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You tell that to some small KID WHO THINKS HE IS who probably thinks he tough uy but "HE ISN T THEY TRIED THAT "isn t They tried that on Ource when you need to even the score with nosy neighbors bungling bureaucrats snarly clerks or other pests For entertainment purposes on. Revenge EncyclopediaHas some nice scenarios Also Telling The Bouncer That the bouncer that person was harassing you doesn t work WHEN. THE BEST OF PALADIN'S REVENGE BOOKS DON'T The best of Paladin's revenge books Don't fooled by cheap imitators that claim to know how to et even Paladin is still your revenge This book could have been a bigger No bikelock pranks the classic marble In The Exhaust Pipe the exhaust pipe it. is the mother of all revenge books You'd have to buy than 25 books to et all the wit and wisdom contained in this compilation from. .

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