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One Night...Twin consequences (The Monticello Baby Miracles gAight daughter of two lifelongrifters so ood even she can t figure out their liesUnfortunately the characters don t have that magnetic pull in their execution Gigi in particular suffers because we never learn why she lives the way she does What little we see of her in the novel doesn t shed much light on her motivations I WANT MORE GIGIThe three come together at a party Drea s parents throw the summer before her junior year of high school We et that small section and then there s a timeskip to the end of the school year high school We The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City get that small section and then there s a timeskip to the end of the school year uickly tells us both Xavier and Gigi uit attending Drea s ultra exclusive prep school halfway through the first term Drea only sees him again when she s trying to break into her school at the same time he is The timeskip creates an odd hole that makes readers feel like they re missing something when they really aren t See the crush Drea apparently developed on Xavier in the month or two he spent at the schoolThe third person omniscient POV all this plays out in isn t used well either Major reveals of details like Drea s parents beingrifters who went straight are dropped so casually it almost reuires rereads to clear up your confusion I point to the attempted school break in for another example in which a man is I point to the attempted school break in for another example in which a man is out the school for his employer and we The Holy Grail get his POV mostly to make things dramatic This makes it obvious there s a conspiracy afoot and kills some of the tension so the book would have been better off without those specific sectionsAs a introspective caper Perfect Liars has a lax pace that consists ofathering information than putting any legwork into figuring out how the cops British Jihadism got to Xavier and his cohort so uickly at the school Once again it s the kind of conspiracy that sounds engrossing at alance complete with plenty of blackmail and attempts to rig an election which would screw over the kids of the intervention esue Justice Academy but comes together so slowly that it s easy to Virgin Widow get bored and put the book downMaybe part of the problem is bad advertising that sets up impossible expectations The jacket copy doesn t at all describe whatoes on in Perfect Liars In a sentence the daughter of Wife in Exchange griftersone straight tries to break into her school and change her The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, grades a bit but when her crush is trying to break in too andets caught in the act suspiciously uick she s drawn into a juvenile offender intervention program and a plot that would et the place shut down if the upcoming election is successfully riggedI haven t seen anything to indicate Perfect Liars will have a seuel but the ending leaves things Open For Another Book Full Of Drea S Efforts To for another book full of Drea s efforts to her parents home I don t think I d read it If you like your capers less action packed introspective and racially diverse this book will hit the spot for you Alas it couldn t satisfy me I ve definitely ot to read from Tu Books thoug. Tes could not be different She's rich and privileged; they're broke and well criminal But Drea's Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow got a secret she has in common with the juvie kids than they d ever suspect When it turns out they share a common enemy Drea suggests they join forces to set things right Sometimes to save the day aood The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid girl'sotta be .

Perfect Liars
Last to Die (Rizzoli Isles, Forsaken (Fallen Siren, Scorecasting Vitro (Corpus,

Engaging narrator and I particularly enjoyed her casual and often humorous or snarky observations I wasn t as fond of the other scattered and weaker viewpoints we ot in the book though I understand why some of them were absolutely necessary Drea s attempts to balance her current image against her family s past were an interesting push and pull act that definitely upped the pressure in her life This was very apparent in her initial attitude toward the Justice Academy students particularly since her own family made its wealth off of crime and were simply ood or lucky enough not to be caught by authorities before they fled town Drea slowly confronting her own privilege and bias was a Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, great part of the storyMy one major nitpick is that I wish Gigi had been a plentiful presence in the book though I can understand why she wasn t As it is she was absent for long stretches of it andot even less screen time than Jason who was one of the least interesting Life Changing Smiles gooduys for me However Gigi was always unforgettable when she was on screen Tiana was another memorable character who I wished had taken up space in the novelRecommendation Get it soon Perfect Liars is a solid entry into the YA mystery Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, genre While I have a fewripes about the pacing and the initial romance once the mystery kicks into high ear and the characters really start to open up to each other the book becomes reat I m looking forward to future books from this author See of my the book becomes reat I m looking forward to future books from this author See of my on The YA KittenDiversity Rating 3 Closer to RealityRacial Ethnic 4 Andrea and her brother are biracial Xavier is Korean I believe Gigi is LatinaUILTBAG 0Disability 0Intersectionality 2 plenty of acknowledgement of how different Andrea s life is from Xavier s because of her family s ill begotten wealthTu Books is probably one of my favorite publishers and yet this is the first time I ve read one of their books Seems silly I know but their dedication to publishing diverse representative books and the truth that flows from their Twitter feed daily has always impressed me Meeting the tweeps behind the account at ALA was lovely and my copy of Perfect Liars has a dedication that I ll likely remember the story behind for the rest of my lifeBut to cut to the chase I didn t like Perfect Liars very much It s a deeply introspective caper and will need just the right reader to appreciate thatRight off the bat I ve ot to praise the racial diversity of the novel Drea is biracial Xavier is Korean and I believe Gigi is Latina but I forgot to mark where that was indicated In theory they re all incredible people worth following even though we spend the most time with Drea Xavier was born in South Korea and worth following even though we spend the most time with Drea Xavier was born in South Korea and up in the foster care system after his father died Gigi is a Brooklyn's Song giftedrifter who knows how to use her looks to et what she wants and can put on an act like nobody s business Drea The playing it str. Much worse Pretty soon she's struck up the world's least likely friendship with the juvenile delinuents at Justice Academy the last exit on the road to jail and the first stop on the way outIf she were telling it straight friendship might not be the right word to describe their alliance since Drea and her new associa.

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I felt the pacing was a bit odd in some places but I would be lying if I said I didn t thoroughly enjoy myself The way important information was revealed to the reader so casually WAS SOMETHING THAT I HONESTLY HATED something that I honestly hated first was revealed to the reader so casually was something that I honestly hated at first I rew to love it after a while This was very fun and I loved all the characters and their dynamics As a few people have mentioned there is a bit of the found family trope which I absolutely adore but I do wish that we Plain Jane The Hotshot got to see of some of the side characters Like Tiana or AngieEDIT I bumped up my rating a star cause I feel this book is of a 35 than a 3 and I like to round up Andrea Faraday is considered smart rich and privileged but she is also the child ofrifters posing as legitimate antiue collectors During the exclusive Woodruff School s Welcome Back Gala a heist extraordinaire occurs Drea and her brother Damon a rookie patrol officer suspect their parents who take off to Europe Andrea s perfect behavior crumbles with shoplifting and a valedictorian eliminating Family of Her Dreams grade Attempting to break into Woodruff to change thatrade she runs into Xavier and Jason in a BE of their own Only the boys are caught and detained Drea is rescued by her brother who signs her up to tutor at Justice Academy where she once again runs into juvies Xavier and Jason and a former acuaintance Gigi Drea soon realizes that there isn t much difference between herself and them When these teens band together to fight a common enemy everything changes Readers will enjoy the rich diversity of the main characters in this mystery the first three uarters were a bit Slow But The End but the end up for it loved the characters and the found family vibes One of the things I appreciated about Perfect Liars was the way details were doled out and how I learned and about past events as time went on While I feel like the pacing was pretty uneven in the first half things picked up uickly in the second half I was fully engaged with the mystery which took me by surprise than once and I m hoping the open ish ending is an opportunity for future books in the series I would love to learn about Drea s parents for starters and about what the Faradays were like before they settled down in Peachland or assumed a new surname I also want to see of the Faraday family dynamics especially Drea and her brother who were consistently Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed great togetherIt took me a while to buy into Drea and Xavier s budding romantic relationship as I felt like it had very little too off of early on The scene at the restaurant was one of the turning points for me as I finally started to feel like there was something of substance between them Kimberly Reid touches on race and class issues in the novel whether that s anti black racism or the poor in the criminal justice system Once they really start opening up to each other their relationship was one that I was happy to root forDrea is an. Andrea Faraday is junior class valedictorian at the exclusive Woodruff School where she was voted Most Likely to Do Everything Right But looks can be deceiving When her parents disappear her life and her Perfect Girl charade begins to crumble and her scheme to put things right just takes the situation from bad to so.

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