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Nnoyance and the local boy in blue should be anything but a magnet Should should should Nothing is going according to his plan He had a great plan right Keep his head down keep running his shifty schemes and hide from his past Too bad his past is like a pesky shadow he can t shakeJackson loves his town and the people in it Admiring his father and his work it only seemed natural for him to follow his daddy s footsteps in law enforcement The crime rate in Hog Mountain has always been at a barely there mark and this suits Jackson just fine When a sexy heavily inked stranger moves into town Jackson itches with nease He can t tell if his assumptions are justified but he sure as hell can t deny his fierce attraction to this bad boy For a town with no secrets he s successfully hidden his and has no plans to reveal it But sometimes secrets have a way of slipping out regardless of our desiresWhat s to like I can close my eyes and see Hog Mountain It s created with such fine detail I feel like I know it as if I ve been there I adore the nosy neighbors and overbearing family I love the lessons and the Soldiers Pregnancy Protocol unconditional love I m so happy Cam mistook this community as one to vanish into because fortunately for him nothing goesnnoticed in Hog Mountain It was pure circumstance that brought him into the limelight and then his conscious got the better of him I loved watching him suirm Babysitter Caretaker What Who do these people think he is Turns out they know him better than he knows himselfWhat s to love Opposites collide as clothes are destroyed good overcomes evil in a heart stopping way and love prevails by the skin of their teeth The storytelling blew me away It s not an easy feat turning my stubborn feelings from one corner of the ring to 35 StarsI liked this one But I don t think I loved it I found this to be a sloooooooow burn And Behind the Throne (Morgan Crowe Trilogy, upntil around 50% the MCs only have a handful of interactions with each other And even after the 50% mark they aren t a couple ntil the very end I liked the story line and the second chance theme But I really felt like this book was about that then the actual romance between Jackson and Cam There is very little steam in this book maybe 2 3 sceneswith the big finale happening literally on the last pages of the book I wasn t terribly p in arms about this I did like both Cam and Jackson I think the slower moving plot especially in the first half combined with the lower levels of romance I just couldn t love this one Still a good read and I ll definitely read from this author As I m seeing dozens of 5 star reviews for this book I can t help but wondering what I m missing I mean I enjoyed this story but I m not raving over it like some of the other reviewers I love a book that features an antihero and that is certainly what we have here Cam is a small time crook who moved his con to a rural town in the hopes of escaping his enemies and starting over He isn t looking to reform his bad boy ways and at the start of the story I promise you that you will want to smack him He begins the book as a callous man and I really enjoyed watching him slowly transform into something maybe not softer but caring I liked the overall story arc a great deal even if I had some issues with how the ending went down melodrama alert However I think my main sticking point was the writing style While other people seem to enjoy the straightforward way that Jason Huffman Black writes I found his style to be blunt and too simplistic He writes very direct prose and while that may appeal to some readers I found myself wanting something evocative It isn t that Jason Huffman Black s style is bad it s just that I didn t find it to be a good fit for my reading tastes The romance was there but I wasn t blown away by it This book is pretty far from a mushy romance with most of the feelings between the two MCs going Captivated by the Millionaire unsaid during the story While I appreciated that the romance was different from a lot of romance novels that I ve read I found myself wanting a deeper connection there I think part of the reason that I wasn t feeling the connection as much was because Cam doesn t reveal a lot of his emotions to the readers even though we have his POVI totallynderstand why people love this book It was a good story about a man who finds acceptance and love in a small town side note the supporting characters are all fabulous in this story However it wasn t a story that I ll be thinking about days from now Copy provided in exchange for an honest review Move along move along Nothing to see hereReally move alongOne of the first things you realize about the book I ve just read is that my kindle is totally hightlighed And if you begin reading all those A Mighty Big Wish uotes I decided to emphasize you notice very few are emotive sentences or poetic paragraphs They are not at all wise nor epic No what Inderlined here were thoughts dialogues actions that really made it for me Because they were clever spot on neat and they followed my train of thought They put into words exactly what I was thinking at the same pace I of thought They put into words exactly what I was thinking at the same pace I forming them It s as if the author was a step ahead of my mind and noting down exactly what I was going to say Every remark that threatened to come out of my mouth was suddently silenced with ink I meant kindle ink of courseIt may sound creepy but in truth I love it when an author doesn t treat m Received from the author for an honest reviewThis was one of the best books I ve read this year It s a story of redemption set in small town Hog Mountain Written with a southern style and charm it just invites you to set spell kick your shoes off and grab a glass of iced tea Camden Sanders has been a con man and a thief all of his adult life in Atlanta Spent two terms in prison he is looking to avoid a third stay by breaking from the gang he ran with Hog Mountain seems just like the perfect place to set p shop and start running small auto repair scams on the local rubes What Cam small auto repair scams on the local rubes What Cam t count on is the small town friendliness missing in the city deputy Jackson Rhodes sharp eye and three wonderful kids Jackson came on strong which put me off him at first with his tough cop attitude He was the town s golden boy but I came to like him once I got past the facadeI grew p in a community like Hog Mountain and reading this beautifully written story was a bit of going back home I laughed shed a few tears and just felt a little sad when it ended Mr Huffman Black created two fun main characters in Camden and Jackson and The Italians Stolen Bride used his magic to bring them from enemies to lovers The secondary characters are well developed and fleshed out The story is well paced and definitely character driven It s a story to get lost in and one I ll definitely read again I am anxiously waiting for Mr Huffman Black s next novel If you think the covers goodwaitntil you read the book I admit it I took one look at this cover and it was lust at first sight My brain screamed that I needed to read this book and then I did the worst thing i could possibly do i worst thing I could possibly do I the blurbwell that was it I was finished I needed this book Sometimes cover lust is a good thing and in this case it was an awesome thing Snakes Among Sweet Flowers is a book about second chances finding love where you least expect it and learning that home is than just a place Camden Sanders needs to start over and he knows that if he stays in Atlanta he s just going to end The Greek Tycoons Mistress up back down that rab. Blems with this plan One is the neighborly citizens of Hog Mountain thwarting his dirty dealings at every turn with their kindness Another is Jackson Rhodes a closeted Hog Mountain police officer who can see right through Cam’s. I d read the authors short stories previously and was really anxious to get my hooves on his debut novel His writing is incredibly smooth and easy to read the kind where you don t even realize you re reading because you re so engrossed in the story and then you lookp and two hours have passed and his style transitioned from short story to novel easily I couldn t believe how Tikki Tikki Tembo uickly the 240 pages went by and I wasn t even close to ready to let the characters goAnd oh my the characters Cam is so flawed yet so amazing I was rooting for him from the beginning Even when he disappointed me I still rooted for him And I think that s what made him so memorable the author didn t try to sugarcoat his shortcomings or excuse them in any way Cam knew what he was about and he wanted to change but didn t really know how and was a little lost in the town of Hog Mountain Some of my favorite moments were when he would get angry when people were being nice to him His confusion was just so darn cute yet completelynderstandable He didn t exactly grow Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers, up in a friendly environment and being that he actually had a conscience a tough thing to have for a con it made me believe his evolution from predator to neighbor throughout the book Cam left the restaurant with a grumble at thenexpected customer service Sean called out a sincere Have a great day as the door was swinging closed behind him What was wrong with these people Not that it wasn t great to have an entire town full of suckers who thought being neighbors meant being neighborly But did they have to be so nice about it Jackson is the golden boy cop who grew Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island up in Hog Mountain and is very protective of the townfolk He doesn t trust Cam from the get go and with good reason The banter back and forth between the two of them was fun to read There was an obvious attraction but there was nothing forced to move the story along The relationship evolved as Cam s enlightenment did making the hard earned ground the two made that much satisfying to read Jackson is deep deep deep in the closet and my heart broke for the guy and the life he couldn t live because of itCam s past comes back to him and the dude is hella scary with no compunctions about taking out his frustrations with Cam on the small town that Cam has begun to think of as home Before Harold wreaks havoc on Hog Mountain though Cam has been ingrained into the fabric of everyday life really by accident and honestly this was my favorite theme throughout the book I really appreciated how the author handled small town life So often the small town becomes a caricature of a place that the reader expects instead of another character in the book that adds to the depth of the story Yes Hog Mountain is a small town but the people who live there are not just small town yokels with backwards sensibilities and a permeating homophobic bent throughout Not that Cam and Jackson for that matter knew otherwise Hog Mountain is no different than any other place in that there are a myriad of personalities and beliefs just like in the city but because there are fewer bodies gossip travels faster and some attitudes are magnified just from the sheer lack of human traffic But the author didn t rely on that trope to build the setting he let the citizens have their voices and let them share their experiences with Cam and Jackson giving the whole town dimension and personalityThe towns older generation was brilliant Sure maybe just a smidge too good but they embodied what we should all strive to be like in our golden years Church was a big part of their lives not that the story had a lot of religiousndertones but just enough to make the small town aspect believable and the attitudes relevant and for the most part they heeded the adage Do to others as you would have them do to you The characters that became part of Cam s life remembered their own past mistakes and regrets shared them with Cam and really showed him that change and redemption was attainable I could feel the hope really showed him that change and redemption was attainable I could feel the hope off of Cam in those moments There was no telling Cam what to do there were meaningful anecdotes kindness and respect and then letting Cam do with them what he would And because Cam really was a good guy with a conscience he did the right thing It wasn t easy but it was important and it was meaningful The author really did an amazing job with those secondary characters and their interaction with Cam and Jackson I would be remiss if I didn t mention how much I LOVED Cam in full snark mode He loved stirring p shit WHEN SAID SHIT NEEDED STIRRING AND IT WAS HILARIOUS said shit needed stirring and it was hilarious drove Jackson nutters but that was part of the fun Hog Mountain needed a little stirring and Cam s brand of forthright dialog was perfectly shocking while still being respectful enough to throw his target off their game Also the kids the author wrote were well done for their ages and experiences They weren t precocious mini adult attention whores they were regular kids and the story was better for their presence Sure they were a vehicle for Cam s change and his journey towards becoming a responsible citizen but they were by no means an afterthought The family was fully fleshed out and just as important to the story overall as they were to CamI would love to read about Jackson and his experiences with the town and his family That s not what this story was mainly about and too much detail would have been overall too much given all the shit that got real in the end But I loved his heart and the scene towards the end in the Church and the sermon killed me to death in the best way I can t wait to see what the author comes p way I can t wait to see what the author comes His Convenient Highland Wedding up next It will be an auto buy for meBuddy read and full review with fellow Uni Sheziss a copy of this story was provided for an honest review Can I tell you a secret I was afraid of this book Which sounds completely irrational when I say that out loud but we re all friends here right So I know you won t judge me when I tell you I really really wanted to read this story but I was chewing my lip before chapter one was over I was nervous it might be too dark for my mood I was scared I wouldn t like the tarnished MC and I figured it was going to swerve sharply one way or the other at the love hate intersection Barely aarter in and all my fears came true I wasn t that I just didn t like Cam but I despised him My throat was tight my stomach roiled and I thought about taking a break However the writing was smooth and I held onto the hope that it was clever craftiness of the author which made me feel so ill Bravo If the goal was to have me hate Camden Sanders it was a success And then it happened My favorite thing Huffman Black twisted my disgust into affection and before I knew it I was picking Secret Hideout (Cooper, up my pom poms and cheering for Cam People can change Faith trust and love are powerful and a potent combination And curve balls flying out of books kick ass Right or wrong Good or evil Perhaps I should exchange the or for and because I believe we all own both good and bad Cam Sanders has made many mistakes in his life but his biggest mistake was thinking he could continue to feed his wicked side while surrounded by goodness It was easy to lie cheat and steal when his backyard was vast andnknown but when he decided to plant roots in a small iet town his entire world shifted on its axis Trusting old ladies should be an easy mark dirty kids with an empty belly should be an Two time ex con Camden Sanders has decided that Hog Mountain an isolated community on the outskirts of Atlanta Georgia is the perfect place to continue running small scams without the threat of prison time But there are a few pro. ,

Bit hole that leads to prison So he does what any intelligent man would he runs ntil he ends Regency Improprieties up in Hog Mountain because no ones going to look for him in some podunk backwater nowhere town called Hog Mountain What he doesn t count on is attracting the attention of one Officer Jackson Rhodes and not in a good way Jackson s sure that Cam s running a scam and taking advantage of the good citizens of his community and he s determined to catch him And as if that s not enough to deal with Cam just doesn tnderstand why everyone is being so damned nice to him From Dotty who brings him homemade pecan pie to Tom the cat who seems to have come free of charge Cam s house and garage Add to all this the fact that everyone seems to have secret s Cam s got secrets he doesn t want anyone to know the whys and hows of his ending Cinderella Bride up in Hog Mountain for starters Jackson s got secretshe s so far in the closet he can t even see the lightnder he door Then there s the local veterinarian who seems to not only have secrets of his own but everyone else s hell even the cat s got a secret Cam finds his life spiraling out of control as he goes from what s in it for me to why are you all being so nice to me to what can I do for you I love books that are set in small towns or even neighborhoods that have a strong sense of community I know it s about the familiar for me I grew p and have lived most of my life in small communities but when I find a book that not only has this setting but the author just knows it and gets it rightwell I m over the moon in love and this author seriously did it right There was than once that my hubby had me bouncing in my chair and saying Ohmygod Listen to this and then I d read a passage to him and we d both be sitting there laughing and agreeing that this was so accurate so small town life Don t get me wrong this is by no means a criticism like i said I was over the moon in love with this I knew this I ve lived in this townwell not this town but ones like it Needless to say I curled p with this book and the rest of the world just had to either go away or wait Mistletoe Hero (4 Seasons in Mistletoe until I was done with Cam and Jackson and the town of Hog Mountain Sadly I did get to the end of the book and while I would have loved I can honestly say it wasn t needed I was just being greedy For an author to be able to breath life into not just a couple of characters but an entire community and to do so on their first novelwell let s just say you can color me impressed I will be watching for by this author and am truly looking forward to reading what comes next from him Snakes Among Sweet Flowers was well worth waiting for and totally worth reading I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes to readA copy of this book was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review 45 stars I loved this book Set in a small friendly southern community Snakes Among Sweet Flowers tells the story of two men from very different backgrounds Cam Sanders who had an abusive childhood and spent most of his adult live in jail and Jackson Rhodes raised by two loving parents and following his beloved daddy s career in law enforcement When Cam moves to Hog Mountain Jackson has a hard time believing that Cam has turned over a new leaf and at first he s partially correct Cam may joke that he had his conscience surgically removed but he finds himself caring deeply about Sadie May and Junior s three oldest whom he hires to help fixp the old farmhouse he purchased He becomes a better man with the help of Ida and Charles who oh so lovingly and kindly help him to do the right thing He learns to enjoy the simple pleasures of a good life clean soft sheets sitting on the porch at night being content at the end of a hard day of workCam and Jackson move past enemies to begrudging acuaintances to friends and it takes a while for them to connect in a slow delicious burn I d have liked a bit about just Cam and Jackson since I felt I didn t get to know Jackson as well as Cam but I liked how their relationship developed and grew without any Huge Misunderstandings or Miscommunication And view spoiler when the sociopath Cam has been running from turns p in town Cam realizes that everyone he cares about is a target And The Last Part the last part the book is gripping and terrifying as Cam and Jackson race across town to save the people he loves hide spoiler 25I am most definitely in the minority here but this book didn t really work for me Cam a former petty criminal moves to a small town buys an old garage and begins working as a mechanic He scams people because he s a smooth operator and doesn t think much about anyone but himself Jackson a police officer gets word of Cam s magical repair jobs not to be confused with magical blow jobs and begins to check p on Cam Jackson is a nice guy but judgmental He decides Cam is no good before he really gets to know him The book moseys along and I do mean mosey Almost nothing happens for the first half of the story Jackson visits with town people Cam takes care of his cat The prose is plain straightforward and stripped down That seems to appeal to many readers but the lack of evocativeness and tension bored me I couldn t connect with the setting or the characters At 37 percent Cam has sex on page with a secondary character That pretty much killed the story for me Cam slowly changes and comes to care for people and Jackson realizes that Cam has a kind heart hiding beneath the tats and bad boy persona The focus of the story is how Cam finds acceptance in the small community of Hog Mountain The romance is not absent but certainly sparse the men don t even become a couple The Potato Chip Puzzles (The Puzzling World of Winston Breen until the 70 percent markI was expecting passion not steam necessarily but a deeper connection between the men Alas there is some serious melodrama fuckery at the end when Cam s past comes back to bite him in the arse but this wasn t exciting as much as annoying I think this is a case of it s ME not you read the positive reviews and give this one a go if the blurb strikes your fancy No official rating I d rather review than rate it Review posted June 28 2016 Man I don t know who you banged last night but it must have been epic I ve never heard anybody that loud during sex If you do that chick again I suggest a ball gag or something People are trying to sleep you know Tom seemednconcerned and gave a large yawn that showed sharp fangs to convey his sentiment Look I feed you asshole At least act embarrassed that I had to be privy to your man whorin Cam scolded without heat and offered another scratch before getting Master of Her Virtue up and heading down the steps toward the bangedp Silverado beside the houseSame as 2897341 other romance books There was plenty of chuckling eating if you re hungry just knock at their door and ask for a casserole talk about buying and eating food sitting on the porch and listening to bugs and enjoying the silence And honestly I have no clue how Cam is going to make a living when he never earns any money with his new business But Hey He Has Stashed he has stashed a bunch of bills that will keep him afloat maybe for the rest of his life ETA Just at the end of the story Cam conveniently seemed to reel in some customers who will pay for some pricey work Oh and speaking of romancethis is supposed to be a romance right Around the 35% mark there is a sex scene view spoilerbetween Cam one of the MCs and Grant a slimy secondary character hide spoile. Good ol’ boy act and plans to catch him red handed despite the attraction they both can feel But the biggest problem of all is that Cam’s past is threatening to catch Sex By The Numbers (Harlequin Blaze, up with him and it could mean trouble for than just himse.

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