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Same as her other books but I ll read them Very oodLove AdelinaJett and Flynn jerks I see no redeeming ualities in them other than they love Adelina Very Under Crescent and Cross goodLove AdelinaJett and Flynn are jerks I see no redeeming ualities in them other than they love Adelina was too afraid to ask them for help then they still treat her like a criminal they both needed black eyes Hopefully Adelina makes them better men Love the series Thank you Ok read I hate to write this because I m a Dixie Lynn Dwyer fan but this book did nothing at all for me Jett and Flynn our Heroes were terrible When it looked like all was lost at least one of them wouldive up It seemed as though they only liked Adelina because she was beautiful and had a reat body No mention of anything other than those ualities Nobody was really that likable and. Siren Ménage Everlasting Erotic Ménage a Trois romance mfm heaadelina jennings has worked for jett MFM HEAAdelina Jennings has worked for Jett Flynn Greyson for than two years She has lusted for them and taken care of them even when they were drunk or had a night of pleasure with som.

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Phantom's Destruction or DestinyItary aspect in each story and how has the characters and there outlook to there future Adelina is such a lovely young and throughout the series there future Adelina is such a lovely young woman and throughout the entire series have enjoyed reading about bits and pieces of her She is such a strong women and has had a lot to endure at such a young age Flynn and Jett I had almost iven up hope on them with their wild ways even though they have always helped everyone else when they needed I loved how Adelina took no crap from her bosses and told them about themselves love seeing a strong independent woman who can take care of herself but at the same time can see when to let herself be taken care of My only wish would be that the series continued I loved the characters so much. Ed Adelina decides that it's time to move on She needs to et these men out of her head because they don't want her in that wayWhen she meets Mr Right it takes some serious threats and a bit of pain for her to realize that he is actually Mr Wrong. ,
The action storyline was beyond cheesy I just
couldn t et 
t et itwhich is odd because I love cheese However this was just too moldy for me Hmmmmm this was my least fav book of this series and sadly it was the last book of this series Adelina was ok and I kinda liked her but I really didn t like Jett and Flynn Talk about self centered I thought they were insensitive to Adelina s feelings throughout the book and treated her like a doormat until someone thought they were insensitive to Adelina s feelings throughout the book and treated her like A Doormat Until Someone Was Interested In Her In The doormat until someone was interested in her In the years she worked for them they never cared to know anything about her life I thought they were a couple of assholesIt was ood to see the other couples from previous stories but a sad Another Backyard great story Great storyline I love the mil. E one night stand She is at her wits' end and when some woman tries to trick Flynn into bed toet pregnant and land a billionaire she sets her in her place With a bruised hand and a sickening feeling in her The End of the Hunt gut after tucking a drunk Flynn into

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