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Ellas First Exam (Ellas Exams Book 1) yFor the strong women we have here throughout all these levels of her story Canou tell that this is a book which leaves Ellas Second Exam you with scores of issues to ponder And that after all is told our prime human who IS the prime perp human and our lady wolf have very similar long term problems with the packAlso know that for great lengths in the middle there is nearly no action whatsoever It s all talk in a pub type tavern where Rebecka actually works one Saturday A small hub in this everyone knows about everyone else s business kind of hamlet And all the light in summer and all the dark in winter makes it even MORE complicated But that long philosophical and conversational middle 12 might make this too dark in depths and slow for some readers who want the fast horrors only in the shallows of the mystery or crime pondWill I read the next this week You bet I will I have it here already It was 3 or 4ears since I read book 1 and I didn t remember all that Rebecka was recovering from Now I want the next with this multi level beauty in front and center memory very fresh for the nextIt only lost the one star for the slowness and disconnections between all the context conversations and jumping to time locations of the middle 23rds People who have patience with the bleak Scandinavian outlook and habits may like this one than I did too I haven t been able to find Sun Storm so I had to start with this the second in the series I liked it very much I agree with Lisa that the author has painted Rebecka Martinsson as rather pitiful but after what she has been through I feel that it s probably pretty realistic The wolf story didn t aggravate me as much as it did some of Playing Sinatra you but I tend to be pretty literal so if it was laden with lots of symbolism it was lost on me I did like the fact that the wolf made her own way got her needs met even if she did have to mate beneath her normal standardsso to speak I also thought that since she was headed for the area of Kiruna we might meet her in later booksWhen I read novels set in foreign countries I always get out a map Kiruna is waaaaay up in the Far North as they say in Sweden I enjoyed the insights into the native cultures up there how they relate somewhat to the southerners reindeer culture etc Something to keep in mind is that in this book the main character is Anna Maria than Rebecka which is great by me Anna Maria seems to be a very normal type person contrasted with Rebecka s antisocial nerdy traits The two offset one another and the author does a good job of bringing their partnership to life gradually A development of trust and mutual interest This is explored in the next novel which I am reading now I also very much like her partner Sven Erik Of course I love cats like he does so I warmed up to him right awayPersonally I didn t mind having Rebecka easing back into civilization and civility I thought it made sense was a logical step basedon Rebecka s experiences I liked the cafe Mimmi and MikeNalle s coming into Rebecka s lifeSomething I liked a lot in this book was the presentation of the character Mildred and the people she affected IMO like so many do gooders Mildred DOES do a lot of good but also takes a lot for granted and causes a lot of pain too I thought the book did a good job of making her and the people around her very complex It wasn t easy to tell who was the good person and who was the bad person at any one point in time I would have had a hard time getting along with Mildred no doubt in my mindet I had to admire her for being true to her challenging nature Lars Gunnar and his son Nalle were an interesting pair I could truly feel Lars anger and frustration with Mildred s interference That do good ism that moral high road that give some people such power The ending came together well The Lisa character didn t affect me so much I just wasn t able to feel her pain not sure why Was that relationship not as well developed in the story I d recommend reading this series in order otherwise ou ll get a painful start Sun Storm is the book 1 which I didn t have the patience to wait to find before reading this one When starting with this book Rebecka is introduced as a depressed barely functional PTSD woman who just casually is mentioned to have killed three men Wait what An attorney who just happened to kill three men and is now on sick leave They left it like that so it s only 40 pages later when they go back to the detail how she essentially happened to kill them Let me summarize it for anyone else who starts the series from book 2 Rebecka has PTSD and is on sick leave because of the first book in the series She had to kill three men accidentally or as in self defense and unlike the people in the books it s a lot harder to get thru that but she s making progress She s doing some freelance work for the office she was working earlier So just bare with the first pages was working earlier So just with the first 50 pages ou ll get much better into the story She starts to warm and come out of her shellLike in the first book of the series a priest is murdered in a small city in the armpit of Sweden s and Finland s Lapland This is much different an environment much exotic than eg Mankell s Sweden or Nesser s gibberish Sweden like Dutch whatever A small town in the armpit of Sweden and there are strong influences of Lapland and of Finland too A lot of people have Finnish first or last names A bunch of items are still in Finnish IN THE BOOK THE ORIGINAL BOOK WAS IN SWEDISH the book the original book was in Swedish and Finnish are about as close as English is to Portuguese but I guess for a Swedish reader it ll be easier to find someone who can help translate some of the texts still in Finnish in this book A few that I remember from the book Ei saa peitt on a radiator do not cover iti mum l ly don t hit If there were others just comment and I ll be glad to help Like in the first book Rebecka ends up helping solve the murder The murdered female priest was very liked at least by the loser type women in the town She also had a lot of enemies The story goes in two tenses now in past tense and in the past tense where the story is told in the present tense this was something that also irritated me for the first 30 % of the story There are a lot of interesting characters whose side is followed now and in the past There s also a wolf whose story is told every now and then Zero (The Orbit Series yet I m not that sure the wolf really binds that well to the storyThe characters are interesting and something that pull the story together and forward The location is exoticet this is a bit like most of the Finnish crime stories there s a huge benefit if Women, Creativity, And The Arts you know a bit of the culture beforeou read it The exotic things are not explained as Captive you run to them a sign that this is a translation from Swedish Ifou want to try some Nordic exotic crime stuff but without learning everything about the culture beforehand try James Thompson s Kari Vaara books He writes two versions one for the Finns where there s no need to explain the stuff that isn t exotic to them and an other for everyone else who don t need to know everything as the exotic things are explained as ou run to them I don t offhand remember any of the exotic bits but they d be as banal as the milk cartons and tupperware or Swedish wellingtons This is the second book I picked from the free exchange shelf in my office and by now I start to understand why books end up thereAmong the things I did not like This is the second installment of a thriller series featuring a lawyer called Rebecka I much prefer self standing novels Reading this I felt like I jumped in mid way in a show I did not particularly care to watch Main character Rebecka is suffering from a serious case of PTSD after having killed three people in the previous book This is mentioned clearly in the beginning of the book so it is not a spoiler However I would like to inform Rebecka that the world is overpopulated by over seven billion people a lot of them very nasty Therefore getting rid of three unpleasant specimens should not create that much of a shock There are too many characters and sub plots going nowhere I am not sure what was the point of introducing the boss priest the side kick policeman the barman the waitress the lawyers colleagues etc all people who have little part in the plot but a lot of space in the book One of the side characters Lisa I think was her name also has not much to do with the main plot but apart from being a bit of a red herring she has one of the most disturbing departures I ever read invented only for what looked to me shock value Rebecka herself is not much of a main character since all she can do is moping around being disgusted with herself and scream a bit In fact nobody seemed to be a main character not even mother policewoman Anna Maria a rip off of the pregnant policewoman in Fargo who spends a chapter complaining only in her head about her family not helping with household chores but ends up saying nothing for peace sake really a good example of I am not sure what There is an homicide gory details not spared again for shock value and some sort of investigation but the investigation is totally watered down by the myriad sub plots and supporting characters There are even some additional disconnected bits about a she wolf about which I had a bad feeling given the propensity of the author to create grim departure scenes but luckily nothing too bad happenedSo what did I like Actually nothing so from now on I ll give the nordic thriller writers a mis. Ma mulher na Igreja Rebecka Martinsson volta para Kiruna onde cresceu e vê se desde logo envolvida neste caso misterioso; só ela será capaz de desmascarar os habitantes desta cidade gelada Para uem não perde um bom mistério é um crime não ler. Whilst it might seem that tackling an investigation with much in common to her first encounter is not the most sensible strategy for an author this time it is much less personal and the ensuing involvement of Rebecka is innocuous rather than intended when she has to take possession of Mildred s church keys locker key and eject her husband from the vicarage Clearly Mildred s former colleagues have been less than upfront with the police about the existence of a locker which has remained unopened all through the summer However Rebecka s conscious soon sees her offer a helping hand to the investigators and passing the evidence to them As Rebecka stays on for a holiday and to attend to her grandmother s woodland cottage ahead of the winter she picks up on the various tensions and is once again in the wrong place at the wrong time Luckily the Kiruna police department aren t too far behind but it is her assiduous observations of community undercurrents that proves superior to the last gasp bloodshed A varied cast of suspects with believable motives from priests who oppose women joining the clergy abandoned husbands keen hunters and once cherished lovers scorned all aboundI find Rebecka Martinsson a fascinating character as she is representative of some many woman of her age torn between the well paid corporate job and the fact that it freuently necessitates her biting her tongue and being morally compromised Her position as a tax lawyer freuently sets her at opposition to her wider beliefs and principles Likewise Inspector Anna Maria Mella is a working mother juggling her job with four children With two central characters both portrayed by highly competent and dogmatic females the interplay between the two as they grow in trust is well explored despite the undoubted esteem that hold each other in Rebecka is reluctant to become emotionally attached to those she works alongside often appearing surly and stand offish but she doesn t back down from confrontation and asking the awkward uestions In that sense the forthright duo of Rebecka and Anna Maria in tandem is an unappetising prospect for anyone with secrets to hide As a mystery The Blood Spilt is a far superior investigation to chew over than debut novel The Savage Altar which I felt got a little sidetracked by Rebecka s personal connections Indeed this case is certainly pared back in terms of Rebecka s mental health woes and makes her situation easier for readers to connect with Numerous different points of view contribute to the narration not only Rebecka s but the police investigators and potential suspects which conveys a well rounded overview of the prevailing atmosphere although this does make the reader privy to information before the police which can work against sustaining tension Rebecka Martinsson is much less essential to the solving of the crime in this second novel a bystander who ruffles a few feathers than an proactive agitator The breathtaking backdrop is the location of Kiruna which itself plays an important role in the mystery given its isolation and geographical uirks and traditionsI did have a few minor niggles with this novel most significantly the story of a wolf named Yellow Legs which ran parallel and I am still unsure why it appeared alongside the investigation of a murdered woman My interpretation is this the story of Yellow Legs is an analogy for the she wolf that Mildred works so earnestly to protect in turn because she herself identifies with the animal as a minority female within the male dominated church hierarchy and hence perhaps indicative of female strength Secondly there were numerous circumstances where Larsson often mentions Mildred s relationship with characters in the community and rather than simply relaying the information she lapses into flashbacks to illustrate the events I was also frustrated by the ending which leaves the character of Rebecka in a practically identical situation to as in her debut appearance Despite these minor irks sa Larsson writes well and has a wonderful appreciation of what makes her fascinating cast tick thus ensuring she is always a than satisfactory read Brooding Nordic Noir which wears its heart on its sleeve Because I just finished this one no than 10 minutes ago I have to admit it my heart is still beating a tad faster YETIt s got one of those endingsThis seems of a crossover genre than a crimemystery to me at points in the novel The entire middle 12 not the first uarter or the last uarter reminds me of a 2 dozen character town study in the middle of a Miss Marple Agatha Christie You become embedded within the town of Kiruna Sweden for huge proportions of the book copy Rebecka Martinsson is returning home to her roots during the recovery periods after the events of book 1 She has tried to return to work and other activities several times but is operating as within a wall of disconnect So she is on a kind of extended and non descriptive to length or uality sick leave So essentially at one level it is a tale of PTSD Rebecka has and her co workers and nearly all else in her life seems to separate HER THAT FACT SO THE by that fact So the is just one level of this storyThe other levels involve the relationships within the town Kiruna itself Especially in regards to the parish and the 3 pastors or clerics that run the community and religious services And also have straightaway connections to social services and some law regards as well These seem to overlap in Swedish group think of definition and for practical applicationsSo the names are difficult and the roles within the society small as it is are not overly familiar to those who read this in English I would assume anyway So know that It s a difficult connection process this book Not only in the nomenclature but in the forms Prose forms and division junctures both Because Rebecka s story is just one of at least 3 levels Be patient with me too Here it goes I ll try to define the levels themselves I was over page 300 when I realized the depth of the separations between them and would have to reread the book again to grasp all the parallels But I do get it Because it is NOT only the humans that Asa Larsson is writing about It s about animals All Even the ones who happen to be homo sapiens too But who are also social animals in packs and having their own pecking order difficultiesLevel 1 Rebecka s story of recoveryLevel 2 Yellow Legs story of her first 4 ears the non alpha female wolf who features big in all 3 levels Level 3 Karuna s tale as the village who helps raise the child or is the fount of all we think this is a good within the Socialist or current authority dominated system in SwedenSo why am I telling Concorso MEF. 400 collaboratori amministrativi. Quiz a risposta multipla per la preparazione alla prova preselettiva di tutti i profili economici e giuridici. Con software di simulazione you all this and not merely saying if I liked it or not any why Because I know my GR friends that s why And many ofou who like this genre the most and especially love the Scandinavian bleakness Bullfrog Grows Up you will want to know ahead of time that ALL 3 levels do hold some brutal detailing and also a much less than positive type of result for 3 out of 4 outcomes in each of all three categoriesThe time factor jumps too as it does between the 3 tale placements So after a deathou will find a category at any one level and it could be our princess wolf s tale too will also include a character having lengthy memory of the dead person s conversation or events with them for an entire day or meeting or whatever in the past As The Legendary Unicorn you might reader have a clear memory of a departed parent or friend being exact for some hours and then relating it for a conversationou had with someone uite other just Meeting the Living God yesterdaySo THAT is why I would consider this book far crossover psychological than merely mystery or crime piece And it is NOT procedural much at all as I don t even understand howou could ever do investigation in the way they do here And I DO know that the town is far into the NorthThose of ou who have PETA type proclivities to an extreme measure will have to be aware that this book has great love of animals but IMHO also has some issues for the great lovers of animals Not in the way that most Americans where I do know what the norm is for dog owner responsibility seems to be Hard to explain But I do connote by nuance that animal best behavior also has a ethnic flavor here and is different in Europe Regardless I know some dog and cat lovers both will see nasty in this one There also may be a 4th level too that I m not giving due credit for at all And that is for the annihilation done to the most traditional and strongest and maybe most loyal and hard working too a member of any community whose life job work role or worth are negated by the know betters who decide to obliterate it as not fitting for their own newer agendasBut that may be too harsh No I don t think so at all You could even say that this also has a politico level for the harshness of change which divides a people into types or gender or age or any empowered voice kind of context Because that also cuts other out of the group It certainly does and Asa Larsson studies here with a lens to that fact This would also make a great discussion book IMHO Not everyone is going to feel at all easily comparable about Mildred s worldview and 90% of her actions And will also have very mixed feelings about how she acted or used others or rationalized her own choices perhaps And also about what Lisa did over all and for the ending portions of her story especially Feminists might not care for this book as much as it portends. Meia noite eterna do Inverno foi esuecida Neste momento mágico uma pastora protestante é encontrada morta com sinais de tortura na cidade de Kiruna Ela era uma lutadora feminista amada por uns e odiada por outros Evidentemente nem todos aceitam I feel terribly guilty marking down someone s work as poordid not like it but the I think about the book the it makes me annoyed The first in the series was infinitely better in most respects it s hard to believe this is the same authorOne positive the plot is interesting and well woven Not too many clumsy red herrings and it builds suspense gently That was the only thing that kept me going to the endThe narrative style is not ow I recall the first book It s very staccato and not at all a style that s appropriate or easy to readIn my edition each chapter s first page was in a modern typeface and the rest of the chapter in a Roman typeface Is that the publisher or the author who thought that would be appropriate How pretentiousDrab and dull Loads of fairly inconseuential and really drawn out reminiscences by pretty much every main character that completely ruin the pace I know it s sacrilege but in the last third I started skipping passages The wolf passages might have been deeply symbolic if this was a major literary work rather than a book in the nordic crime genre But as it was they just got in the way and I ended up skipping them This symbolism and the typeface thing made me feel as though there was a lot of self indulgence in the writing without the originality and directness that made the first book so promisingThe final criticism the main character Rebecka Martinson isn t that relevant to the story She s a coincidental bystander who effects no influence on events and could have been any character Sure there s a sense of deja vu for her when she gets caught up in things but it s hardly worth basing a whole book around thisWon t be contiuning this series Off to seek out my next ScandiNordic author The Blood Spilt by sa Larsson is the second in the series of books featuring Rebecka Martinsson a tax lawyer working in Stockholm who has been traumatized by her involvement in a murder three murders in fact She has not been able to recover from the trauma that took place near her childhood home Now she has returned to Kiruna and to the scene of another crime one involving the murder of a priest as had the first crime The priest was a controversial charismatic woman about whom people were passionate either hating or adoringAnd local policewoman Anna Maria a kind of alternative version of Rebecka is on the case The two women play a kind of contrapuntal composition against a moody nordic background of isolation loneliness and angst I loved both these characters in the first book Sun Storm as well as the setting Larsson s writing at least as it comes through in translation is evocative and atmospheric and her people vulnerable and tough almost simultaneously I was drawn into this desolate world The violence in both books is sporadic but horrifying and the level of pain felt by so many of the characters is high and unremitting Larsson has grown from the one book to the next the suspense constantly building and the pace powerfully controlledI can t wait to read another Larsson She provides that wonderful opportunity to feel as though I have stepped out of my life into another world a fascinating somewhat terrifying but reassuringly fictional one that is both stunning and horrifying This is the second book in an interesting series by this author a Swedish crime fiction writer I enjoyed it in some ways better than the first maybe due to the poetic inclusion of scenes from the point of view of a wolf who plays a small role in the story Unfortunately the primary character of the first book Rebecka Martinsson plays a smaller role in this book and seems such a pathetic character I found myself wishing at times that the author could have been a little kinder to her The pace of character and relationship development in both books suggest that the author plans to continue the series for some time I m in For now anyway After reuiring weeks of psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs after reading Larsson s mega bummer The Black Path I was very hesitant to pick up this novel which precedes the aforementioned blackness Blood has a similar setting and similar cast of characters as Black but it s not nearly as well black or even bloodyI can see why Blood was voted Sweden s best mystery novel of 2007 Larsson s psychological perceptiveness as she sketches out a number of minor characters is impressive Of course many of these people are insecure or neurotic or depressive or bonkers or as in the case of the killer sociopathic But that should come as no surprise as they are Swedes Cf Bergman Strindberg Josephson Need I say The most sane of the major characters is police detective Anna Maria Mella She manages to keep her head when all about her are losing theirs and blaming it on her Her male partner Sven Erik St lnacke plays a much smaller role in this book than in Black In this case he spends a lot of time worrying about his cat which has mysteriously disappeared The craziest major character is the protagonist psycho attorney Rebecka Martinsson In the previous book in the series Martinsson kills three "PEOPLE IN SELF DEFENSE AND THIS HAS MESSED HER "in self defense and this has messed her badly She s a uivering blob of self doubt and paranoia anxiety and agoraphobia as she still is at the beginning of Black Her emotional problems are so severe it s hard to read some of her scenesAfter a while I thought Why doesn t she get help Why do I have to be repeatedly given tours of her damaged psyche The only explanation I can suggest is that Martinsson is Larsson s alter ego an lawyer from Kiruna Perhaps writing out the madness is Larsson s therapyCanine imagery plays a large role in the novel both dogs and wolves One of the characters is a wolf named Yellow Legs By whom she is named is another mystery The anthropomorphic Yellow Legs bothered me It s one thing to present the cerebral musings of people another to do this for a wild animal Wolves don t have names they don t think in Swedish or EnglishThe setting is Midsummer in the wilds of northern Sweden a time and place echoed by my memories of June in northern Minnesota It struck me that the two regions have cultural similarities as well as physical ones In both places one finds hunters vs conservationists rural vs city male chauvinists vs feminists all clashing in a distinctive understated Nordic manner Blood Spilt Rebecka Martinsson 2 by Asa Larssons Audiobook Another priest is brutally mudered in this seuel to Sun Storm Rebecka Martinsson 1 this time a woman hung by a chain from the rafters in the sanctuary Once again the elders in this church are abusing church resources and Martinsson who is suffering from post traumatic stress after this church are abusing church resources and Martinsson who is suffering from post traumatic stress after 3 of the church men in the first novel is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time This novel does not the develop the continuous and heightened suspense like the first but enjoyable all the same I liked the follow on cast of characters the intelligent tough Martinsson Detective Ann Marie and Detective Sven Eric and the Swedish location in the north woods of the country I felt a little disappointment with the similar priestchurch story line Definitely Recommended But Think This Would Not Stand but think this would not stand without reading the first in the series 35 starsThe second in the series featuring the conflicted female tax lawyer in Stockholm Rebecka Martinsson sees sa Larsson convey the upheaval and emotional turmoil that her protagonist has undergone following her part in a traumatic investigation which left her with the blood of three men on her hands in her childhood home of Kiruna the northernmost town in Sweden Sleeping badly not really connecting with people and uncomfortable than ever with the enforced bonhomie of corporate entertainment Rebecka Martinsson s subseuent breakdown is the source of much speculation Since the events almost two ears ago Rebecka has withdrawn and fended off all encouragement to face down the scene of the crime and return to her grandmother s cottage in the village of Kurrawarra A seemingly innocuous opportunity to visit comes when Rebecka accompanies colleague Torsten to present a pitch to the church council The discovery that whilst she has had her head in the sand and avoided all news her hometown has since seen another sadistic murder with a female priest discovered hanging from an iron chain in Jukkasj rvi church just three months ago hugely unsettles her A copycat incident or something sinister with female priest Mildred Nilsson a divisive figure in the community From self defence classes for women an all female Bible study group named Magdelana eual rights for women and a church fund to protect the local she wolf both the hunting community and men in general are her biggest critics The investigation into the murder has come to a standstill despite her being a controversial figurehead in the local community In the absence of team leader Anna Maria Mella the investigation has frustrated Inspector Sven Erik St lnacke and Mella s return to part time operational duty allows her to focus wholly on the caseIt takes very little probing for the church council to reveal the reasons why Mildred Nilsson attracted love and loathing in eual measure The lack of defensive wounds surprises those closest to the female priest whose confrontational approach spoke of anything but being easily subdued A brief meeting with the church council is enough to stick in the craw of Rebecka as she gathers that they are rather hoping the snuff out much of Mildred s influence in the community. Depois de Aurora Boreal chega agora o novo livro da consagrada autora do romance policial escandinavo A história é construída como um thriller até ao fim com cenas capazes de deixar o leitor sem fôlego É Verão na Suécia onde o sol brilha e ,

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