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Seldom SeenMe She s like a lone peewit always landing close by when there s bad weather on the way yet of it eading in my directionThis slightly mystical feel contrasts with the bleak reality which is characterised in the countryside surrounding Desiree This book peels back the layer of chocolate box ouses and fields full of fluffy sheep that most people associated with the countryside and instead Is Full Of Mud Stretching On Forever Mixi Rabbits Round full of mud stretching on forever mixi rabbits round corner and the claustrophobia of living in a village where everyone knows everyone else s businessI live in a small village myself so this is something I can identify with and its refreshing that a writer portrays a realistic view of countryside livingOne of the few gripes I ad with this book wasn t so much a problem to me but might be to others who don t know the area Ridgard references a lot of places in the Framlingham area without giving much of a description of what they are Such as calling Framlingham Fram and not describing what it is similarly she mentions discusses Dunwich which is well known throughout Suffolk as the village that eroded into the sea but this wouldn t be widely known elsewhere All she needed was a line of explanation in some placesThat was really my only issue with Seldom Seen and that it could ave progressed a little faster But I also think that in a way these things almost work for the story the pace reflects its setting slow country life full of community knowledge that seems vital to those who live there but Passionate Kisses Boxed Set has little meaning to anyone else Desiree s world is very small and so is the story yet it is also understandable to readers wherever they re fromMy Rating 4 out of 5 stars 710I think I really connected with this book because it s set in rural rural RURAL Enligh sountryside and so am I I loved the ending andow everything tied together but I did find it slow at times I would say though that this is accurate to rural life so I guess good on you Sarah Ridgard Loved this book a real evocation of Suffolk Seldom Seen is a little gem of a book set in rural Suffolk with a brief visit to Norfolk in the 1980s not far in time and place from where I was growing up just over the border in Essex so the book felt very familiar to me It tells the story of Desiree White an awkward teenager who Destiny and Power hides in ditches and knows lots of secrets abouter community She discovers a baby thrown in the ditch wrapped in newspaper which sets of a chain of events disrupting My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, herer family and friends and The Café Book her community It felt a very fresh original read and I loved the descriptions and the sense of unease at some of the things thatappen in a small community My only problem which is a problem for me rather than the book is that I m so busy at the moment I aven t been able to read as much as I

usually do and 
do and think I would ave engaged with the book a lot better ad I been able to read at my normal pace Definitely a recommended read It s late at night and I ave just finished this book after starting this morning It reminded me of Twin Peaks in many ways with its small town carry ons and ghostly undertones I loved the main character she showed beautifully Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies how still rivers can run deep The depth with which the whole community was drawn is breath taking A beautiful and compelling read Totally recommend. Go by and everyone else moves on with their lives Desiree feels stuck unable to forget what she saw that day Somehow she owes it to the baby to solve the mystery But when she starts to make connections which bring the truth dangerously close toome it seems that some secrets are best left alone. ,
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Place and is deeply rooted in the Suffolk countryside the air the smells the passage of the seasons all are transmitted perfectly to the reader But it s the dark shadowy places that are this book s primary concern There are Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command hidden ugly things beneath the picture perfect rural idyll and the natives of this small community know that there is to village life than fetes and jumble sales Seldom Seen is an unsettling read in ways than one This bookas a very large cast of characters and I did occasionally get confused amongst the Dawns Cheryls and Shirleys but apart from that small Explosive Acts hiccup I found this a brilliant read I liked the author s style of writing particularlyer portrayal of Desiree as an awkward teenager and Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, how she is affected by the secrets she uncovers Minor characters such as Elmy the old farmer who is troubled by something bade did in Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria his youth or even a couple of chickens which Desiree looks after are well realised and reallyelped add to the richness of this village setting I do ope booksellers give this one a good spot on their displays With such a beautiful cover and arresting opening line it should fly off the shelves I think I read this novel too slowly so it fell a bit short of the pacing it deserved A nice sense of build up throughout of impending doom Of small rural communities where everyone The woodcut Style Cover Drew Me cover drew me this book but what kept me reading was the story that was gradually revealed I particularly liked the lore of the field names and the way that the author obviously knew er setting inside out Seldom Seen is a mix if genres part crime fiction part coming of age story part magical realism and also a glimpse into the realities of rural lifeFor anyone wanting a fast paced edge of your seat thriller Seldom Seen is not for you the story develops slowly and in small bits that seem disconnected and to do with the inhabitants of Desiree s rural community than the death of a baby Yet persevere as these separate stories all become linked later onIt is a slow but engaging mystery but it s the characters that are the winning aspect of the book especially Desiree Only 14 when she discovers the baby Desiree is suspended between childhood and adulthood yet is different to the average teenager portrayed in books Her telling of the story switches from matter of fact bluntness especially when describing
the orrifying aspects 
horrifying aspects the story to er endless imagination such as visualising Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, heropes for a relationship as a shadowed ouse that is dragged behind the carAll the characters are well drawn and fascinating in that they are seemingly average everyday people in a small village yet Ridgard draws out the idden layers both sweet and sourThis is especially apparent in Desiree s family and The Camping Cookbook her somewhat fraught relationship wither mother who is desperate for new adventures but terrified to leave the Absalom, Absalom! house In fact the secondary mystery in the novel is that of whatappened between Desiree and er mother and often one I was interested in than the one of Peewit This is the name that Desiree gives the baby which aunts Black Stone her and causeser to look into the mystery furtherShe came over and lay next to me in the church today I stopped off on the way On Liberty home from work and as soon as I sat beneath the picture window I felter come over to. Ike finding a featherless bird fallen out of its nest No one No Way Down had ever bothered much about Desiree but now everyone is interested iner in what she saw in who the parents might be and why they'd dump a baby Even Bernie Capon er older brother's best friend wants to know what she thinks As years. ,

SUMMARY Seldom Seen


I enjoyed this book because if felt like a fresh voice and fresh subject matter Gothic orror set in the country 14 year old main character dysfunctional family nosey neighbours feeling very claustrophobic despite lots of space and working class lives The main character Diseree named after the potatoes is an engaging character and you uickly engage and empathise with English Humour for Beginners her iner isolated existence Where She Seems Neglected she seems neglected strong and self sufficient She speaks about tough situations in a very matter of fact way and is accepting of those around Absolutely on Music her with their eccentricities You expect something bad toappen to The Ransom of Mercy Carter her but because ofer isolation and neglect and she Gone for Good has few options apart from working in the local shop buter resilience and solidness does er Good The Book Is Really A Coming Of Age Novel The book is really a coming of age novel she ends up looking after er mother and instigating a family reconciliation and there is a appy ending despite the tension Other subthemes of the story that I liked were ow industrial farming and supermarkets are draining jobs for locals to do There was also a family looking for the country living ideal which left the mother isolated with British Society Since 1945 her children and the father frustrated by the long commute and neighbours with chickens Also the rest of the community don t ever really accept the blow ins Other things I loved about the book were the lyrical descriptions of the countryside and even fields were namedence the title which described a field embedded between other fields Fields were locations of significant events in the characters lives This is a beautiful book Literally The cover is a triumph Inside the words are eually elegant as we learn about life in rural Suffolk in the 1980s But this is not a romantic view of cosy cottages this is a tale with death and poverty and mental illness and deceit Beware the book as a igh body count It also includes subjects such as nuclear power the use of pesticides on the land class conflict sibling rivalry all Reiki And The Seven Chakras handled in a subtle and compelling way We are taken into the world of a young girl whoas discovered a dead baby in one of the fields The mystery of who was the mother is the thread through the narrative but the plot encompasses much Once I Turning the Tide of Battle had settled into the contemplative pace of the book the world set out before me was so clear so entwined that I couldn t stop reading A great literary thriller which deserves to do well Seldom Seen is set in a small Suffolk village and follows Desiree Smith ander family during the summer of the royal wedding in 1981 and also six years later when Desiree is a young woman of 21 It begins with a pivotal moment in Desiree s life when she makes the gruesome discovery of a dead baby wrapped in newspaper and abandoned in a ditch This discovery is to I Curse the River of Time have repurcussions throughout the whole village and for Desiree personally Seldom Seenas the most wonderful opening line I should never Once I Was a Princess have started crawling around in ditches kicking up people s secrets Desiree is a sullen teenager in 1981 a girl who fades into the background skulks around in shadows and sees many things Her father is a good man but tired unhappy inis work and troubled by Court the Night (Blood Bonds, his marriage to Desiree s mother whose behaviour becomes increasingly erratic as the book progresses The bookas a marvellous sense of. Desiree White was walking through the fields of winter wheat and oilseed rape when she saw itShe picked the newspaper bundle out of the ditch and took it to the phone boxAcross the baby's tiny body she could see a faint tattoo of Lady Di's face where some of the newsprint Greed, Seeds and Slavery had rubbed off It was

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