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N I was home alone and it was dark outside Cuz my arse was skeeredIt s a book of demonic possession BUT this book has humor and I Cuz my arse was skeeredIt s a book of demonic possession BUT this book has humor and I to admit the bastard made me cry several times You get goosebumps and look over your shoulderhoping for some daylight I actually cheered out loud several times during reading this book When the battle becomes pic in steps an unlikely ally who will flipping blow your socks off I hope this author will continue to write about this "CharacterOne Thing About This Book Did Bug "thing about this book did bug The author does need to change how he addresses the characters by their last name sometimes and then by their first names sometimes That is super confusing I did The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) end up giving five huge stars to it though Hopefully when the book wasis released thoserrors will be corrected One thing though I will never look at these figurines the same wayEVER Horror fans RUN and get this book I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, exchange for an honest review Thank you so much for this bookThere is definitely a new name out in horror fiction BRAV. Em and all who participate in its game The book climaxes with thentrance of Arandavius a dark tragic figure fallen with Lucifer after The Great War A fallen angel who walks the A Fairly Honourable Defeat earth and claims hismission is to send the demon back to its Realm A being Constantine knows has held one title since hisxpulsion Arandavius The Overlord of Legion Constantine finds himself trying to save a woman who is now caught in the middle of a vicious game of cat and mouse between two demons one a brutal sadistic being who holds the life and soul of its victim in its clutches the other the most savage and merciless of Legion's warriors A game both beings are willing to play out to its xplosive and bloody nd Welcome to darkness Welcometo the gam. I put five hours of my life into this book I can probably rant to you about its flaws for at least that long Much like Left Behind this book is great when you Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enjoy shoddy theology and terrible terrible plots It really wants to be The Exorcist Meets Constantine innocent young woman is possessed virtuous priests try to save her meanwhile Lucifer s second in command wants to be forgiven and is now wandering the human world You know it s written by a Catholic because only Catholicxorcism will save her and the virtuous Protestant priest dies halfway through book and goes to hell and veryone is guilty ALL THE TIME the to hell and veryone is guilty ALL THE TIME Also the has daddy "Issues You Can See From Orbit And "you can see from orbit and women are Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) either victims or whores usually literally and they all go to hell The theology of the book is by turns flagellatingly masochistic and blindly sadistic about the fact that so many people are going to BURN IN HEELLLLLLLL That said I deeplynjoyed it but I love terrible literature I really liked this book The horror genre can go ither way for me Sometimes Salvation is a fast paced book of horror garunteed to raise the hairs on the back of the neck It's style has been compared to the works of Stephen King and Dean Koontz Salvation begins with a frantic phone call to Father Brian Halloway from Eric Parkins a parishioner in his church who is desperate to find answers to his wife's strange behavior following the death of her mother It seems to Halloway that the woman is simply having difficulty coping with her grief and nothing seems out of the ordinary Until he is told about the thing in the basement And how Sylvia changes after nightfall It is then the priest begins to worry After witnessing Sylvia's disturbing and violent behavior for himself Halloway comes to the conclusion that .

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Really like the idea but the xecution seems off or the book is too bloody and gory It is hard to find a horror novel that keeps up an intense pace without coming off as silly or losing speed as it goes along This book never slows down and is interesting right to the very Threads Of The Shroud end If you havever read a book and wished that you could keep one of the characters as a friend or ally once the book is finished then you will WOW This book is an amazing thrill read from beginning to nd Rich characterizations and amazing story telling KEPT ME ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT ONE me on the dge of my seat One the main characters Arandavis so fascinated me I desperately hope for a seuel Do yourself a huge favor and read this amazing brilliant book I ve always been a horror fan However one thing that has always bugged me about a horror book or movie is that there are always loose Untitled. ends This book takes that idea and smashes it into a million pieces This book is NOT for the faint of heart I couldn t put it down and I swear I think I atevery fingernail off my hands Did I stop reading Only whe.
 omething has 
Omething has horribly wrong at 1312 Lafayette Drive Fearing for the safety of the couple Halloway Wiring enlists the help of his longtime friend and fellow priest Father Michael Constantine a priest chosen to fight the deadliest of wars and the keeper of New York Dioceses' darkest secret It is then the dark war begins Constantine joined by Father James Connelly a young priestager to prove himself to his mentor along with Halloway Sylvia's husband and her brother Mark Barnett a doctor who is hiding his own dangerous secret set out to Against All Odds engage the invadingntity The men uickly come face to face with a savage brutal being that snakes its way into the darkest depths of their psyches in its unyielding and vicious attempts to destroy th. Salvation

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