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The Lady in the Tower dDie s story While each book can easily be read as a standalone I highly recommend starting back at the beginning Youon t want to miss a moment with this group of friends and coworkers He was everything she no longer let herself want Sadie Lane opened her heart up to us from that very first chapter The relationship she had with her mother was heart wrenching and she was jaded towards men But thankfully Sadie was working hard Tryst doing something she loved She was building up her clientele as a tattoo artist but to make ends meets she also works at a spa Finances were tight and she wasefinitely struggling so I found myself sympathetic to her from that very first chapter Not interested said her mouth Her brain though it was telling her a Tarnished Knight (The Lost Stars, different story He just grinned He knew Dammit She forced her gaze off his body and into his eyes Oneark and stormy night Sadie found herself helping Caleb Parker rescue a Where We Belong dog Caleb was someone who had been around Sadie for the last year They knew mutual people worked near one another but Sadie uickly labeled him Suits Sheidn t ever stop to think that his past wasn t just a golden spoon Or how hard he worked to get to where he was But when they both ended up rescuing a three legged og Sadie named Lollipop everything slowly started to change He taken Lollipop to a pet park He held her hand whenever she got scared Damn The man was Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems dangerous to her heart and soul Which made him the very opposite of perfect I have fallen for every single male Jill Shalvis has created so of course I heart Caleb While he was in the Forbes top 100 and was labeled a billionaire he was so much than that Caleb was the most kind patient compassionate and thoughtful man ever He loved his familyeeply and helped to take care of them They were such a huge part of his life And I loved watching how his sisters would meddle in his love life whoops lol But Sadie intrigued Caleb from the beginning and no matter what was thrown at them he fought for them to be together I keep telling you there s no this Are you sure Very slowly and carefully clearly giving her plenty of time to get away if she really wanted he stepped into her making her extremely aware that she now stood hemmed in between the alley wall and his body neither uite touching her Even though they now shared a Requiem for a Wren dog Sadie still had her walls up high and was closed off As they started to spend time around each other Sadie realized she judged Caleb wrong And while she started to share herself with him it was not always easy You see she lacked faith and jumped to conclusions at times with Caleb It hurt not only them but me too Especially when she wouldn t just take a breath and listen Thankfully Caleb had the most patience ever and thankfully Sadie knew how to apologize and step up her game Their road to a HEA was an emotional journey but I kept faith that it would all work out in the end When he was gone she looked at Lollipop Okay maybe I see a tiny bit of why you heart him so much But just a little bit mind you Luckily they both had help from their friends Ivy Rocco and Spence Plus Lollipop Lollipop was so important to this story Not onlyid she initially bring them together but she helped them She got them to see each other in Red Notice different ways She helped them grow as friends and slowly into something Itidn t even matter that she was really good at interrupting them lol Lollipop added a ton of heart to this story she was the hugest star ever Just Les pingouins nont jamais froid don t tell Caleb I said that Okay fine Sadie said I know what I have too Ivy narrowed her eyes Do you really Sure Ivy shook her head You Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone don t have a clueo you Sadie s eyes filled No she whispered You follow your heart So if you re a fan of Jill Shalvis this series or stories where a kind man an adorable Code pnal 2020 annot. dition limite - 117e d. dog and a women who s learning how to love and trust fill the pages thenefinitely pick up this book This story made me smile so much and this is completely random but I loved Sadie s take on food I love that she reuested In N Out they re my favorite burgers in the world and I m a huge sucker for muffins and everything else she loved too Playing for Keeps was an adorable love story and I can t wait to see who the next book in this series is aboutI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by the author All thoughts and opinions are my own For of my reviews please visit 45 Follow Your Heart StarsARC provided by Social Butterfly PR Caleb Parker is a confident charming charismatic gorgeous man living in San Francisco He s a hugely successful well known venture capitalist who seems to have the midas touch in business He s The Peoples Songs driven when it comes to his career but never has put much effort into his personal life Heoesn t City of Big Shoulders date much oro relationships Then one evening he rescues an abandoned og with a beautiful woman named Sadie Lane and everything changes They have mutual friends in common they Occasionally Ran Into Each Other Every Time ran into each other Every time and everything changes have mutual friends in common so they occasionally ran into each other Every time crossed paths they seemed to rub each other the wrong way She always was too busy judging him to really see him but he been fascinated with her since they met She was temptation walking A ridiculously sexy edgy tattoo artist who was also opinionated sarcastic and stubborn They were polar opposites but he still wanted to get to know her better Sadie Lane is a fiercely independent incredibly private woman who rarely lets anyone get too close She works two jobs and had long ago given up on men and was working on herself She tried to keep her My Name is Bob dark parts hidden and built up a tough outer shell to protect her heart Then she suddenly finds herself co parenting aog with a know it all buttoned up suit named Caleb Parker He was everything she wasn t and completely out of her league He was heartbreakingly beautiful and isarmingly sexy Then to top it all off he was also a og whisperer She hated how attracted she was to him She had all these preconceived ideas about him that were wrong He was actually a great guy and super kind and shockingly could handle her sass without blinking an eye He never could take his eyes off of her He knew what he wanted and he wanted Sadie Come at me babe Give it your best shot Fair warning you might like what you find The gentleness and obvious affection with which he touched her always Billy Bragg dissolved the best of her intentions What his bodyid to hers and how he looked at her She Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary d never experienced anything like it I kept feeling all the little broken pieces of my heart give themselves to you Caleb Sadie are bothangerously attracted to one another and idn t know what to o about all these new feelings Neither particularly liked emotions or commitment Sadie was the first woman who The Majors Daughter didn t want anything from Caleb She continually pushed him away but he was patient with her She made him feel something he never felt which was vulnerable He was slowly becoming convinced she was meant to be his but Sadie isn t used to trusting or people loving her for who she is Will either be willing to put their heart on the line for love and risk it allI really enjoyed this story and love this series I ve read 24 books by Jill Shalvis and the Heartbreaker Bay series is one of my favorites I have been so looking forward to getting Caleb s book and he Miss Shumway Waves a Wand didn tisappoint It was everything I wanted and A The Touch delicious billionaire with a beautiful heart Just loved it NOW AVAILABLE Playing for Keeps by Jill Shalvis is a 2019 Avon Publication I m always happy to return to the Heartbreaker Bay series So far each chapter in the series has been a little whimsical and maybe a bit uirky This book begins with a similar tone as the other books in the series with Sadie and Caleb adopting an adorableog named Lollipop and becoming co pet parents However Sadie and Caleb are complete opposites Their attraction to each other is like mixing oil and water Caleb has ealt with some heavy issues in his past but he s taken big strides toward maturation although he still hides behind emotional barriers and his sister s overabundance of caution and extreme protectiveness Sadie on the other hand Well Sadie is still coping with a lot of baggage she can t uite seem to shake off In Sadie the reader sees someone struggling not only with a haunted past but with some bitterness and the immature need to rebel still trying to shock and offend Of all the books in this series to ate this one feels a little serious Shalvis always has an uncanny knack for addressing uncomfortable topics while keeping the tone light Her humor always offsets the heaviness in any given situation This time however the whimsy charm humor felt forced and often falls a bit flat Despite that the story is still a very compelling read Sadie s issues would test the patience of Job but so would Caleb s sisters I am glad however that Shalvis addressed a topic rarely explored in romance novels of this caliber Although I found this couple to be of a challenge than most their happily ever after may have been the most rewarding in some ways Perceptions expectations family acceptance and forgiveness are adeptly woven into the story Caleb and Sadie Different Class defy all the odds against them and at the end of theay this is what makes this book stand out In all honesty I struggled with this one just a little bit and I can t in one hundred percent honesty tell you this is my absolute favorite book of the series It almost felt a little like the black sheep of the family going off on a The Essential Good Food Guide different course from the others However I still think the outcome was worth the extra patience this couple seemed to reuire Of course I was as always happy to see this couple and Lollipop get their long overdue happily ever after35 stars. Until he finally gets behind Sadie’s armor and begins to fall someone is there to catch you Both guarded and vulnerable Sadie and Caleb are complete opposites Or are they Shocked at their undeniable connection can they ever admit to wanting That allepends on what they’re each willing to ris. ,

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Playing for KeepsTitle Playing For KeepsSeries Heartbreaker Bay 7Author Jill ShalvisRelease Textbook of Wisdom date January 22 2019Cliffhanger noGenre contemporary romance Accidentally on Purpose was my first read in this series and Elle and Archer have remained my favorite couple since then I officially have a new leading couple because Caleb and Sadie unexpectedly swept me off my feet I adore Jill Shalvis humor in her books You can alwaysepend on her to In Defence of Dogs deliver belly laughs and chuckles galore Playing for Keepsidn t skimp on the humor but there was an added epth of emotion in this book because of Sadie s history I know some readers said that it took them some time to warm up to her because of her standoffish attitude but that wasn t the case for me Even though it took some time to soften her sharp edges I could always identify with where she was coming from and feel for her After the previous book I was really looking forward to seeing these two characters who ve been in the background trading snark finally connect On the surface they seem to be the epitome of two opposites attracting but as we got to know them better we iscover their similarities as well Sadie is a tattoopermanent makeup artist with two jobs struggling hard to make ends meet She s tattooed has brightly The City in Mind dyed hair andoesn t let very many people get close to her She has trust issues a mile wide especially when it comes to men Yes he was fun flirty and charming but she was highly suspicious of all those things Her idea of fun flirty and charming meant being as sarcastic as possible It Revenge (The Red Ledger done the trick too scaring men off for yearsSarcasm is her weapon of choice in eterring any unwanted attention A previous boyfriend caused her to slip into old unhealthy habits and that experience scared her away from romantic relationships But when she faces off against Caleb he gives back every bit as good as he gets In fact not only was he charming but he seemed to be charmed by her attempts to scare him off It wasn t until a three legged og named Lollipop came into the euation that they actually began getting to know one another better Jill Shalvis is an animal lover and it really comes through in her writing She often includes pets in her stories but this The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity dog was almost like another main character When Caleb rescues Lollipop off the street theyecide to share joint custody so to speak and become Penguins Poems for Life doggy parents together As much as she tried to keep heristance she was upfront and bluntly honest with him from the very beginning Which is one of her personality uirks that probably rew him in even because he has some trust issues of his own I m sorry For hanging up on you But not for the judging Dammit Maybe a little for the judging But I m not going to lie she said I m probably not one judging you I mean I ll try to work on it but it ll be a process His mouth uirked Fair enough Sadie has always been the black sheep of the family out of place and misunderstood by everyone Because of their huge ifference in personalities her mother failed to understand her and was completely insensitive to her needs She idn t listen she nagged her to find a man and made her feel as if she was never good enough I couldn t stand how she treated her from the very beginning Caleb had his own family issues with his extremely overprotective sisters While their hearts were in the right place and their actions came from a place of love they often crossed boundaries they shouldn t have This causes some friction between the couple at one point but Caleb Divine Beauty doesn t hesitate to set his family straight and make amends I absolutely loved this hero and his sensitivity in giving Sadie time to open up to him He was wonderfully patient and you could tell that he accepted every part of her even her broken pieces She s a complicated woman whooesn t easily let people past her barriers but somehow they were able to find common ground than either could have anticipated Maybe because no one cared to take the time to unravel Sadie and really listen to her before And when he needed someone to carry his burdens she stepped right up Their Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone differences and similarities complimented each other beautifullyHis one flaw was probably being too pushy in trying to help her and not understanding her need to take care of herself At the same time when you care about someone it s understandable that youon t want them to have to struggle when there s something you can Down to the Sea in Ships do about it With open communication and honesty between them any issues they had were resolved pretty uickly I thoroughly enjoyed this book It had everything I look for in a romance novel in one witty romantic feel good package It s one of those stories that leaves you with a warm glow of happiness after turning the last page I highly recommend this one to everyone even new readers to the series It s a must read I knew theay I met you he said Which was just under a year ago now Knew what she whispered That I was going to fall for you and never recover FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON US UK Playing for Keeps brings readers back Heartbreaker Bay with Sadie Lane and Caleb Parker Sadie is US UK Playing for Keeps brings readers back Heartbreaker Bay with Sadie Lane and Caleb Parker Sadie is to make ends meet while Caleb is a successful businessman but you know what they say about opposites they attract In the case Sadie and Caleb attract a whole lot of sexual tension hidden under a bunch bickering encounters I have to say if I wasn t already a fan of this series I efinitely would be now I just adored this couple and I loved seeing how all of their arguing turned into something That tension uickly turned into something very romantic even as Sadie fought against it not wanting to put her something very romantic even as Sadie fought against it not wanting to put her into someone else only to end up hurt Caleb was so swoon worthy though as he just waiting for Sadie to accept him and wouldn t let her push him away Bottom line these characters made for one brilliant story Their connection was riveting and had me unable to put this book own once I started Also we had the added bonus of an adorable puppy and you can just never go wrong with a cute puppy in a book ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Favorite uotesSadie listened with half her brain the other half wandering offSometimes life really bit a girl on the ass Thankfully she had enough padding there to take the hit So she can be bribed You just fed her a fortune in fancy cuts of meats and cheeses she said Anyone could ve been bribed with that Hell I Dog Years d have jumped into a strangeranger van for that She Chain of Fire dumped me Twice Women should come with instructions What would be the point of that Sadie asked I ve never actually seen a man read any instructions He sighed It s hard to meet the good ones That s because theyon t usually freuent the The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, dives you freuent Go to Target The female to male ratio is ten to one and they re already looking for things theyon t need Rocco offered his fork with a grape on it She shook her head I The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur don t consume wine in pill form She long ago taught herself how to take a mental step back from her family and treat them like well entertainment She was no longer part of the circus but just an audience memberMy ReviewEvery time I have finished a Jill Shalvis book I remind myself of the objective to clear my calendar and read the rest of her listings which would take a chunk of time as she has been uite the busy bee Goodreads lists thirty books to her credit I was late to this party but I have every intention be that nightmare type guest that never leaves I am greedy and want them all past current and future works I am totally enad I adore her clever wit and humorous banter as much as her insightful observations and emotive reflections Her writing is so stunningly agile she can have giggle snorting and sniffling on the same page Playing For Keeps was a heart clenching tale yet well balanced with levity swoon worthy romance and sumptuous sensuality I elight her wordplay and worship her altar of used printer cartridges 4 You re ifferent StarsWe return to Heartbreaker Bay for the seventh book in the series Playing for Keeps giving us Sadie and Caleb s story Star of the show for me and jelly that held this particular relationship sandwich together was three legged mutt Lollipop aka Poops a lotYou have your superhero armor and I have mineWe have stepped somewhat away from the original crew now and this far along in the series Jill has started giving stories to some of the characters who have been on the periphery of things Caleb as you would expect is your usual Shalvis type of Hero plenty going on up top easy on the eyes in general and an absolute sweetheart when it comes to the new Kuduz dog and woman in his life He was breakingown her walls one brick at a time or so he hoped but he knew he still had a long way to go Although Sadie isn t actually that new in his life they have been skirting around each other in passing for a good twelve months before connecting over a stray animal that in the end leads them into a joint custody arrangement of sorts And it oesn t take Sadie long to realize that Caleb is nothing like her preconceptions of him and he challenges a lot of the things she believes about herself in a good way as well You re a puzzle one I can t seem to solve That oesn t happen often You can t solve a womanClosing herself off from the world and life in general has been standard protocol for her over the years and the issues as to why are pretty The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, deepeeper than you generally find with a Shalvis novel and while handled respectively I hope that the authorpublisher have the foresight to add a trigger warning at the beginning of the released book just so that readers are given the option to The Taste of Ashes decide if they want to follow Sadie s particular story and. If you’re planning on falling in love When it comes to the confident charismatic Caleb Parker Sadie Lane feels the spark the kind that comes from rubbing each other the wrong way She’s a tattoo artist he’s a straight laced mogul But after they accidentally co rescue an abandonedog from

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The issues it covers I knew the Camellia (Ellie, day I met you Knew whatThat I was going to fall for you and never recoverUnderstandablyue to her past and ongoing familial treatment Sadie is what you would class as prickly when it comes to other human beings and the opposite sex so especially when a really nice guy shows her some interest Her first instinct at everything Caleb oes is to initially treat him with suspicion and often misjudge his intentions I have to admit although the author as expected gives her readers all the information they need to understand why a character behaves they way they o Sadie was at points a The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, difficult woman to warm tooYouon t scare meThat said I pretty much read this book in one sitting with a nap in between there are parts of the book where I was laughing so hard I had to put my Kindle China: la edad de la ambicin (Ensayo poltico) down to wipe my eyes and the story line is easy to get along with in general Shalvis gives great animal and the entertainment value added from that inclusion lightened up many points of the story wherearkness potentially threatened to overwhelm Another good addition to the series and a great start to my 2019 Jill Shalvis reading bingeIt s always been you And it s always going to be youARC generously provided by the author in exchange for the above honest review Sometimes life circumstances andor an abused Green River Rising drive people apart but utterly adorable puppy with three legs can bring a two unlikely people together In Playing for Keeps Shalvis pens a strong familyynamic that intrudes aggravates and strongly supports the bonds that form between the reader and the connection to the characters In the end Playing For Keeps completely sucked me I loved the how these opposites attracted each other finding a common goal that brought them together I received this ARC copy of Playing for Keeps from Avon Books This is my honest and voluntary review Playing for Keeps is set for publication Jan 22 2019On Sale Date January 22 2019ISBN 9780062741882 0062741888Mass Market 384 pages799 USD 1099 CADFiction Romance ContemporaryOfficial Author Website Author Facebook Author Twitter Noble IT S ALIVE He wasn t just a billionaire in a suitWhen it comes to love I have been known to be a little insecure at times For years I saw my hubby with rose coloured glasses To me he s handsome smart caring and sweet I thought every woman in the world would want him for their own We re so Wife Swap different he is sporty andoesn t read WEIRD and survives with little to no sleep Finally after 21 years of marriage the rose coloured glasses have a few smudges on them He s still bloody awesome but he s not perfect Seeing Sadie fight her insecurities and believe in Caleb s love was something I could relate to Her rose coloured glasses needed a few smudges to see him clearlysuit and allIt Pies did not surprise me that Sadie uestioned Caleb s attraction Sadie appears a little rough around the edges is stubborn and a wee bit prickly Caleb on the other hand he s a suit wearing hottie with a successful empire and plenty of money in the bank So veryifferent but there s this underlying buzz that neither can Gorbals Diehards deny Sadie s hesitant to take their attraction too seriously as she s not willing to put her heart on the line Only thing isCaleb s Playing for KeepsI absolutely LOVED Caleb After reading the little snippet at the end of Hot Winter Nights I predicted that Caleb was going to be the book boyfriend for me My heart melted at his thoughtfulness I was swooning when we had his POV and I got to see him convince Sadie that her prickly barbs would noteter him I loved it when he From the Dust developed his own prickly barbs when it came time toeal with Sadie s family To be honest I would have loved to see a few interactions with Caleb and Sadie s mum I wanted to see him put on his Knight In Shining Armour costume to fight the wicked witch OK she wasn t that bad but geez she Finale (Caraval, definitely rubbed me the wrong wayI wouldn t say Lollipop stole the show but she came prettyarn close Who wouldn t fall in love with a three legged puppy that s had a rough trot up until the minute Caleb Parker found her on a cold and rainy night Her Merlin and the Making of the King devotion to her knew co owners is so cute and I loved that with a little whining she had them both giving into her I loved the hand holding to calm her fears in the car and the sitting on their feet to gain their attention So cuteSadie and Caleb were interesting and I found them refreshingly real I understood Sadie and Caleb s tolerance of family interference because I could completely relate What seems intrusive and meddling wasone out of love for Sadie and Caleb Sadie s family couldn t understand her but constantly worried for her health and well being Caleb s family have been his carers providers and protectors since the time he was a sickly kid Even with all his success he s still their little brotherI absolutely loved Playing for Keeps It was an emotional story that ealt with two characters that faced challenges in their youth Caleb has proven himself by becoming successful and repaying his family for all their sacrifice love and support Sadie while still in the process of becoming successful is finally coming to accept and love herself Sadie while still in the process of becoming successful is finally coming to accept and love herself and allIn true Jill Shalvis the process of becoming successful is finally coming to accept and love herself scars and allIn true Jill Shalvis she rags all of my emotions to the surface I was sniffling like crazy towards the end of the story and then smiling like a loon by the end While reading I couldn t turn the pages fast enough but when it was finished I was wishing I taken my time Her books are never long enough A new snippet The Lemon Sisters Wildstone Series at the end has given me something to look forward to Although I was kind of hoping that it was going to be Ivy from the Taco Truck s turn Fingers crossed it may still happenIf you haven t tried a Jill Shalvis yetDO IT Stacey is Sassy received a complimentary copy of this story The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes Playing for Keeps is book seven in the Heartbreaker Bay series by Jill Shalvis Wow Jill id it again with this one I was in love in the first chapter Not only Dreamwalker (The Ballad of Sir Benfro, did I fall in love with these two main characters but also I fell head over heels in love with this littleog Mercedes Alyssa Lane otherwise known as Sadie Lane is a struggling tattoo artist To make ends meet she also has to work at a Akenfield day spa so twelve hourays are her norm She works in the Pacific Pier Building and has known Caleb for almost a year now They have several mutual friends Whenever they are around each other she feels that there is some sort of a charge between them so she turns it around and treats him with sarcasm anything to keep him at a Gym and Slimline distance because the last thing she needs is a man in her life especially a man who regularly wears fancy suits andrives expensive cars She s been off of men for three years now and has no interest in changing thatCaleb Parker grew up sickly and bullied But he turned it all around and now turns heads wherever he goes He can t explain the feeling he gets whenever he is around Sadie She clearly wants nothing to o with him but there is that zing between them Then on a cold rainy February San Franciscan night in the court yard of the Pacific Pier Building he sees a little og cowering in a corner She s scared to Marginal Notes, Doubtful Statements death Sadie notices as well and between the two of them they coax the little thing out of her hiding place They both fall instantly in love with this little sweetheart that Sadie names Lollipop So the only thing too is agree to co parent her You re not an easy woman Sadie I am a handful But that s why you have two hands The sparks fly between Caleb and Sadie and they can no longer resist them But both of these two have built up such walls around themselves that they make it nearly impossible to break through them especially Sadie Her past and the way her mother is broke my heart Caleb seemed like it was a bit easier for him to admit his feelings But his three sisters who love their little brother to pieces get involved and nearly ruin it for him I The Clock Without a Face don t want to ever be the thing that holds someone back Youon t hold me back You make life More what More everything So when you have two main characters that both have some past ghosts to overcome two overbearing families and a little special needs Captives of the Private House dog that wants you to hold her hand whatoes that all add up to A book that will steal your heart make you smile make you swoon and give you all the butterflies you can handle I want to add in here a couple of secondary characters that won my heart First Ivy who owns the taco truck at the Pacific Pier Building She was Sadie s go to person and she really Teaspoon and an Open Mind did come through for her Then there was Kel Caleb s cousin He lives and works in Idaho and seems like he is a bit of a cowboy We all know I have a thing for cowboys It seems like there might be a story there One I am hoping with all my fingers and toes crossed that Jill is going to explore in the near futureSo yes I loved this book But I might possibly say that with every Jill Shalvis review But I mean it every time If you haven t started this series you are truly missing out Each book can be read as a stand alone but theyo have recurring characters Every book will win your heart and make you smile A Jill Shalvis book always makes your A Celtic Miscellany day just a little bit brighter If you want about this book and so many come and join me at Carol s Crazy Bookish Worldhttpswwwfacebookcomgroups44036 Playing for Keeps was a heartwarming love story where opposites attract With the help of their friends and aog that uickly stole both of their hearts estiny seemed to be in the air I absolutely adore the Heartbreaker Bay Series and I couldn t wait to read Caleb and Sa. Storm Sadie sees a vulnerable side to the seemingly invincible hottie you’d better be sure Caleb oesn’t Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, do emotions Growing up the underdog he’s learned the hard way to build up an impenetrable wall Perfect for business Disastrous for relationships He’s never worried about it before not.

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