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Mairis Mermaid gThis isoing to share the podium of worst novel about the Second Punic War that I ve read with Ross Leckie s trilogy The flaws are so many I can t possibly Windchill Summer go about each individually so I llroup them1 The language is too modern Really really too modern It s especially distracting during dialogue passages because of how non authentic it sounds because of the language The characters both protagonist and secondary speak like people today at any informal The Shadow of Your Smile gathering with no attempt at standard English or formalitypoliteness I don t expect novels to be written resembling Olde English toive the impression of classicity it s too tricky a techniue However There Should Be An Attempt should be an attempt write using a vocabulary and a style as standard as possible taking care not to let your regional speech seep through and not sound slangy or idiomatic American authors are particularly prone to stumble over this stone and should therefore be careful2 Piggybacking on the above the manner in which people interact and relate to each other both between peers and across social classes is also lacking in period authenticity and truthfulness to history The Romans weren t like us modern peoples so over familiar so ready to fake smiles so informal so unmindful of rank and class and ceremony There s such a marked carefree and unceremonious atmosphere that you wonder what happened to the Roman concepts of dignitas and auctoritas amongst senators and patricians I was almost expecting characters to The Three Worlds greet each other with What s up mate instead of that curious attempt at sounding Roman by inserting a salutatio formula incorrectly An example of this that did me in was the author making Gaius Laelius sidekick and lifelong friend of Scipio the son call him Scippy I mean what Scippy But what s the point of that And can you imagine friends calling Cato or Fabius Maximus by diminutives like this Or Sulla Caesar Augustus etc be called something like Luce Juls Gus by their friends Hey Porty drop your oxen now clean the dirt from under your nails and let so to the Rostra3 The author doesn t seem to know how to handle the narrative and steer it along a defined arc Instead he seems to write like checking historical facts boxes and inserting superfluous and poorly done sex scenes when he doesn t know what to write in between one check box and the next Hannibal swears to his dad to destroy Rome check The Barcas conuer Hispania check Cato and Fabius Maximus meet and scheme check Hannibal crosses the Alps check Scipio is at Ticinus "check Battle of Trebia check at Cannae check Oh and why don t I write a scene "Battle of Trebia check Slaughter at Cannae check Oh and why don t I write a scene Scipio Jr having sex with his slave at the beginning and then again banging a horny Italian young matron in between battles I mean what else can be used as filler while awaiting the next big battle4 Since the author doesn t have a story but follows History instead his plot becomes didactic and ridiculously linear He inserts maps in each chapter where a battle is happening I m not joking he really does There you are reading the description of a battle between Romans and Carthaginians and poof A map appears right in the middle and breaks immersion What is this A novel or a non fiction book In what well made and respectable Historical Fiction novel is it acceptable to insert battle maps in the middle of chaptersAnd since we re into unnecessary didacticism why is this author including uotation reference numbers Whenever Tessmer includes a word for word uote by a real historical figure he adds an endnote number that leads to the source it was taken from Sorry again what is this A novel or a non fiction book Make up your mind please It can t be both5 Manichaean characterisation Yes I m perfectly aware of the existence of rival factions in the Roman Senate though I disagree with the authorial choice to. Scipio Rising Scipio Africanus by Martin Tessmer Scipio Rising is the historical fiction novel about a young boy Scipio’s rise to In the Belly greatness during battles in BCE The author did areat job of learning a lot of facts about the time frame; so much so that the novel sometimes feels really “teachy” The author is a teacher so fr Scipio Rising Tessmer Martin Livres An interesting fictional novel about Hannibal Rome and Scipio The young Scipio is surely one of the most overlooked Becoming Mona Lisa geniusenerals He has been overshadowed by Hannibal Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great Scipio Scipio Rising nd Edition Book One of the Scipio Scipio Rising is a book about a war between the Roman Republic and the empire of Carthage The story is set in the BC and depicts the animosity among three men Cato the Elder Hannibal the Great and Scorpio Africanus The book has taken timeline and characters Scipio Rising Scipio Africanus Trilogy Volume This was the sensible thing for Hannibal as chief Carthaginian eneral and planner of a vast campaign against Rome to do In Scipio Rising Tessmer has Hasdrubal crossing the Alps with Hannibal and staying until after the batt. Scipio Rising Scipio Africanus #1

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Call each faction the Latin and Greek parties respectively since it doesn t reflect the historical reality I can accept that it s a creative licence as per the Author s Note but that doesn t mean the existence of such a rivalry is a reen light for writing black and white Land goodies and baddies depending on your personal sympathies The characterisation of uintus Fabius Maximus as a mustache twirling cartoon villain forget it that Romans had no mustache to twirl is frankly unacceptable to me And no I m no admirer of Cunctator he had his flaws and was a pain in the nether regions but doive credit where credit is due he had his part in Rome s final victory And Cato A bigger pain in the nether regions if that s possible but he was no close minded mulish bumbler as he s portrayed here The point is don t exaggerate It s possible to write antagonist characters without having them resemble Snidely Whiplash Nor do you need to demean the others to elevate your protagonisthero6 The editing is terrible Entire paragraphs are underlined It should ve undergone a bit of editing before it was published because the typos and formatting don t ive a ood impressionAnd there are also other issues and inaccuracies I found but the ones listed here should suffice to The Armlet of the Gods give potential readers aood idea of whether this book would be for them or not For me it wasn t Good story with believable charactersPretty well written and enjoyable even though the story is easily available as an actual history it was well fleshed out and I thought the character s were well defined One historical inaccuracy Ciabata bread was invented in the 1950 s by Italian bakers to compete with French baguettes which were becoming too popular in Italy at that time Little niggle really just nitpicking Enjoyed the book It is always a pleasure to read historical fiction that makes you feel a part of the time period and alongside the characters of the book Cornelius Scipio reluctantly follow the footsteps of his father into the army with a pledge to destroy Rome s most fearsome enemy Hannibal the Carthaginian The book is as much about Hannibal and his The Crystal Rose genius for defeating Roman legions as it is about Scipiorowth into a soldier and advancement in Roman politics We learn how Hannibal changes warfare from head to head confrontations to warfare that utilizes tricks ambushes and the terrain to his advantage The Romans refuse to recognize this change and continue to throw legion after legion at Hannibal each etting wiped out This is the first of a trilogy on Scipio and by the end of the book we see Scipio riding off to war in on Scipio and by the end of the book we see Scipio riding off to war in Scipio and by the end of the book we see Scipio riding off to war in having learned Hannibal s lessons and intent on practicing the same skilled trickery on Rome s arch enemy Mr Tessmer puts you in the middle of each battle to roan at Rome s stupidity and marvel at Hannibal s strategies Of course nothing is easy and all is susceptible to politics Both Scipio and Hannibal have to fight their senates for men arms and money Mr Tessmer doesn t stop at the battles but provides a rich background of life in Rome and of Scipio s family and Rome s political intrigue between the Latin with Cato playing an important role and Hellenistic parties An excellent novel making it fun to learn ancient history This book is a thrilling journey through history into the human heart and soul of Scipio and Hannibal Two of the most distinguished heroes of ancient History This inspired narrative reveals the aristocrat Finding Happily-Ever-After (Matchmaking Mamas, general politician and aesthete behind the Roman triumph to bring us a novel of love and betrayal The story starts at the beginning of their lives from childhood and on to their adult life Braiding together parallel plots of both Scipio and Hannibal in the art of war among the Carthaginians and Romans through the Punic wars War between Rome and Carthage was one of thereat militar. Le of Trasimene nearly a year later He sends Hasdrubal back to Spain as an afterthought Anyone familiar with Hannibal knows that he planned his Strategies Meticulously Scipiorisingscipio – meticulously scipiorisingscipio – Africanus One of scipiorisingscipio DancinginChains Martin Tessmer is a retired university professor and military training consultant He is the author of the best selling Scipio Africanus Saga series which includes Scipio Rising The Three Generals Scipio's Dream Scipio Risen Scipio Rules and Scipio's End Scipio Rising nd Edition Book One of the Scipio Buy Scipio Rising nd Edition Book One of the Scipio Africanus Saga by online on ae at best prices Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase Scipio Rising Scipio Africanus Download by Good but could be betterScipio Rising is the historical fiction novel about a young boy Scipio’s rise to reatness during battles in BCE The author did a reat job of learning a lot of facts about the time frame; so much so that the novel sometimes feels really “teachy com Customer reviews Scipio Rising This was the sensible thing for Hannibal as chief Carthaginian eneral ,

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