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A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, fUrneyrom selling shoes out of his car to building a multi billion dollar company It d have been a perfect zero to hero story if it WASN T FOR ITS ELITISM ALL t Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit for its elitism All people in Phil Knight s life seem to be rich and powerful Knight s parents paidor his college and his expensive MBA Then the 24 year old Knight asked Architecture by Birds and Insects for even money to travel the world beach bumming in Hawaiior a while When he was in Japan his dad s Beyond Carnival friends checked him into a nice hotel took him to trade exchange introduced him to importers His dad then paidor his Microsociology first order of shoes paidor his second order of shoes then wrote a guarantee so he could work with a respectable bank The moral of the story is Take as much risk as you could as long as you have your rich parents to catch you when you Lefty fall As a long time lover of Nike it was only matter of time until I read Shoe Dog by Phil Knight Nike sounder I was pretty sure I d enjoy this one and I was right I really liked itThe story told in irst person by Phil himself begins by ocusing on his early life most notably his post college adulthood in the early 1960s Phil was unsure of what exactly he wanted to do and had a strong desire to travel the world Shadow of the Vampire first This is nothing new in my opinion if anything this desire has only become common with young adults I enjoyed the whole book but began to get impatient with this part Only because Ielt this young adult desire to travel the world wasn t too uniue and I was eager to get started on the Nike story Of course we never know which life experiences will shape us and how they will leave lasting impacts and this did tie back into the ultimate story of Nike Seek a calling Even if you don t know what that means seek it If you re #following your calling the atigue will be easier to bear the disappointments will #your calling the atigue will be easier to bear the disappointments will Human Aspects of Software Engineering fuel the highs will be like nothing you ve everelt I liked learning about the origins of a company I ve loved and supported How to Make a Plant Love You for most of my life and seeing how certain products came to be I would ve enjoyed a little on the endorsements and relationships with athletes in the 90s and 2000s like Jordan Tiger Lebron etc but the majority of the book is set well before this timeframe Before Nike became what it is today it was Blue Ribbon Sports being run out of Phil s parents home in Oregon Like most successful companies there were many challenges and growing pains I admire people who continually have the strength to overcome such obstacles and keep pursuing the vision they believe in It s daunting and much easier said than done It was interesting to read about the other key players who helped craft Nike s culture andootprint too I d never witnessed anything uite like that race And yet I didn t just witness it I took part in it Days later I Cities and Dialogue felt sore in my hams and uads This I decided this is what sports are what they can do Like books sports give people a sense of having lived other lives of taking part in other people s victories And defeats When sports are at their best the spirit of thean merges with the spirit of the athlete and in that convergence in they transference is the oneness that the mystics talk about I especially enjoyed the last chapter of the book which jumps orward to 2007 where Phil reflects on how ar the ounding group has come where they all are at that point and where Nike now far the ounding group has come where they all are at that point and where Nike now several years later It also sheds of a light on Phil s personal life which was nice to read about Shoe Dog is a great story one that shares the origins of an iconic global brand and provides many lessons The Internet Book for both the aspiring entrepreneur and the ultimate sportsan. Nconventional path to start his own business a business that would be dynamic differentKnight details the many risks and daunting setbacks that stood between him and his dream along with his early triumphs Above all he recalls the The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, formative relationships with hisirst partners and employees a ragtag group of misfits and seekers who became a tight knit band of brothers Together harnessing the transcendent power of a shared mission and a deep belief in the spirit of sport they built a brand that changed everything. Id account of how Knight s Crazy Idea came into ruition and eventually metamorphosized into the most recognizable name in the athletic shoe and apparel industry While not a business book per se there are a lot of insights herein about entrepreneurship and challenges of running a successful business The journey undertaken by Blue Ribbon Sports the name of the company with which Knight started his distribution of the Onitsuka Tigers was Monumentally Challenging In Spite Of Encouraging Sales And Demand What challenging in spite of encouraging sales and demand What the difficulties of dealing with the Japanese halfway across the world in a snail mail era coupled with problematic and delayed shipments time and time again and lousy conservative bankers who preferred euity ie cash over reinvested growth Knight and his team of partners were constantly ighting a relentless uphill battle to stay afloat Even when Nike as a brand was created the challenges were The Film Club farrom over as manufacturing capacity and capital availability struggled to keep pace with the phenomenal growthAnd what a team he was able to garner the Tarascon Pediatric Emergency Pocketbook foremost of them all being arguably the most renowned American running coach ever Bill Bowerman The story of Nike has strong parables to sports as its massive success was built on strong and loyal teamwork A lot of the ideas that brought Nike to bear were not solely Knight s It was also almost paradoxical to learn that Knight was not convinced on the powers of advertising what with Nike being so revolutionary in its advertising campaigns and ideas What he did bring to the table was his sheer passion and stubbornness as stopping means losing and a bunch of people who were willing to dedicate all their money and efforts into where their hearts lie At its core theirm was essentially ounded and nurtured by running geeks who understood the spirit of the sport and embraced innovation Like books sports give people a sense of having lived other lives of taking part in other people s victories And defeats When sports are at their best the spirit of the an merges with the spirit of the athlete and in that convergence in that transference is the oneness that mystics talk about Another highly notable mention in this book is of course the legendary Steve Prefontaine whose greatly inspiring yet tragic story still resonates within the hallowed grounds of Hayward Field Eugene Oregon Admiration bordering on worship or Pre who was #FAMOUSLY KNOWN FOR ONCE SAYING SOMEBODY #known or once saying Somebody beat me but they are going to have to bleed to do it provided Ninth Grade Slays furtheruel Murder of Crows for the innerire within Knight s competitive psyche It was also enlightening to learn about the origins of the Nike Cortezes and Work Your Wardrobe finally understand its cult status amongst shoe addicts Admittedly I have always been of an Adidasan However this Silence in Hanover Close (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, frank emotional and in depth look into the history of Nike and people behind its success has significantly boosted my appreciation of the brand Taglines like Just Do It and There Is No Finish Line are not merely marketing propaganda but the embodiment of the spirit of the brand and itsounding athers Shoe Dog is a real life story of passion perseverance belief loyalty and teamwork with a lot of heart I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves biographies More so or budding or even seasoned entrepreneurs sneaker or athletic shoe Tiểu phẩm báo chí fans and especiallyor runners athletes or just sports Icon fans in general And if you are aan of Nike what are you even waiting Pillow Talk for You can purchase the booksrom Book Depository Free "shipping worldwide Great story There is grit passion and drama Phil Knight "worldwide Great story There is grit passion and drama Phil Knight in amazing details his jo. 8000 his Rikers High first year Today Nike’s annual sales top 30 billion In an age of startups Nike is the ne plus ultra of all startups and the swoosh has become a revolutionary globe spanning icon one of the most ubiuitous and recognizable symbols in the world todayBut Knight the man behind the swoosh has always remained a mystery Nowor the irst time in a memoir that is candid humble gutsy and wry he tells his story beginning with his crossroads moment At 24 after backpacking around the world he decided to take the This book made me cry Twice I did not know a book about what I had previously viewed as the definition of a big corporation could have that sort of power I was wrong Phil Knight had been an unfamiliar name to me before I picked up this memoir That in itself seems strange I mean I had no idea he s rom Portland Oregon or #That By Trade He #by trade he an accountant or that he identifies as an introvert I didn t know he had met his wife while teaching at Portland State after leaving PWC to buy himself time to work on building his entrepreneurial endeavor Or that Nike literally means the Greek Goddess of Victory Oh and his logo The amous swoosh That had been designed Wolfsbane (Nightshade for 35 by a previously unknown graphic design student he commissioned Unlike Steve Jobs Phil Knight did not really have too muchaith in advertising He Leading By Design felt a good product would sell itself I also did not know he had lost his oldest son I don t think any of that is really a spoiler because it can also beound by doing a simple google search I just never did More importantly I didn t realize this man had the courage the drive dare I say the chutzpah to do what so very Kanata few can offset his own imperfections with an obsessively driven mostly loyal phenomenally uirky team And objectively embrace encourage build upon their skill sets whileacing lawsuit after lawsuit on a shoestring budget with a wife young children a very real First Impressions fear of both imprisonment bankruptcy persistently looming overhead Who knows Perhaps his 6 mile jogs helped him remain on track while building what is now an empire retaining at least somewhat of a soul The soul Well when I think of Nike Michael Jordan immediately comes to mind And maybe Tiger Woods aew years back But definitely not Steve Prefontaine In Quicksand fact I had never heard of the latter What can I say He died before I was born I m a very casual runner and I guess my American Studies courses never really covered this particular icon And now Well I m embarrassed And importantly I simply can t get him or what he had meant to this country to the world of running at large to Phil Knight both personally professionally out of my mind In closing this book proves the American Dream is still alive It s not nearly as straightforward or as black or white or even as legal or illegal as one may imagine but the opportunity is here Minus theactories of course those remain very much off shore Also and perhaps most importantly if one or two or twelve of those dreams don t workout it s ok and possibly even admirable to give them up because giving up doesn t mean stopping Growing up in Chicago in the 1980s and 1990s as a collective society we were in awe of Michael Jordan Not only did we imagine ourselves draining the decisive jump shot to seal the title we also had to use every product that he endorsed Gatorade Wheaties Coca Cola and Let everyone else call your idea crazy just keep going Don t stop Don t even think about stopping until you get there and don t give much thought to where there is Whatever comes just don t stop In other words Just Do ItNike is the ultimate American dream And it all started when a twenty Arctic Labyrinth four year old Oregonian suddenly had this Crazy Idea of bringing Japanese running shoes specifically the Onitsuka Tigers into the country way back in 1962 just less than two decades after the United States of America bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima There had been some unauthorised biographies or stories about how Nike came to be but this is theirst time we have been graced with the words rom the creator himself Philip H Knight Shoe Dog is a well written captivating and cand. In this candid and riveting memoir or the The Color of Law (Scott Fenney first time ever Nikeounder and CEO Phil Knight shares the inside story of the company’s early days as an intrepid start up and its evolution into one of the world’s most iconic game changing and profitable brandsIn 1962 Richistan fresh out of business school Phil Knight borrowed 50rom his Swamplandia! father and created a company with a simple mission import high uality low cost athletic shoesrom Japan Selling the shoes rom the trunk of his lime green Plymouth Valiant Knight grossed. ,
Shoe Dog A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

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