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ueen's GambitAtion and sense of history are so tterly engaging that I fell into it and had to be dragged nwilling back to the day job and was left with characters not of my own making hovering over the day clamouring for attention Like Wolf Hall with which there are obvious comparisons this book is set in the reign of Henry VIII although this one deals with the last of his wives the gutsy level headed Katherine Parr who holds her husband s hand as he dies from I assume bowel cancer and then is speed dated by Henry who wants her as his new wife on the strength so he says of her willingness to

the truth to him There a touching while toe curling portrait of an intelligent passionate woman in her thirties forced into matrimony with the aging lcerous overweight monstrously self indulgent king I have yet to read a sympathetic portrait of Henry and while this book does much to make him human and there is no doubt that the chronic pain from his leg lcer must have driven him even closer to the edge of madness than he already sailed but the real punch in this book comes from the knowledge that Katherine Parr is sixth in a line of wives two of whom have been beheaded one has died and only those from far noble families than hers have had the luxury of a divorce She has her enemies at court the names made famous in Wolf Hall as Call me and Gardiner Both hate her and will do anything to bring her down particularly after she has made such a success of her regency while Henry was away campaigning in France But they hate her because she espouses the new religion and they are trying their hardest to bring Henry back to catholocisim To lose to them will be to bring Henry back to catholocisim To lose to them will be and the moments when she seems to fall out of the king s favour once for daring to uote Erasmus to him in Gardiner s company are terrifying The pressure in Erasmus to him in Gardiner s company are terrifying The pressure in household the grasping after small motes of rumour this is what happened to the concubine Anne Boleyn this is how it happens the jewels are taken back first Her redemption is humiliating but lightened by the sight of her enemy stepping too far across the line and finding himself banished from court Even so it s an old passion that seems her final downfall and the slide towards the block seems inexorable when Henry falls ill There s a hint that Katherine with her knowledge of herbs and her easing of a previous husband s passage might have seen the old monster off to save her own skin but the plot steps back from that If it did happen I can t think there are many who would blame her She fails to gain regency and is glad of it free from the politics of court she can marry her love and find happiness Or so it might seem Men though do not step well from the pages of this book and her final love and her final betrayal seem a heart breaking end to a life lived so close to the edge with such striving for integrity So this isn t Wolf Hall but it bears many of the hallmarks of that book if with easier language and a plot that does not depend ite so much on everyone s knowled. BirthWhat will become of me once I'm wearing his ring and become A Husband in Time ueen of EnglandThey say that the sharpest blades are sheathed in the softest pouchesOnly time will tell what I am really made ofFor fans of Hilary Mantel Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir Elizabeth Fremantle's first noveleen's Gambit is a riveting account of the Tudor een who married four men and .
This stunning historical masterpiece captures the fervent intensity and passion of the Tudors with such remarkable effortless ease The dazzlingly dangerous Tudor court is brought to life with such acute detail as only a painter would court is brought to life with such acute detail as only a painter would in this vividly evocative exuisite debut novel Stripping back and shedding new light on Katherine Parr Henry VIII sixth and last wife this enthralling tale of passion loyalty and betrayal is truly astonishing as to amaze The combination of rich period detail and well written captivating prose is exceptional encapsulating perfectly the atmosphere and electric tension of the times Full of intrigue ambition and heated rivalry amidst an intense backdrop where romance blossoms this is such an impressive tale of substance and scope Profoundly affecting outstanding and truth drawing I was nable to tear my eyes away from the pages as I lost myself within such sublime storytelling A riveting account of one woman who married four men and outlived three of them including Henry VIII whose intelligence and astuteness aids her in avoiding that terrible fate which befell the King s former wives Unexpectedly finding herself in the middle of a forbidden passionate affair with Thomas Seymour she The Innocents Dark Seduction ultimately focuses on her role as wife to one of the greatest monarch s who satpon England s throne rather than dwelling on From Father to Son (A Brothers Word unreuited love Focusing on significant aspects such as religious reform the catholic ascendancy and the succession of the throne this book captures the terrifying turbulent time flawlessly Thrilling absorbing and fabulous Elizabeth Fremantle s exceptional novel I envisage as this years bestseller Fans of the popular BBC television drama The Tudors and The other Boleyn girl and also authors such as Hilary Mantel Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir will love this I would like to thank Real Readers for sending me an ARC ofeen s Gambit by Elizabeth Fremantle to read and review Also reviewed for GoodReads as part of a first read giveaway ENOUGH ALREADY I think I should know better at this point in my reading life As a novel junkie and an admitted glutton for all things English history related it is a given that I know certain stories pretty well at this point Hell the stories of the tragedy and scandal ridden l My partner has a first in English Lit my degrees are all in veterinary medicine and degrees are all in veterinary medicine and am constantly grateful for the fact that nobody tried to teach me to read By an large this means that we have very different tastes in books although inevitably we re overlapping as the years progress Once in a while a book comes along that I know she s going to love some of them are entirely not her kind of thing she spent an entire evening asking me why I d pressed Tim Griggs book Redemption Blues on her and then two days later sat Haunted (After Moonrise (After Moonrise (Connected to Possessed by PC Cast) - Book 2) up half the night finishing it can I say told you so Elizabeth Fremantle s bookeen s Gambit fell effortlessly into the double tick bracket literary enough to please Faith s love of language while the characteris. Meet the woman who survived Henry VIII in Elizabeth Fremantle's first novel een's Gambit My name is Katherine ParrI'm 31 years old and already twice widowedI'm in love with a man I can't have and am about to wed a man no one would want for my husband to be is none other than Henry VIII who has already beheaded two wives cast aside two and watched one die in child. Ge of history to provide the tension It stands head and shoulders above the general run of Tudor romancemysteryhistories and will be I m sure a run away best seller This is a MAGNIFICENT ENDEAVOUR ANYONE WOULD HAVE BEEN endeavour anyone would have been to have written it at any stage of their writing career as a first novel it s truly outstanding Giveaway opportunity this and other reviews at all Henry VIII s wives Katherine Parr is my favorite I don t know what it is about the history but I ve always felt that she than any of her predecessors nderstood she was little than a pawn put suddenly into play That regardless of rank life in the Tudor court was a game of chess and that you must be ever on your guardElizabeth Fremantle seems to have been eually intrigued by the last of Henry s brides carefully recreating her story in her debut novel een s Gambit Here the cold and calculating ambition of both men and women come to life in an endless galliard of alternating political alliances suspicion and fear Brutal and cold this is the world in which Katherine lived the role which she was forced into knowing the odds of survival were not in her favor I liked this one for several reasons but in particular for its portrayal of Katherine affair with Thomas Seymour Intelligent and clever she recognizes him for what he is early in the novel but starved for romantic affection her allows herself to disregard his faults in hopes of obtaining marital bliss History tells s how their O Homem Que Ela Ama Odiar Diamante Bruto union ends but I really appreciated the internal conflict Fremantle gifted Katherine in this story Katherine s is a sad fate and I liked the idea that she wasn t entirely blind to itTudor lit is a dime a dozen and let s be honest the story doesn t change What marks a title and makes it noteworthy is the adapted research and the ability to maintain the intensity while illustrating Henry s court without falling into the same old rhythm of all the authors who came before you Fremantle achieves thiseen s Gambit is a powerful and vivid narrative that brilliantly brings to light the strength and fortitude of the woman forced to endure marriage to an aged and depraved monarch An absolute must have for any Tudor reader Each of Henry VIII s wives had a personal fate to be remembered by Katherine Parr is remembered as the matronly one who took care of Henry and attempted to further the Reformist cause a portrayal which isn t entirely correct Henry and attempted to further the Reformist cause a portrayal which isn t entirely correct then married the rogue Thomas Seymour Elizabeth Femantle tells Katherine s version of events in A Stormy Greek Marriage ueen s Gambiteen s Gambit instantly opens with historical fluff and inaccuracies which sets the tone of a historical recreation novel versus an emphasis on accuracy This is discouraging for those readers who seek history than fiction in HF novels On the other hand Fremantle s dialogue and text style is accurate with the times versus being modern and also carries a level of elouence However this is off put by an overemphasized effort towards flowery phrases and literary means which falls short The. Utlived three of them including Henry VIII Rich in atmosphere and period detail and told through the eyes of Katherine and her young maid Dot it tells the story of two very different women during a terrifying and turbulent time If you loved Wolf Hall The Other Boleyn Girl or the BBC drama series The Tudors then Elizabeth Fremantle's The Midwifes Glass Slipper / Best for the Baby ueen's Gambit is the book for

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