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Reign Fall

Michelle Rowen Ô 8 Review

Cover that the secrets of the shadows may lead to the prophecy about Nikki coming to pass the final book Reign Storm is going to go off with a bang Personally I can t wait to attend the partyFirst Lines It s not easy being best friends with a demon slayer Not when you have a secret like mine In the Hall By Our Lockers by our lockers lookedupset Seeing her so unhappy made me unhappy The first day back to school after the winter break was turning out to be worrisome and first class hadn t even started yetFavourite uote Our teacher Mr Crane gave me a uestioning look as I slunk in through the door five minutes late interrupting him in the middle of whatever he d been saying Nice of you to join us Ms Donovan Happy to be here I Essays One replied easily earning a couple laughs from the backow I wasn t normally a smartass but it still came easily to me Chapter 2Demon Princess Series Reign or Shine Reign Check Reign Fall Reign Storm This series just keeps on getting better and better I am the apsolute biggest fan of Michelle Rowen Not only are her books unlike all the same old same old stuff around at the moment She writes in such halirious manner Although love both the Faery King and the Shadow Servant I so want Nikki to choose Rhys I have a feeling Michael is going to go evil That Faery Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose rose Rhys gave to her how sweet I love the added drama of psychotic faerys a demon hunter for a best friend and an ex turning into a Dragon possibly even an Oracle These books are so intense and so much happens in 300 pages that I find it impossible to put down The book took me less than 24 hours toead and if I didnt have children study commitments and cleaning to do I would of happily sat down for 4 hours straight and power The Kaya-Girl read it Im so eagerly awaiting the 4th and final installment Is it crazy to want Nikkis Mum and Desmond to have a happily ever after and possible get married and have another half demon sibling LMAO Such a great book a solid 5 starating from me. Torn between two boys Rhys the faery king she’s prophesied to marry and Michael a Shadow whom she’s forbidden to loveTo top it all off a dark force is haunting Nikki something mysterious and evil that wants the demon princess deadbut who or what is it. HOkaymy freak out is oversort of WHY WAS THIS BOOK SO GOOD Honestly I think that book two was my FAVVVVVVVVVVOOOOOOORRRRRIIIITTTTEEE BUT this book was DEFINITELY close in being my favorite I LOVED that there was Rhys even though I shouldn tI can never decide who I want the heroine to lovewellmost of the time I can t decide and you got to know him better sort of andddddd that there was REVELATIONS with her bestie Melinda I just LOVEEEDDD this book #Too much since the FOURTH ONE ISN T OUT YET Rating #much since the FOURTH ONE ISN T OUT YET Rating loved itSecrets I was beyond happy when I found out Michelle was going to finish her Demon Princess series and even happier when she asked for eviewers This has been a favourite YA series of mine since I Omnibus Films read the first two books mid last year and I have to say I loved this as much as the others I liked the way Michelle had miniecaps of the previous books sprinkled through the first couple chapters to bring me up to speed without being annoying about it A lot of secrets are evealed and those that were previously kept in the dark are now finding out the truth One of my most waited developments happens near the end but we won t know the conseuences of it until book 4Rhys In Reign Check I wasn t entirely sure who I loved out of Michael and Rhys until near the end where I leaned towards Rhys Reign Fall has now got me completely in love with him Rhys is totally swoon worthy He s confident and true to himself but still cares about Nikki and tries to do what he believes is ight Michael was a bit of an ass and ather selfish when it to do what he believes is ight Michael was a bit of an ass and ather selfish when it to Nikki He s meant to care about her and yet he doesn t trust her enough to ask for help until it s too late That s not how a boyfriend should act It seems it goes both ways though because as much as Nikki tries to deny it Rhys is getting under her skin and I hope he stays there Stands Tall Reign Fall has survived the dreaded filler clich of being an in between book and stands tall on it s own merits As we dis. Slayer in training one who doesn't know that Nikki is exactly the prey she’s sworn to hunt Nikki’s demon king father has signed her up for lessons in how to master her erratic half demon powers and that’s on top of her egular homework Also she’s. 3 for the first half and 5 for the second halfThis is one of those cheesy but oh so cute series that you cannot help but love and this book sure didn t disappointI liked the first half but it wasn t great I m not sure if it s because it s been so long since Book 2 came out and by the way I am SO glad Rowen decided to come out with the third book because I emember her saying she wasn t sure if the series to come out with the third book because I emember her saying she wasn t sure if the series going to continue due to lack of interest Book 2 kind of left us with an OMG I can t wait for the next book and Book 3 just started pretty much uneventful I am glad that Rowen gives us a bit of a ecap though not in a way that bores usBut the second half was awesome I can t help but love Michael but GAH he so frustrated me throughout this whole book And Rhys there is just something about him that is so alluring And if boy drama isn t enough we learn a lot of about best friend Melinda and ex Chris and this new girl ClaraI m sad to hear Book 4 will be the last one but at the same time I admire authors who knows how to give the perfect ending to a great series instead of dragging it out #and uining the whole experience I can t wait for the finale and I hope it s going #ruining the whole experience I can t wait for the finale and I hope it s going be awesome Honestly this series is just SSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing But I don t know who I like better Rhys or Mickael Anyway I can t wait to ead Reign Storm I m sure it will be even awesome than the third book because each one is better than the last And in Reign Fall there s just so many things happening So definitly a must ead XD I AM SO DEPRESSED I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW FIRST there were only twoTHEN the third came out and I WAS SO HAPPYTHEN THERE IS A FOURTH THAT IS NOT WRITTEN YET I CANNOT HANDLE THE WAITING I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS I NEED TO KNOW I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO afraid that Michael is going to die in the fourth book I am TERRIFIED of this because he s soooo great ButI m now REALLY starting to like Rhys as wellBUT I JUST LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUC. Prophesies demon slayers dragons homework It’s going to be a hell of a weekIt’s been a dangerous ide for Nikki Donovan since she first learned she’s a demon princess And the ide isn't over yetShe’s just found out that her best friend is a demon.

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