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Reunited by a Baby Secret Vineyards of Calanetti #3

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I couldn t take to It The Heroine S Emotions the heroine s emotions everywhere and she was unreasonable she has to do everything coz she thinks her brothers think of her as useless and her bro s are just babying her and taking too much care of her coz she s CPA Australia - Advanced Taxation pregnant at thisoint I just skimmed the whole book to know the bare bones of it ooohhh and the hero was no better I better not get into it REUNITED BY A BABY SECRET by author Michelle Douglas is a September 2015 release by Harleuin Romance seriesMarianna Amatucci was back from her Thai holiday but the holiday fling left her with its conseuence She was regnant and now she needed to see Ryan White the surfer dude she d met on a Thai beachBut coming face to face with Ryan was a different matter altogether He was not her surfer dude he was a business tycoon Could she tell him her secret and hope for the best What would Ryan do He definitely didn t think of himself as father material could he hope for a miracle and get a family with MariannaREUNITED BY A BABY SECRET is a shimmering romance filled with emotions Author Michelle Douglas once again astounds her readers with her spell binding storytellingHighly recommended for all readers #of romance Michelle Douglas writes the rettiest books they are always so romantic and gosh darn it I don t how #romance Michelle Douglas writes the Arcana Mundi prettiest books they are always so romantic and gosh darn it I don t how does it but she always manages to make me cry before the end of She's back in Calanetti After a vacation inaradise Marianna Amatucci returned to her family vineyard determined to make a fresh start But her lans changed in an instant when two blue li. Hapter one This time I met Marianna after a vacation in Mirror Matter paradise she returns to her family vineyard She s determined to make a fresh start but two blue lines on aregnancy test reveals she s about to face the A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry pitteratter of two little feet instead It s #not the kind of souvenir anyone brings back #the kind of souvenir anyone brings back holiday so to say she s a little freaked out and should rather have grabbed some other trinkets is an understatementBut the unexpected is about to get a lot worse when she finds out that the farther Ryan is nothing like the laid back charming surfer she met on the beach He is the opposite as in no shorts but instead a tailored suit and as far from laid back as can be and living in a Six Days penthouse Instantly The excerpt was false advertising This book was terrible Mari just whined left and right She sounded like spoiled teenager Do yourself a favor and skip this bookYou can thank me later I don t even know where to begin on this book I didn t read the first book in the series but I did read the 2nd one and I enjoyed it So this being the 3rd book in the series I decided to give it a try needless to say I was very disappointed I feel like the author mentioned the same thing over and over to fill upages I did not like Mari s character at all she was very annoying She is supposed to be 24 years old that s how old I am and I feel like she was ad 15 year ol. Nes on a regnancy test revealed she'd returned with a souvenir When she finds the father Ryan White he's nothing like the laid back surfer she met on the beach In a tailored suit he oozes. D she non stop complained was #very immature and was just overall annoying then there was a long chapter on learning how #immature and was just overall annoying then there was a long chapter on learning how change a diaper I have a daughter and it s Just self explanatory and common sense it s not a hard thing to do so I feel like the learning to be a Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work parent wasut on too thick instead of learning to Mother India put on a diaper for 5ages they should have been thinking on the line of Co The Late Romances parenting and how that will work out in the beginning I liked Ryan but the I read the I started to not like him either He was really rude to her often then not and it seems like the only reason he felt as if he loved her was when she walked in on him bad mouthing her I wish instead of all the complaining and drama it would have went into a story line of her experiencing birth and then the aftercare of themarenting once the baby was born the baby was never born one of the reasons i bought this book was because in the last one it seemed really interesting And I Thought It I thought it have been about the baby rather then just Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity pregnancy we never even found out if it was a boy or girl I am VERY disappointed in this book and I wouldn t recommend it at all it was a waste of time when I could have read a different book that I would have enjoyed I m not giving up on the series just yet I m going to try the 4th book out in october and I m hoping it will be better then this. Masculine authority and he's staying in theenthouse What will walking into his high flying corporate world mean for their baby The Vineyards of Calanetti Saying I do under the Tuscan su. ,

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