sometimes not so friendly banter between the two mains prepare yourself for some hilarious dialogue Seth and Natti s characters developed so much throughout this novel and it was such a natural smooth maturity Nothing seemed out of place and you really connect to the twoI loved seeing the different sides of the story I found that s what really pulled it together to give you a full understanding of the world that Kelsey createdYou can really tell that Kelsey did her research The mythologygodsgoddesses that was contained in this novel was so interesting I love back story A strong back story in a novel is normally the deciding factor in whether I l Full Review That nding okay so it was and it wasn t kind of cliffy Netti doesn t know who she can trust but she does know she has a strong battle ahead of her Seth s father is determined to bring his nemies down I m looking forward to seeing what happens with Netti and Seth Netti is coming into her powers and I hope these two will find their way towards happiness I hope to hear about the Daughters of Isis This was a fast paced intriguing read that kept me turning the pages I know there are many secrets to discover and I cant wait to see what they are My Rating40 Hotel Kiss Nightmares Cash Cars Vegas Curse Blood Betrayal California Isis Clouded Love filled stars Though this is YA its for a mature YA audience
The Chemistry These Two 
chemistry these two is sure to captivate I recommend this for those that like Egyptian Mythology and finding love This book as good as the first in the series Daughter of IsisNatti and Seth have scaped Sean s clutches but are now on the run for their lives The bond between them grows as they try and stay ones step ahead os Sean and his minions More secrets are revealed on both sides of the battle and stay ones step ahead os Sean and his minions More secrets are revealed on both sides of the battle Ra s secret name I really Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) enjoyed watch Seth growth in this book that he is not all darkness as his father taught him and how Natti helps show him the light with in himselfIarly await the next book in this series Now it has been a while since I read Descendants of Isis so it was really fun to dive into the second installment of this series over the weekend There was so much happening in this book that I didn t Counter-Amores even realize that it was over by the time I flipped to the last page It sucked me inspecially when I wasn t out on winery fun watching movies or hanging out with the family Son of Set was jam packed with action drama and romantic shit Seth and Natti are on the run from Seth s crazy ass dad and his I guess brothers They were all apart of the Sons of Set cult thing so I m going to go with brothers Either way they are crazy because they are chasing after these two lovebirds I loved Natti and Seth when they were working together She wanted to solve this whole mystery over Ra and his name Then there s Seth who is only caring about protecting her Of course that doesn t mean this dynamic duo doesn t have trouble working together This usually happens when people have different goals they are working towards However these two definitely come to terms about it because of their feelings for one anotherNow I know I mentioned that I loved those two Dancing at Armageddon earlier Trust me these two characters definitely grew up a bit They also became a little bit likable in myyes as well Besides all of that they are acting or maybe they seem a bit relatable in this book than the previous one Like with Seth s Double Jeopardy eating habits completely relatable I don t always want toat healthy crap NO sometimes I crave chick fil a or candy Then there s their chemistry AKA AHMAZING It was definitely 10x better in this book I can t wait to dive into the next book of this seriesOther than all of that Seth s dad is such a good freaking villain I don t think I ve ver read a book where a parents wants their kid dead so freaking badly that he will do anything in his power to make it happen Maybe like mess with them here or there or ya know take their money or something BUT DEAD Like dead dead nah never read th. They meet the Daughters he discovers a secret that puts both their lives in danger Low on options Seth sees only one possibility for survival He must help Natti solve an ancient puzzle and find the secret name of RaNatara “Natti” Stone is having a hard time swallowing the truth She can’t believe what she has learned in the past twenty four hours Seth is a Son of Set blessed with charm; she is a Daughter of Isis blessed with a sliver of.

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Son of Set Descendants of Isis #2

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