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Slave Again Whispers of Refuge #2E and tense situations so this would probably be a better novel for much older ids and adults It is however not a story to be missed I received a copy of this audiobook from the author in exchange for my honest review All opinions are entirely my own Never a dull moment but lots of heartache pain in this book The suspense just eeps on coming What I expected to happen didn t come about so I loved the surprise ending I received a complemenary copy of this book I am reviewing it voluntarily Wow just wow This is a very powerful story If you judge a book by how many tears you shed for the characters this would rate a 100 I was bawling by the end of this book and had to stop several times to wipe my face of tears I love a story that holds so much emotion that it will do that to me This is definitely a book that will stay with me a long time This story will eep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will become keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will become the on the edge of your seat wondering what will become the And there is a little twist at the end which I loved Of course its what put me into a fit of tears but I loved itThis is a follow up book to Beloved Daughter but to be honest it totally can be read as a stand alone But I do recommend you also read Beloved Daughter just because it is also so goodAlan Terry has proven to be a very good author indeedI am really looking forward to her next book Torn AsunderThank you Alana for sending me this e book for my honest review Mee Kyong has done a lot of things in her life and to be honest she doesn t really regret too much of it Growing up in a North Korean camp didn t exactly offer her a promising future and what she has done got her as far this But resorting to murder Well that s A Different Story Entirely different story entirely she flees to freedom or what she had hoped would result in freedom guilt wracks her mind as she struggles to push it away Extra work in the field of survival comes when she meets a girl whose childhood has ended far too soon Can the pair make it just a little bit longer in order to reach true freedomAs action packed and riveting as The Beloved Daughter fans of Alana Terry s talent with the pen will not be disappointed with the second installment of an exceptional series Though be warned this is a not a tale for the lighthearted It s gritty and at times a little tough to read as Alana examines the different forms of slavery I was surprised by the different turns the story took as well as the ending The ending alone wishes that I already had the third book in my hands and flipping through to find who makes their peace and who doesn t Another job well doneDISCLAIMER In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising we would like to note that we received an electronic copy of Slave Again from the author in a giveawayreetchampionbookreviewswordpressco. Nd the Readers’ Favorite gold medal for religious fiction It is offered at this special introductory price for a limited time This book has some Christian characters and themes but was written with a broad audience in mi.

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Very realistic to meThis book is very beneficial for those who wish to in some way help plights of those caught beneficial for those who wish to in some way help plights of those caught in for those who wish to in some way help the plights of those caught up in day slavery whether through financial or personal time commitment You will view how the tragedy is turned for good by our loving God who nows that those who suffer will ultimately desire to help others who suffer similarily to themselvesI received this book from the author with a promise that I would read and review it I was under no obligation to do a positive review I have given my honest review of this book Just finished reading these first two novels by Alana Terry The Beloved Daughter and Slave Again are incredible books I will share these over and over again Your heart will be stirred upon reading these novels You will want to help the beloved children who are portrayed within In the author s note she shared 70% of females that flee North Korea for China became a part of the sex industry So heart breaking to leave one difficult situation for another Slave Again is a novel based upon the 70%Slave Again continues the story of North Koreans that began in Alana Terry s first novel of the series The Beloved Daughter Slave Again is not only about North Koreans Mee Kyong and Sun but also about two empty nester Americans living in China This novel is just as much about how stifling Christians can be in their effort to be the light of Christ as it is about the plight of Mee Kyonk and SunBoth of Alana Terry s novels about North Koreans The Beloved Daughter and Slave Again shine a light on what life is like in that part of the world Her novels are short engaging and thought provoking I highly recommend them I look forward to reading the third novel in this series Torn Asunder An emotionally moving story Slave Again is almost hard to listen to at times It has its rather dark moments but it is ultimately a story of faith and hopeMee Kyong lives a life so far removed from my own that sometimes it s hard to imagine and I ept turning the next page and the next The choices she must make are beyond impossible and not only does she survive day after day but a tiny seed of compassion is ept alive That tiny seed just might grow into something amazing Alana Terry has once again penned a story that transports readers and listeners to a land some might say has been forgotten by God and yet it is so apparent that He is constantly moving in the lives of it s inhabitantsI actually read Slave Again about a year ago but jumped at the chance to hear the words and characters come to life The Audible audiobook was excellent Alana Terry s great writing is highlighted by the narrator s voice The spacing between chapters and scenes is very good easy to follow I even found myself slipping my Kindle and speaker into my bag wherever I went so that I could listenI would note that the book does deal with matur. Ion and willpower won’t save her this time Is she fated to remain a slave forever Slave Again is written by Christian suspense novelist Alana Terry winner of numerous awards including the Women of Faith writing contest ,
Awesome bookA well written book with a plot that makes it difficult to put down It brings awareness to the suffering of the North Korean people Poignant sad thought provoking mysterious and joyous all at once Alana Terry has the amazing ability to draw readers right inside her characters minds After reading this book I just want to sit here think and prayer I want to cry I want to be thankful I want to do At this point I can t say than Well done Alana Terry I have read and I felt a little bit sad about I have read and I felt a little bit sad about ending This one had a better ending but I feel that I need another bookWHERE S THE NEXT BOOKThe story is touching and very very emotional even in the violent parts It s impossible to read this book and not be moved by the hard life that lead some people Read reminds us that we must act and do something people Read reminds us that we must act and do something this peopleThe characters are strong and each of them are well defined The whole story is addictive and makes you want and I had been waiting for Chung Cha s appearing but nothing happened Despite of that I really loved this storyI think that I have to add to Alana Terry to my list of favorite authors Thanks to the author for providing this copy This fact did not influence the review Review Title True Freedom Rallies Compassion review of Slave Again by Alana TerryReviewer Janice S Garey5 StarsThis is another wonderful tragedy redeemed by God tale from the talented story weaver Alana Terry If you read the first book in the series Beloved Daughter you will not be disappointed in this book You do not need to read the first to get the full impact of this book It is a stand alone as well as an enhancement to the first bookThe book has heroes and victims those who rise above and those who fall to the curses of the environment in which they existThe innocence of children is clearly depicted as stolen away by slavery within the sex traffiking industry or through the captivity for use by a dictatorship s military service It was interesting to see the various forms of slavery contrasted and showing the results were similar in the ways they damaged the individuals caught up in such misuse of potentialThe danger involved in rescue of the ones caught up in slavery reuires special types of individuals The burden of wanting a better life for the many involved against their will is tenderly portrayed Another contrast is made between Christians from a western culture perspective and those who have grown up in great poverty void of religious training The priorities of the two groups could not seem farther apart Yet faith in Jesus and the forgiveness He makes possible is shown to overcome obstacles in cultural and economic realms Transformation takes place over a long time frame like one grain of sand at a time moving through an hourglass Change is hardly perceptive yet it eventually occurs This made the book. She traded in her prison uniform for shackles of a different ind After escaping a North Korean prison camp Mee Kyong is hustled over the border and sold into the Chinese underworld She vows to survive but sheer determinat. ,

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