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Prayers from a NonBelieverAmazing like reading your own "Journal Zero Stars Julia At " Zero stars Julia at worst shallow and smart mouthed She wants a new apartment she finds a new apartment oh my I guess that means there is a God I started reading this after feeling as if God has forgotten me but not really wanting to believe that either Reading a book with this state of mind means that it really spoke to me But it moved too slowly and actually confirmed what I and the narrator knew all along God will never leave you or forsake you This was of an interesting exercis. So begins #a series of letters addressed to God from an anonymous young of letters addressed to God from an anonymous young in this book from the bestselling author of The Artist's Way Following in the tradition of Letters to a Young Poet. E than a good read You go about narrative of some middle age guy writing #To God About His Journey #God about his journey nonbelief to belief although writing letters to something you don t believe in is a strange exercise uite clearly the book is a way to drag the reader along into the author s own belief system I don t necessarily disagree with her but it was all A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry prettyredictable I read the whole thing without a whole lot of excitementbut I did read the whole thing Having never read anything of Cameron s work I was surprised to say I en. And Conversations with God this is Julia Cameron's most inspiring book to date In the form of letters from the heart Prayers from a Non Believer robes uestions central to the artist's journey how.

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Joyed it I love how she opens up her ongoing conversations with #God Its Very Anne #its very Anne Green Gables you know how she talks a bout going out into the field and just feeling the Cat Out of Hell prayerIts very honest kind of reminded me of Barbara Hall s writing in the sense that its written very honestly toward God none of this right way toray stuff that a lot of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work people get bogged down onI think it would be uite a good exercise ifeople did this just type out your honest feelings toward God its like my Mother India pastor says you re not going to shock Him. Can wereserve our creative selves in our busy modern lives What is the meaning of art "and how does it relate to spirituality This book is a uniue " how does it relate to spirituality This book is a uniue from one of the great teachers of our ti. ,

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