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Cial or even the girl for that matter Instead this is a story about a girl trying to deal with death not just live with it There is depth to the pages to the inner monologue and to the conversations around Leigh and sometimes even importantly to what isn t being said or shown but rather what is being felt insteadI don t think this book will appeal to everyone but I do think those that get it that get the messages are going to love it and cherish it and be thankful that they read it The humor is dark and snarky No witty banter in this one but rather the musing of a girl so very lost and trying to find her way that it is instead sad at times and heart wrenching This is Longo s debut novel and I must say she will be one to watch in the future One that will bring us something outside of the norm for the genre Those reads that make us really stop and think and most of all feel Six Feet Over It out 26 August 2014 is a story to savourThe book rolls out slowly than the typical YA The back story and conflict are allowed to unfold carefully making room for the reader to become immersed in the story much like wading into water on a shallow beach rather than a commercial book that throws ou off the boat on page oneThe author gives credit and reward to the reader for hanging in thereWith the slow unfolding The Ideal Muslim Society you might be forgiven for thinking Wait is this YA especially ifou are comparing it to something like The Hunger Games or DivergentBut that is the wrong comparison This narrator is all teen if a well read precocious one And here s the thing well read teens are out there too They want and need smart books to feed their precocious selvesThis is a smart bookWe talk about the need for greater diversity in children s literature That includes race and ethnicity of course Discussions of diversity must also include socio economic circumstances disabilities gender orientationidentity and any other conditions that might push kids to the fringe of society into a position of Other Jennifer Longo S Jennifer Longo s novel explores this sense of Other tenderly organically with beautiful language and sharp wit Longo has a deft hand with details showing us the reality of being a poor teenager in high school the characters encountered working for the family cemetery business the martyred feeling of imagining oneself the cause of all bad things that happen the hopelessness of feeling aloneThe story s main character discovers her strength her voice her agency as she realizes she was never as alone as she imaginedThe ending is charming satisfying and EARNEDMy only concern for the book is the marketing the title and cover suggest a sarcastic well off perhaps unlikeable MC one who is soooo over it For readers expecting another Gossip Girls or boarding school style story this is not itOn the other hand for readers interested in a literary YA take on life death family friendship guilt shame and rising out of the ashes to take command of one s own destiny this cover doesn t give a sense of the depth of the storyI hope readers will give this story a chance to get inside their hearts even so And I hope RH does a better job of representing the story with the paperback package Tips for any desperate soul who decides to read this book and protect their sanity1 Consume an obscene amount of caffeine 2 Invest in a second brain to prevent overall thinking exhaustion 3 Contemplate whether or not tip 2 made sense4 Be unable to come to a decision due to loss of brain cells5 Chocolate 6 Try and understand Why Longo s sentences Are so Cho Ppy 7 Attempt to sympathize with Kai and overlook her annoyingness because cancer8 Fail 9 Two words Sexy Mexican 10 Three words Sexy OLDER Mexican 11 Four words Sexy Mexican Not Single 12 Seven words Still a better love story than twilight13 Did I mention caffeine14 Coffee 15 Diet Pepsi 16 Silently cry because 200 PAGES LEFT17 Hug self 18 Become six feet OVER IT 19 Pat self on back for pun 20 Even though pun is name of the book21 Shuttup22 You re still witty23 You came up with it first 24 Reward self with cookie25 50 PAGES 26 Roll on floor and sob27 Read about illegal immigrant activity stuff28 Suddenly Leigh is a bilingual bad ass29 Accept it30 Move on31 20 MORE PAGES32 Power through33 Skim34 Facepalm because ending dumb dumb 35 HEY AUTHORS EVERYWHERE STOP TRYIN TO BE PROFOUND AND POETIC WHEN YOU CAN T36 Except Glen Coco 37 You go Glen Coco 38 Read last page39 REJOICE40 Cupcakes 15 starsUnder normal circumstances this book s rating would ve fluctuated between an underwhelming 2 stars or a merciful and medio. Ightly too old for her gravedigger Can Leigh move on if moving on means it’s time to get a lifeDarkly humorous and heart wrenchingly beautiful Jennifer Longo’s YA debut about a girl surrounded by death will change the way ou look at friendship love and lif.

Rfully cope with all the demands and stresses of our self imposed martyrdom The only reason I didn t give this wonderfully written YA novel a perfect score is due to my suspicion that the author appeared to be going in one direction early on in the novel then did an about face toward the end For example Wade is all kinds of a slouch and has forced the family to move away from their beloved California beach side town on a whim to live in a graveyard Not only does Leigh have the responsibility of looking after her ailing sister but she now has to do the intake for all the bereaved family members who buy plots in the cemetery since Wade is hopeless at the job The pressure gets to Leigh so badly that she starts to believe that she job The pressure gets to Leigh so badly that she starts to believe that she cause the deaths of her loved ones by failing to give Them All Of Her all of her and attention As she described it herself she was deeply enmeshed by her own inner psychosis After the move to the cemetery Leigh feels the loss of her best friend Emily very deeply no spoilers here Although she is dreadfully lonely she is afraid to make new friends she doesn t want to take on any responsibility her sister s life is already depending on her Leigh mistakes the likeable home schooled Elanor for Emily at first Elanor helps her parents who run the gardening supply company that supplies most of the flowers for the cemetery Leigh discourages Elanor s friendly advances at every turn convinced that Elanor will suffer for their friendshipI had a hard time putting this book down Leigh was a mess she was sad if not depressed She embraced her martyrdom never giving voice to her inner resentment and pain She needed help but with all of the self absorbed misfits surrounding her it didn t appear she was going to get it until Dario Wade s new hire an undocumented migrant gravedigger came on the scene I enjoyed their slow growing friendship I was indignant right along with Leigh when her mother assumed that Leigh and Dario might be than just friends And Marcus Garvey yes I suspected that Leigh was carrying a bit of a torch for Dario who is such a kind and decent guy but I figured that this was standard teen behaviour and that she was only fifteen and had manyears ahead of her before she could truly know her own heart Her love for Dario or whatever term ou may want to use to describe her feelings for him was selfless and mature enough to come to his and his girlfriend s aid when he asked for it A really enjoyable read I am a huge fan of this author and can t wait to read her newest novel What I Carry which just came out Well done High praise indeed for this author s debut What a uirky without trying too hard to be uirky story with a sharp and funny MC and charming supporting characters At first I didn t really know what I was getting into I m not much on pithy titles but the premise sounded interesting enough I m so glad I didn t listen to the inner cynic in my head However i this was really good absolutely amazing voice not too saccharine a little bit meaningful full of just the right amount of morbid humor i wanted out of a book about a girl working at a graveyard i can t wait for longo s next book to come out in paperback because let s face it when was the last time i bought something in full price hardcover Ugggggggggggggggggg I m so mad I just knew I was going to love this book to death No pun intended But for some reason I just liked it I really loved UP TO THIS POINTE by the author but only liked this one When I read the blurb I thought this was going to be totally awesome but I just wasn t feeling it This is one of those books I will have to do a re read because it could have been my mood I mean I m not in the greatest of moods and here I am reading a book about a girl who has nuts for parents a sister that got over cancer a friend that died still don t know how and lives in a graveyard She has to sale plots and stuff to people after school to make a little bit of money She doesn t want to but her dad just keeps on about it I did enjoy the main character Leigh and her new friend Elanor and Dario who came to work at the graveyard digging plots etc But something didn t just grab me and hold on I love those kinds of books I m so happy for those that loved this and maybe one day on my re read I will find it different then I did today This book is so very hard for me to reviewIt was a hard book to read even for many reasons mostly because this isn t a happy go lucky kind of read It is about a girl that is literally surrounded by death every single day But that isn t what makes the story spe. E and taking notes with one hand while offering Kleenex with the otherSarcastic and smart Leigh should be able to uit this stupid after school job But her world’s been turned upside down by the sudden loss of her best friend and the appearance of Dario the sl. I cried all the way through THIS DAMN BOOK SHOULD BE damn book Excellent should be Printz next ear More to comeREVIEWI adored this book despite the fact I wept all the way through it I cannot believe this is a debut novel Six Feet Over It was so not what I expected I thought it would be a snarky teen surface depth kind of book I did not see this one coming What I loved about this book 1 Leigh Her voice was immediately sympathetic and authentic My heart just ached for her every time she was on the verge of breaking and then her sister would turn *IT AROUND TO BE COMFORTED HERSELF OR HER FATHER *around to be comforted herself or her father leave the office sticking her with a grieving wife etc And her magical thinking is sooooo realistic for kids who grow up in dysfunctional homes or experienced trauma I got Leigh on every level and I loved her 2 Elanor BEST FRIEND EVER but not a goody goody or simpering or too good to be true The speech THE SPEECH Never have the phrases Amok yeast infection and government cheese been used to such effect Bravo 3 Dario I loved it that he was so sweet but never inappropriate and his sweetness felt real not over the top 3 Tu madre That is all 4 That we got glimpses of all the unsympathetic adults that rounded them out I did not like Wade and Meredith any better but by the end of the book I understood them better 5 The information about the Day of the Dead that was woven in so beautifully with the story without feeling like I was hearing a lecture Dario was responsible for a lot of my tears damn him 6 Leigh s growth felt gradual real and earned 7 That when Leigh finally broke down there were so many hands lifting her upbut in ways that felt believable for the personalities that had already been developed and true to their limitations as humans I could go on and on I am going to buy this for my library and tell the Media Specialist at the high school about it so she can get it too If this is not chosen for the Printz nextear I will explode from the injustice Yes I say this in February which is seriously early days and there is a lot of reading still ahead of me I mean it Review egalley provided by Edelweiss DNF 25% I m not going to rate this book because I didn t finish it I managed to read 63 pages into it and just couldn t go on any It s not that it was a horrible story or had horrible writing it was just horribly depressing Fourteen And a Bottle of Rum year old Leigh works for her father selling gravesites and headstones in a memorial park Her parents are infuriating neglectful absent minded self centered inconsiderateI could go on Every conversation with Leigh s parents just made my blood boil To top it off her father atheist Communist and borderline racist considering the way he discusses his new employee forces Leigh to work three days a week or in a job she hates while he and Leigh s mother let her sister Kai do what she wants Despite the depressing story and self centered characters the story is well written which is how I managed to get much further than I usually would when I find myself uninterested in a story I actually was going to try to get to at least 80 or so pages but then I discovered an all too convenient coincidence MAJOR SPOILER view spoilerthat Leigh s former best friend Emily is now buried in their graveyard despite the fact that Leigh knew Emily when she lived in a completely different town some distance awaythis reveal is just after discovering Emily had died before Leigh moved and Leigh s parents didn t even realize that they had been best friends hide spoiler I m rating this author s debut novel a 45 out of 5What an enjoyable but heart wrenching read Fifteenear old Leigh was suffering from what I call Caregiver s Syndrome If Crochet you ve ever been responsible for a terminally or gravely ill family member thenou will most likely have experienced much of what Leigh had to endure in Six Feet Over It Chapter 3 just downright had me sniffling into my hanky Things stayed sniffly for a few chapters and Playhouse you were so fed up with Wade and Meredith Leigh s flaky parents and the loving but self absorbed and needy Kai They were sapping all the joy and strength from Leigh by relying on her to do EVERYTHING Or was this just bitterness and exhaustion talkingAs a caregiverou do love the person that ou are willingly making so many sacrifices for but there are also times when ou start to resent everyone including Desire and Deceive your sick charge for overlooking the fact thatour life is on hold Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, your needs are often not being metou are the default drive on the computer of life and everyone is taking it for granted that ou can chee. No one is surprised than Leigh when her father buys a graveyard Less shocking is the fact that he’s too lazy to look farther than the dinner table for employees Working the literal graveyard shift she becomes great at predicting headstone choice mostly granit.

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