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Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, kMend this bookBlog Tour 4 starsDesperate times calls for desperate measures Lynkin the H thought he s hit rock bottom the last few years have seen him climbing the ranks as a young business ingenue and it s all thanks to one man Carl Donovan The same Carl Donovan who also took away everything he s worked so hard to achieve Vengeance and Revenge an act now think later mentality and a short fuse sees Lynkinidnapping Donovan s daughter for ransom Sage Donovan seems like your typical bored little rich girl Her father owns a successful hospitality Company And Is Involved and is involved his business than his wife daughter his wife is your stereotypical rich housewife who s likely high on pills to pass ennui Sage herself comes across a little shallow in the beginning of the book I didn t care much for her until the latter half of the book she showed some growth throughout the book and she was a better person for having met Lynkin The book started out ok but it wasn t until 60% that I actually really started enjoying the story It was a slow and convenient build up I didn t think Lynkin was desperate enough or badass enough to pull off the dark anti hero but he sure made up for it in the sack The sexual tension and the romance build up was realistic but seemed rushed in the middle. ANYTHING I just didn't expect what I would get in the process She changes everything Sage Carefree pretty much sums

Up My Entire Life 
my entire life father has made sure that I have never and will never want for anything I have a fiance on The Fast Track To fast track to 45 AMAZING STARSThis book was funny and sweet with a dark twist It was funny sweet SEXY ACTION PACKED AND HAD ONE action packed and had one bad boy who could make you swoon then melt into a puddle This is a new author to me and this won t be my last read by her LOVED IT Lynkin has been fired from his job for something he didn t do He wants revenge and what better way than to hold your boss s daughter for Ransom In walks Sage She is prissy has a wonderful fianc or so she thinks and a best friend at her side When she and Manda went to the palm reader Sage got a ryptic message and it is all starting to make sense Waking up in a dingy hotel room with a man who is sexy as sin is a bit alarming As she is held for ransom Sage reevaluates her and it becomes clear that her life is not exactly what she thought it was or would be As Lynkin and Sage spend time together feelings begin to develop and a bond is formed Will Lynkin and Sage be able to find love or are there too many obstacles in the wayI loved both characters Yes this story is totally unbelievable but that is what I love about books especially romance novels Back to Sage and Lynkin I loved them together I understand what he did and why he did it I mean still he did commit a crime even if it did turn out totally differentI highly recom. What would you do to get it all back Lynkin Desperate careless frantic and frenzied These are just some of the words that could describe my state of being after everything was ripped from under me I will do anything to get it all back And I do mean. ,

Sex, Lies and Midnight (Undercover Operatives, Italian Tycoon, Secret Son Under Her Uniform


Of the book The story itself was well written a believable plot *But Resolutions Seemed Too *resolutions seemed too I liked that there was some action towards the end of the book but the ending felt there was some action towards the end of the book but the ending felt A two page epilogue in Lynkins POV wasn t enough for me to find closure I expected the book to have of a dark tone to it but it was lighter than I thought and I was ok with that Triggers maybe idnapping and suicidal thoughts but the author takes care to gloss over each without too much fanfare to make it a dark read There were some editing issues but very few Overall I enjoyed the book there were potential to but very few Overall I enjoyed the book there were potential to some angst out based on the plot but instead the twists were predictable and the Short Stories by Roald Dahl kidnapping itself seemed trivial Still a good book and I d like to read from this author Standalone Cheating view spoilerNo hide spoiler Could not put it down Read the entire book in one sitting I absolutely loved it from beginning to end 3 starsThe story is about a man who wanted revenge against Mr Donovan Heidnapped Donovan s daughter Sage but they ended up falling for each other This is written in dual 1st Person POV I did a fast read not because of the writing style I just didn t feel like waiting too long for the story to peak up I thought her father was an asshole what a twis. Usiness success and a best friend that will always be there for me My future is set and I couldn't be happier with it Then it all changed in an instant He took me away from everything that I thought I wanted needed Now nothing will ever be the same. .

Ransom By Faith S. Lynn

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