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Seven Secrets of HappinessD at the chance I eagerly started the book and I really found myself enjoying the bookWhereas a lot of books focus on our heroine ending up alone via a cheating boyfriendhusband at the start of a novel The Seven Secrets of Happiness takes a ifferent tack and starts promisingly but takes a sad turn 20 or so pages in I admit that after reading the blurb on the back the last thing I expected was the Six Days in Leningrad death of Ruby s husband It was an incredible shock but the blurb after reading it backoes hint at someone The Darkness dying rather than Ruby s husband actually leaving her which was my initial thought Sharon Owensoes a really good job at portraying Ruby s grief as well as that of Tom the man Ruby meets the night her husband Flyboy dies Ion t have much experience of grief but I could really feel for Ruby and even so for Tom and I found Owens treated the subject very sensitivelyThe Seven Secrets of Happiness spans about three years in total from start to finish and there are uite a few time jumps although none of them seemed at all forced and all kind of helped keep The Story Flowing Because In story flowing Because in honesty if the entire book had focused solely on Ruby s grief then I A Dark Sicilian Secret don t think it would have worked so the jumps in time helped us see how Ruby had moved on after thatisastrous night I adored the seven secrets of happiness aspect of the book which is essentially the main plot I would say and looked forward to revealing each of the seven secrets All of the stories pertaining the secrets were all inspiring I thought all seven secrets to happiness could well be the secrets to happinessAs far as characters go I found myself really loving Ruby She s a hugely sympathetic character and you Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek d have to have uite a hard heart to not feel for Ruby at all as she goes through uite a lot oframa She never really felt sorry for herself though and the way she managed to Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography deal with her grief was uite fantastic Jasmine Ruby s best friend was an absolute rock to Ruby throughout her mourning period and I found myself really warming to her early on The friendship between herself and Ruby was easily believable My favourite character though was Tom a fellow widower and the man Ruby meets the night her husbandies He seemed like such a nice character and I loved getting to know him before he and Ruby really made contact It s so good being able to get to know a character before heshe enters a relationship with our main character There were a few minor characters including Ruby s mother and father who at the beginning seem to be happy together until Ruby s mother Emily ups and leaves the country At the Italians Command during some sort of midlife crisis That added another thread to the entire story making for a fantastic storyWhile Iid love the book I id find myself getting irritated at certain aspects of the writing Irish writers have a habit of adding so #Onto The Ends Of #the ends of sentences as well as adding things like so I am onto the end of a sentence where they ve already said they re oing something Example I m going shopping so I am and it really Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, doesn t work because they re essentially repeating the same thing twice From the little contact I ve had with Irish people I ve never heard any of them add so or so I am onto their sentences and I juston t understand why editors The Maid of Lorne don t just edit them out Another thing Irish authors seem intent onoing is usin. Own prince her husband Jonathan Her friends were never far away life in her fairytale land was perfect Bu. Oh wow to this book i loved Every Minute Of It Reminded Me minute of it it reminded me bit of ps i love you i so loved ruby and tom and i loved jasmine and rubys friendship the touch of the red robin was excellent too just a really heartwarming good read and i will efinately read by this author fantastic I adored this book and the tale of the handbags Irish authors just seem to have the knack for me when it comes to elivering the goods I found the start of it a little too close for comfort but really enjoyed the rest of the story A keeper for me The first time I read The Tea House On Mulberry Street I fell in love with it For me none of the other novels by Sharon Owens has come close to its charm and simple story telling This book was ok An easy read and no brain food which is what I was looking for but it had no Penny Stanley either I m How to Become a Virgin done with reading an further novels by Sharon because I m always judging her by her own best standards and we would all come up short by that yardstick So I will continue to read The Tea House from time to time and be very happy with that Good story including tips to lead a happy life 355 stars Perfect cheesy and light Christmas romance Just predictable and cheesy enough but also just enough seriousness Loved that it is set in Belfast There is not much to say apart from it is a very easy reading book Io like the the journey of the story And finding out the seven secrets of happiness Here is the list1 To be emotionally independent To create happiness within yourself and to not let anyone control it 2 Good body and mental health 3 Get rid of negative emotions Such as Envy4 Hold on #TO YOUR REAL FRIENDS5 DO AS #your real friends5 Do as good Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, deeds 6 Look at the beauty in small things 7 Letting go of the past Its beautiful Actual rating 25 starsThis book is one of these books Ion t think I would ve started reading without my reading challenge for this year It is also one of those books that I was not all that eager to start because I was almost convinced that the heroine s husband is cheating on her and is going to leave her Well I have to admit I was wrong about that He The Bosss Baby Surprise does leave her but only because heies suddenly And what follows is Ruby s story that takes place over the course of several years before she s finally kind of ready to let go of her husband s memory and liveParts of this story I actually Ruby O Neill thought she had it all a gorgeous husband a rock solid marriage and a fairytale house Until one night on Christmas Eve Ruby s world is shattered into tiny little pieces when she finds out her husband has ied in a car accident As Ruby s friend Jasmine helps her through her grief Ruby ecides to move house and buy out the shop in which she works As Ruby and Jasmine make a success of the shop Ruby s life seems to be getting back on track but she still feels as if she ll never love again until she meets Tom a fellow widower Are Ruby and Tom sufficiently over their grief to be able to love again or will it all end in isasterSharon Owens is a relatively new author to me although she this is actually her fifth book I read a review of one of her other books The Revenge of the Wedding Planner and although it wasn t particularly favourable I id like the sound of her books so when I was offered the chance of being able to read her new book The Seven Secrets of Happiness I jumpe. Once upon a time Ruby O'Neill lived in her very own ivory tower a beautiful little cottage with her very. ,

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G the full names of #their characters in ialogue You will not Ruby O Neill It would take nothing from #characters in ialogue You will not Ruby O Neill It would take nothing from story except to make sentences fluid and not sound so silly Apart from that I found Sharon Owens s writing style easy to get into and immensely enjoyableThe Seven Secrets of Happiness is an incredibly enjoyable read and one I hugely recommend Sharon Owens seems a hugely promising new chick lit talent and I look forward to picking up of her books The magical aspect of her book may not be as far out as Cecelia Ahern s books but it s there and it s incredibly heartwarming The Seven Secrets of Happiness really The Perfect Blend does ask the uestion of whether love is possible again after such horrible tragedy and heartbreak and I found the answer to be perfectly adeuate As December arrives and the festive season approaches I like to read books with a Christmas or wintry theme Over the past couple of years for some reason most of my seasonal reads have been by American authors and to be truthful I ve found the majority of them are just too sweet and overly sentimental for my tastes Yes Christmas time should be a time of peace and goodwill and families and happiness but let s face it we all know that very often itoesn t uite work out like thatAlthough Sharon Owens The Seven Secrets of Happiness oes have a message and makes the reader take a look at what really oes make us happy and what really Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss does matt Introduction When I saw this book I ignored it the first time because I thought its one of those chick flick novels where I can practically predict what will happen in every page But finding nothing interesting I came back for it andecided to humor myself Ending up I have never loved a book this way so far Truly worth my timeOverview Ruby O Neill is living a fairy tale life married to the love of her life Jonathan who adores her just as much It is a snowy Christmas Eve and Ruby blissfully Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] decorates their Christmas tree excited about giving Jonathan her present Then a telephone call shatters her fairytale life forever In the New Year Ruby picks herself up with the help of her best friend Jasmine buying a shop in which she spends busying her self with sewing seven lovely little velvet bags Through them her life is touched by the lives of others and she learns six secrets which begin to mend her wounded heart And littleoes she know that a man Tom Lavery though wounded himself holds not only the seventh secret but also Ruby s chance of having love blossom again in her lifeMy opinion This book is so lovely I read it twice This is a story about losing a love and finding a new one espite the fact that you will never forget the past Who says you have to forget to be happy again anyway I love how the seven secrets of happiness is portrayed by people and circumstances surrounding Ruby s life I also love the presence of Jasmine that although her character is a big ifference from Ruby s Jasmine being outgoing and so into difference from Ruby s Jasmine being outgoing and so into Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm dating you can see a very honest friendship being shared by these two remarkable womenThis bookeals with love and loss and the ways in which we have to move forward and look to the futureI would really love to share with you those seven secrets to happiness but I think reading it and being able to relate to the story is the only way for you to appreciate what they are really all about. T grown up fairy stories Whispers Of The Heart don't last forever and oneark night Ruby's life is smashed into a million piec. .

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