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Way Matt Sewell does his animal descriptionsTake the King #Penguin Their Chick Which Especially When Compared #their chick which especially when compared the dignified nobility of its folks looks like an awkward toddler in a Sasuatch outfit It s ust so much fun to watch the author have fun with his book Want to know why the Smew is my favorite seabird It has the best name Smew So cute I loved his dry humor that was scattered throughout as well Probably the most popularly named bird in this book the Blue footed Booby s name will no doubt get a few chortles from those of you who find that kind of thing funny In short I m overwhelmed with *Cuteness And The Illustrations Truly *and the illustrations truly this book perfectHighly recommended if you are looking for a uick and enjoyable book about animals A beautiful book of facts and illustrations And has 16 different types of penguins included for those among us who adore these birds This is basically a short encyclopaedia on Penguins and other sea birds as the title suggests featuring watercolour illustrations alongside a short piece of text about the species For me personally it didn t feel organised enough to be a good encyclopaedia it could ve been divided into types of species or alphabetically so it d be easier to find what you re looking for and the text in itself isn t much sometimes funny but often ust not enough or again organised enough in that the text sometimes barely give any information but only funny anecdotes and other times focuses solely on the facts Bottom line get it for the illustrations or give it to someone who loves penguinssea birds and don t mind the very general overview it gives I think this d be a great present for a child though for a child interested in nature and animals it d be a fun way to learn and to create interest I picked this up on a whim from the Dollar Tree because it looked really cuteAnd I uite enjoyed it It had little snippets about different penguins and some other birds but it was told in a simple and casual way that made it fun to readPlus it had cute little illustrations of every bird. St and ornithologist Matt Sewell illustrates one of the world’s favourite birds in this follow up to Owls Our Garden Birds Our Songbirds and Our Woodland Birds. Penguins and Other Sea BirdsWhat a beautiful bookI m passionate about birds but cannot be described #As A Twitcher Just #a twitcher ust happy amateur However any book or app that s going to teach me on the subject is devoured and slotted into the storage cabinet in my brain labelled BIRDS Matt Sewell has produced the most beautifully illustrated book on both penguins and other sea birds starting with the Emperor Penguin and including such bizarrely named birds like the Rhinoceros Auklet and Chinstrapped Penguin The illustrations showcase Matt Sewell s enormous talent and makes me determined to add his other books Owls Our Woodland Birds Spotting Jotting Guide Our Garden Birds and Our Songbirds to my collection His passion for conservation shines through every page Don t ever give up illustrating and writing Matt Sewell your work is instructive beautiful and valued and all bird enthusiasts should have your books to help identify and educate us on our wide variety of feathered friendsTreebeardBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review I read this aloud to my son and he enjoyed the candid factoids about each bird It it gorgeously illustrated and full of information I ust wish the birds were better organised perhaps by family or continent Very informative but written in a casual witty tone so it s fun to read and not at all dry Plus the drawings are wonderful this is a lovely art book some readers criticized it for not being a *proper field guide about 50 birds are lovingly described on one elegant page with lots of white space *field guide about 50 birds are lovingly described on one elegant page with lots of white space a full page watercolor on The Opposite Side The opposite side the are gorgeous charming and adorable ps birds are awesome especially penguins What a delightful book with colorful and lovely illustrations So far Matt Sewell is becoming one of my most favorite birding authors when it comes down to getting to know our feathered friends He knows his birds while not only brings them to life in his illustrations which are interesting and charming in their own right but with the information that he provides for each one while allo. Did you knowThe Galápagos Penguin's speckled markings make each of them as uniue as a snowflake The Emperor Penguin weighs the same as a Labrador retriever The.

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Wing the reader to understand his own personal preferences when it comes to *The Avian World Matt *avian world Matt a way of bringing the world of nature to life by helping the reader to understand the different species in an of nature to life by helping the reader to understand the different species in an writing style that searches how their name came to be some of their habits their distribution and even threats to that particular species Along with his English style of wit and his personal opinions this makes for a book whereupon the reader can pick up on the author s love of his country as well as the animals that fill the neighborly niches around him The book isn t organized though in any shape or level so the reader will have no idea which bird will be next in the reading And although the book doesn t need to be organized it probably would have done well for most of the well known ocean birds that I was interested in was towards the back so I had to endure with other birds whether interesting or not to me to get to those that I wanted to learn about Otherwise the book has a watercolor of each bird for each entry and these are repeated in the back in a section that the author has included as a checklist for those avid birders who like to get out and about All in all along with his other books this is one book that would be a great gift to birders young and old especially those who don t mind the dry wit andor UK visitors even though other non UK localized species have been included in the telling of the pages June s Reading Vlog Video is up Click the link to see where this one ranks along with all my other June books The Written Review 45 stars Hopefully in this book you will discover that there is a lot to penguins than being cute In fact they are one of the hardiest souls on the planet Matt Sewell takes us on an amazing little adventure as we travel the globe to learn cool facts and looking at gorgeous illustrations of various penguins and sea birdsMatt provides one full color picture and one page of description per birdthough these aren t your typical animal factsI absolutely loved the uirky little. Adélie Penguin takes its name from the sweetheart of a Napoleonic naval captain turned explorerFrom tiny fairy penguins to the regal emperor penguin street arti. ,

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