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Ins a relationship with Devesh an eager dominant Josie is or the irst time able to put her antasies into practice which raises uestions of why able to put her The Rude Buay Trilogy fantasies into practice which raises uestions of why has such desires and howar they extend Josie believes that her desires are abnormal and in some ways they are a literal Kaylees Keeper (Masters of the Castle, fetish she must evoke her violentantasies in order to achieve orgasm Josie then traces this apparently innate extreme desire back to childhood traumaSome of these concerns such as the root of submissive or masochistic desires are uite normal but reading about them sounds a bit routine as if Josie s arguments with Devesh are a set of pros and cons picked up off the internet The rest of Josie s concerns that her desires are abnormally extreme or unhealthy that they result rom past trauma amount to very little despite Abram s attempts to make them major conflicts The violence which Josie submits to is than a spanking but well within the realm of a real world BDSM relationship Her antasies are somewhat extreme but hardly unreasonable All of this could still be a valid problem if her desires had an unhealthy origin and the book slowly builds up to a repressed and certain traumatic "childhood memory However immediately after Josie confronts this memory she comes to terms with her it "memory However immediately after Josie confronts this memory she comes to terms with her it all of her problems with herself and with her sexual desires disappear The ending is so short and so simple that Josie s problems the central conflict of the book seem like absolutely nothing If they were as big as Josie believed and they appear to the reader they could never be dismissed so easily Abrams s Awoken (Viridian Saga, fails in her attempt to analyze psychology within sexuality because she does not explore the long lasting impact caused by real psychologicaletishesThe rest Of The Book S Strengths the book s strengths weaknesses are secondary in the Taking Flight face of thisatal I Am a Teamster flaw Abram s writing is a bit strange but still readable she prefers unusual metaphors guilt settling like the weight of a cat on her chest and similar and dream seuences and when Josieinally recalls her suppressed memory the narration switches Heartlands from past to present tense The oddities uickly gorom uniue to simply strange but the text remains readable with a soft almost lyrical narrative voice Characterization is simplistic but the cast of characters Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj fulfill their roles in the plot Devesh brings Josie s issues of sex and submission to theorefront and her employer and charges mirror Josie s estranged mother and her childhood self The erotic elements benefit Literature Circle Role Sheets from Abrams s lyrical almost distracted writing style they are idealized and yet given an abrupt harsh edge which makes Confidence her resemblance to Josie’s mother that draws Josie in While her uick intimacy with Mary soothes Josie’s estrangementrom her own parents it also breeds betrayal when Josie Maines Visible Black History fallsor Mary’s crush Devesh An Indian surgeon ten years Josie’s senior Devesh is a strong and enigmatic man who pulls Josie into a dizzying world of sexual domination and submission that speaks to her deeply hidden desires It. Hem both arousing and appropriately violent The plot has a pensive slow build towards Josie s revelation but the end is almost comically brief In sum the book pensive slow build towards Josie s revelation but the end is almost comically brief In sum the book defined by the Jane Does Return fact that the conflictalters and dies the problems are not as severe as they need to be and their resolution is Die Geschichte der Indianer Nordamerikas far too swift and so Josie s concerns appearoolish and small Abrams tries to write about psychology and sex about what drives one woman to punish herself what makes her ind such punishment both comforting and arousing The text however is a mere shadow of its intentions a minor psychological issue an easily orgotten childhood trauma a simple and swift resolution all of which make the book disappointing and Beyond the Mist forgettable Interested readers would be better to borrow than buy this book since it holds little reread potential Personally I do not recommend it In its place I do recommend The Story of O another book about the psychology of submission that is in much the same vein but manages to be both intensely erotic and intelligently psychological and similar texts Here s one that took me at least two years toinish It s the debut novel of Melanie Abrams a university lecturer who s husband Vikram Chandra is ar well known It s about a young woman Josie who is independently wealthy thanks "To Her Parents But "her parents but takes a job as a live in nanny or a doctor and single mum Mary Mary has a young son Tyler who s slightly autistic or with a touch of Asperger s he likes to count and measure everything and a baby girl Madeline Then Josie meets a doctor and Mary s colleague Devesh a handsome Indian man who likes sexual play and all Josie s repressed guilt over her baby brother s death when she was just a child and her neuroses come to the oreFirst of all this novel was incredibly predictable painfully so Secondly it was dull Thirdly the Chimerica foreFirst of all this novel was incredibly predictable painfully so Secondly it was dull Thirdly my god Josie was unbearable She is insufferable She has so much angst and has to over think everything and agonise over it and indulge herself in her own pettiness I had no patienceor her whatsoever I got maybe halfway and put the book down Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story for two years when I picked it up again determined toinish what I d started I could remember it all uite well I skimmed through the rest reading sections here and there and it was like I d already read it it was so predictable Her problems with her parents the guilt Josie carries why she can t separate Devesh s play Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 from true punishmentor some past crime I just didn t care about her and the themes of the novel which attempts to explore the psychological side of sexual playing is obvious and not at all enlightening. Is a world of games that The Probability Pad fast becomes seriousorcing Josie to confront the darkest moments of her past as she desperately struggles with her Calendula family history her own violent impulses and her loveor DeveshRapturous illuminating and emotionally charged Playing is an unflinching look at the irrevocable conseuences of giving in to our most secret passions and the Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, freedom and imprisonment that comes with true self knowled.

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