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What if 911 wasn t brought about in the way we were told or thought What if it was all the fanatics from Saudi Arabia behind it What if we only found out years later By A Small Amount Of Information Released a small amount of information released a report Would it change things Would it be enough to stop the new attack the Ring of Fire This next installment of the Task force series by Brad Taylor was a marvelous read I enjoyed the speculations in this fast paced suspense thriller By exposing the financial backing and ties to the attack of 911 and current terrorist activity through a plot exposed by the newly release Panama Papers Pike Jennifer and their team have to try to piece together what is happening before attacks come to fruition They uickly realize they have a much larger attacks to stop if they can figure them to uickly enoughExploring the money backing exposed not only the attacks but corruption in our own overnment even if accidental but also how reed can cause people to overlook or ignore serious uestionable activity to protect themselves their companies their money and their involvement It was interesting to not only fallow Pike and his team as they puzzle through the different facets "of the terrorists roups from the main backer and his sons ever increasing involvement to the young misguided teenage boy "the terrorists Dare Mighty Things groups from the main backer and his sons ever increasing involvement to the young misguided teenage boy technical skill and an absentee religiously fanatical idealized father making him easy to recruit while his mother was to busy trying to provide The bookave a The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife good sample of many of the people in solver in such attacks both voluntarily and involuntarily from the business men religious fanatics foreign dock workers legal and illegal drug trade workers and even those willing toive themselves by suicide We meet Muslims who are fanatics Terrorist Assassins And Drug assassins and drug as well as those who are Her Outback Protector (Men of the Outback good citizens political leaders and cops trying to stop them All of them are caught top in the plot of several attacks o cripple trade and the economy and ultimately America he in sight of the characters both terrorist and those fighting them Worldwide rally makes this book a welcome written thought provoking read but the fighting and imminent threats with many different plans of attack drive the pace of the story Pike and Jennifer have they job cut out for them and their team trying to stop the attacks with so little to Eternal Quest go on and little to no support Some of their attempt succeed but some do not and are all to real in the destruction of the failure This was a fantastic read even if you have not read any of the other books in the series I look forward to from Brad Tylor about Pike Jennifer and their not always compliant team th atet things done Yet another The Widows Little Secret great one from Brad Taylor For my money Brad Taylor is hands down the best in military style action thrillers Thanks to his personal background as a delta force commander his stories always have aritty realism that very few could ever match But add to that plots that are timely intelligent and clearly well researched along with a fast paced action and some will placed comedic relief he s simply the best at what he does Period Can t wait for the next An anti terrorism featuring Pike Logan and his team as they chase down another releases of the Panama Papers They uncover Saudi Arabian financing of several planned terror attacks on American soil An excellent addition to the anti terror Resurrection Year genre In Ring of Fire Dutton 2017 11th in Brad Taylor s Pike Logan series Pike Logan andirlfriend Jennifer Cahill as part of their Task Force affiliation are sent to tra. Former Delta Force officer and New York Times bestselling author Brad Taylor delivers a relentlessly fast paced ripping thriller featuring Taskforce operators Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill as they come face to face with an insidious threat to strike terror into the heart of America Fifteen years ago in order to win a contract in the Kingdom a desperate defense contractor used a shell company to provide a bribe to a wealthy Saudi businessman Now a powerful player in the defense industry he panics when the Panama Papers burst onto the publi.

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Ring of Fire

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Uncovers a Multi point Terrorist Attack Designed to Cripple AmericaThe Panama Papers have several people very concerned Dexter Worthington Used One Of Worthington used one of accounts fifteen years ago to bribe a Saudi business man Now a successful defense contractor he fears exposure The Taskforce is also concerned Saudi business man Now a successful defense contractor he fears exposure The Taskforce is also concerned too have accounts that might show up in the Panama Papers Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are assigned to interdict the leak and control the damage Since the assignment sends them to the Bahamas this seems like a plum assignment and maybe time for a vacation in the sun Once in the Bahamas Pike and Jennifer find things that seem complicated than a simple case of leaked information In fact the Saudis have been using some of the accounts to fund terrorism around the world and the next attack is soon to take place Called Ring of Fire the attack is designed to disrupt shipping in the biggest ports in the US Acting with little information Pike and Jennifer start pulling the threads they have in an effort to avert disaster The is a typical Pike Logan fast paced thriller The plot is complicated since several roups of terrorist are involved and acting independently If you like action this is a reat read The characters are typical action heroes Pike reminds me of a superhero than a Taskforce investigator Jennifer is a reat character She doesn t take crap from Pike and holds her own in the action arena I particularly like the realistic background information Saudis funding terror the use of drones as killing machines and Mossack Fonseca the law firm that created the Panama Papers If you like fast paced action you ll enjoy this book I received this book from Dutton for this review Continuing the binge read of the Pike Logan books This was a return to form not that there was a lot wrong with the last book but there were some slightly dragging parts whilst this races along in the normal but not formulaic manner spreading across the Tame an Older Man (Harlequin American Romance, globe and dealing wiith linked terrorist threatsDecent characterisationood dialogue well handled multiple person points of view and a pretty Treacherous Is the Night (Verity Kent, gripping plot keeps the pages turning Which of course is pretty much the point with this sory of bookHighly entertaining A terrific story current threat technology and motivations and very tightly read highly recommended Pike and Jennifer are sent on a mission with no military connected members of the Task force toet the information that is A Miracle, A Universe going to be released in a new set of Panama Papers Simplenon invasivea vacation HAHAHA Someone kills the source and the missions pile up after that Pike keeps finding threads that lead to a serious threat on US soil This book wasreat I actually found myself laughing during the book at the banter Also lots of LoveSexy innuendo s between Pike and JenniferHere a few of my favorite uotes from the bookview spoilerWelcome to my world she hates that damn call sign I m thinking of changing it to fluffy rabbit of somethingLook at a bunch of old shitHe s playing Pokemon Go and he s addictedDo it and I ll ive you a prizeIf I find out that Alexander Palmer is making us cool our heels out here is some sort of power play I m oing to throat punch himSometimes you bite the bear sometimes the bear bites you hide spoiler finished this one the 20th of september 2018 ood read three stars i liked it first from taylor brad for me some of the tale is told with an economy of language and speed i imagine due to all those reuirements that sell books and my take is that any story suffers as such but it is what it is. and my take is that any story suffers as such but it is what it is. The Saudi has been using the shell company to fund terrorists all over the world and he has a spectacular attack planned coinciding with the fifteenth anniversary of 911 The information Pike and Jennifer uncover will put them on the trail of the imminent threat but it's one that they might be unable to stopCalled Ring of Fire it will cause unimaginable destruction across the United States and the ensuing chaos and terror will distract the Taskforce from a truth no one sees Ring of Fire was only the beginning and the danger is far from over. Ck a data leak from the infamous Panama Papers What starts as a simple evidence athering trip to the Bahamas maybe even a romantic vacation becomes complicated uickly when shell companies and Saudis and terrorism become involved This is one of Taylor s complicated plots here s what he had to sayoff than I could chew with this plot It sounded fairly simple at first explore the possible state sponsorship of the tragedy of 911 and have the Black Metropolis, Vol. 2 group attempt to duplicate a spectacular attack in the modern day on the fifteenth anniversarybut it unfolds in typical Pike Logan fashion lots of murder mayhem sizzle and frayed nervesOn the plus side this story is ripped from a 1970 s real life event right down to the law firm Mossack Fonseca that created the Panama Papers I love this in books insider knowledge along with theuilty pleasure of a ruthless thriller feelingAgain on the plus side a part I always like in this series is the high tech By Words Alone geekisms Pike and his team use to track and catch the baduysThe Dragontooth was a crowd sourced beacon that utilized the cell network to leverage unwitting cell users on that same net It worked on Bluetooth and sent data to anyone within range who had a smartphone How am I Constantinople and the West going to pinpoint his phone There could be a hundred people inside praying Retro passed across the smartphone This is now slaved to his handset so you can follow the marble until you sort out who has it Let himo somewhere else then take a snapshot of the people Do that a few times and you ll figure out who he is so it was up to Retro to try to trick the handset into thinking their aircraft was a cell tower then implant malware into the operating system of the phone that would allow him to manipulate its embedded GPS functionOn the neutral side Logan seems to be Cro Magnon than in earlier books He exhibits a taste for rabble rousing sometimes to annoy people and see what pops out Or maybe he s bored I just don t knowsaw Carly and Knuckles still in the corner and I couldn t resist I went over to them ending their conversation They both looked at me expectantly I said Carly I appreciate the intervention today but it won t matter at selection She looked at me uizzically while Knuckles scowled like he wanted to stab me in the heart She said What are you talking about I said I m in the heart She said What are you talking about I said I m to bed Ask your sponsor She to Knuckles and said What s he talking about Knuckles spit out he s an asshole have out He s an asshole I have idea Eventually we reached a lane with a distinct odorAnd by odor I mean it smelled like someone had farted into a Ziploc bag holding a dead cat I m the Enduring Truths ghost I m the one who keeps America safe and if carving you up is the price I m willing to pay it But it does shake things up Sometimes that s all that s neededOne part I found odd Both Pike andirlfriend Jennifer Myst got into an extended debate with a Muslim policeman discussing whether all Muslims are bad because some are bad I confess I skipped most of that The answer seems too obviousOverall this is another in the top notch Pike Logan series If you love fast paced thrillers and especially those with Pike Logan you ll love this book 3 stars for what I listened toThis should have beenood for me but I still struggled to stay with it the second time I tried to listen Both times I The Chinese Love Pavilion gave up about a third of the way As always I enjoyed the narration Pike in 1st Person and everything else in third but it could be I m not in my espionage phase I llo hunt down a cop procedural and hope I can return to Ring of Fire and finish it one day The Taskforce. C scene Providing insight into the illicit deeds of offshore financing they could prove his undoingTo prevent the exposure of his illegal activities he sets in motion a plan to interdict the next leak but he is not the only one worried about spilled secrets The data theft has left the Taskforce potentially vulnerable leaving a trail that could compromise the unit Back in the The Peloponnesian War goodraces of the new president Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are ordered to interdict the next leak as well in order to control the damageUnbeknownst to either Dolphin Confidential group.

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