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Penny's Lane

Rain Carrington á 9 Free ead

Awesome book Have ecommended it many times October 6th to October 7 2014This is the second story in the Apishipa Creek Chronicles This was the outstanding follow up to Rebel Yells which was fantastic This is the in depth story between Lonnie and Travis It brings these two most unlikely to together characters together most unlikely to get characters together a pretty amazing emotional story This story starts out with lots of insta wet moments but morphs to these two misunderstood underestimated men finding a lifestyle they want to explore and learn about In a very small they want to explore and learn about In a very small these two men not only have to fight for each other but against the boundaries of public opinion As things happen behind the scenes and lives are threatened can they all make it out alive I thought this was a beautifully crafted story with magnificent BDSM scenes that were not only extremely HOT but also emarkably touching This story continues flawlessly from book 1 and continues with great success to finish the fights and arguments that began in that story I don t know where book 3 will go but I know that I can t wait to get my hands on it I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK I love all of her stories and this one did not disappoint Sexy characters and a great plot Once again Rain Carrington has created characters that are easy to fall in love with Lonnie Lane is a man with a tragic family tradition of alcoholism that threatens to consume him too Travis Walton comes from the Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, right side of the tracks where affluence has granted him almost everything he has ever wanted Almost The chemistry Brokenhearted and lost Lonnie begins to search for something toeplace the long held love of a man who is in love with another His search takes him on a dangerous slope with alcohol once but there to pick him up and dust him off if an unlikely heroAs his life. Hese two share is explosive but the A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners road to aelationship is not easy for them As Travis embraces who he is and what easy for them
Travis embraces who he is what needs Lonnie must also learn if he can let go of his destructive coping devices and instead submit to Travis And of course life is never simple his destructive coping devices and instead submit to Travis And of course life is never simple this small townLonnie was introduced in the first book in the series Rebel Yells but were left wondering what would become of him Penny s Lane brings his story to life along with some other interesting citizens of Apishipa Creek The story is complete in itself but trust me you ll want to ead the other books in the series I have to say I am so glad I found this author Her books are sexy stimulating and take the eader on an incredible journey In this follow up to Rebel yells we are taken on a journey the likes of which I don t find very often in a book This book grabbed me from the beginning and I could not est until I got to the endLonnie has been heart broken because the man he was infatuated with had fallen in love with someone else Lonnie is a slender beautiful native american who has had a very challenging life Nothing has come easily for Lonnie His mother was dead and his father and Uncle Channing were drowning in the same alcohol that had nearly gotten Lonnie killed He was still struggling with his addiction and he did not know what to doTravis has finally accepted that he is gay He longs to find someone who can love him despite his wealth and he feels the pull to the BDSM world as a Dom He has struggled with accepting his new place in the world and he fi. Begins to turn around he finds eal love and his dreams are all starting to come true including a dream he didn’t know he had To be a man’s submissive While his discovers new desires and feelings that are intense and encompassing than ever he finds the Indistractable road. Nds himself drawn to Lonnie but unsure as how his new found dominance can work in aelationship with Lonnie After getting thrown out of the BDSM club for a failing
Master Lin urges him to someone he cares about to explore whether or not he can be trusted in the club When he comes to care so much about Lonnie Master Lin begins his training Not everyone is accepting of the lifestyle lived by the Sheriff and the Deputy Roark wants to be the Sheriff and Travis s father wants to be Councilman So They Can Railroad so they can Jacques Prevert railroad aesort that will destroy the towns atmosphere How far either one of them will go destroy the towns atmosphere How far either one of them will go each their goals is anyone s guess but when push comes to shove will love be able to conuer the hatred of those things not understood How hard can these men fight to feel the freedom to live their lives Can Travis and the town ally against the threats facing them How far will the bad guys go to achieve their desires We know Roark is not one of the good guys but how much evil is lurking under the surface Where will Lack and Rebel s love take them now that they are moving on with their lives Can Travis stand up to his powerful dad All the excitement of Rebel Yells is aised to new heights in this book Just when I thought I had seen all this story had to offer a whole new twist was thrown in Grab your Kleenex again because this book will take your emotions for a oller coaster ide and back again I couldn t help but fall in love with these characters This is a fabulous book and I cannot wait to see what happens next. To his dreams isn’t an easy oneMore explosive than Rebel Yells Penny’s Lane will take you on a ide that will leave you breathless with hot love evil vengeance and deepening friendships Warning Contains scenes of BDSM and two men engaging in consensual sex. .

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