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Where My Heart Used to Beat eWriting Any half decent author could have written the story about the Moors Murders heaven knows it s been regurgitated so much over the years via documentaries newspaper articlestc This book however is special Carol Ann Lee s writing style brings the story to life in a very haunting way When i compare this to one of true crimes I ve recently read Murder in Little Egypt which was very linear and formulaic and pretty boring now i m thinking about it I may have to down grade my score Anyway they are worlds apart One of Your Own draws you into the dark world of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady with it s sex violence and torture Ian is your average psychopath but Myra s motivations have never been adeuately The Truth (Discworld, explained She doesn t really have a certified label which is what makes this book so interesting Why did she do what she did Battered girlfriend under duress The thrill of control Young and stupid or straight up psychopath The book is split into two parts before and after the murders Her time in jail isually as fascinating as the crimes as we are told how the crimes affected the victims families as well the discovery of Pauline Reade and mystery of Keith Bennetts grave This book will stay with you One of the best true crime books i ve read An Mr. Perfect easy 5 stars Rather than submit a straight laced review of the book to spice things up a bit I thought I d post anxchange that took place on another review website The authorcolleague of the most atrocious book related to the Moors case Face to Face with Evil criticised One of Your Own which ironically is the best book available This diatribe contains my appraisals of the book so may have some review properties I must point out that there is a backstory to my outburst the author of FTFWE labels all those who dislike his book as members of the Brady Fanclub Secret Suffragette even the brother of one of the victims who was infuriated by his cash in attempt Moreover as documented by his comments hisgo has been stoked that the great Ian Brady chose him to disclose his views to when 7 Secrets of the Goddess everybody knows Brady only talks to insignificant people because anything of a threat would only result in revealing where Keith Bennett is buried his only secret remaining Brady would never agree to speak to you crowed Cowley to the victim s relativeven though they did conduct a lengthy correspondence in his Indianomix effort to find Keith and to understand why he killed his brother See the reviews on couk for details Anywaynjoy or notckc aka Chris Cowley As freuently happens with notorious cases the author never met Hindley and does not offer new research they just reword information that has already been published If you have already read Duncan Staff s lost boy book and the Robert Wilson book which detailed Hindley s scape fiasco over 30 years ago this offers nothing new although I guess it is reasonably well written if you are looking for a superficial overview ckc then claimed someone lse he knew had written this under his accountMe Outrageous Absolutely outrageous And very ironic that the best book s author is being criticised by the worst book s people Who is NBX and why are you so lax as to permit her access to your personal account if you do not Doglands endorse her viewsWell CKC NBX whoever Perhaps it s just as well that Carol Ann Lee never met Hindley Otherwise her book may have turned out as useless as Face to Face With Evil all tip toeing without any real observations being made I still find it incredible that with a direct line so to speak with Brady that book was the output of the supposed years of research Lee never met Myra because she was well you know dead at the time of writing As such there can be little new research to add unless a seance is held or new physicalvidence comes to light The author did by the way conduct her own interviews in 2009 with various people related to the case if you bothered to read the references Surely as an academic this would not Riveted (Iron Seas, escape your notice This is in contrast to Brady with whom you interacted with personally and yet you still managed to say nothing Does having met someone mean your book s better Given these facts I don t think so I will go on to say that I suspect the author would refuse to meet Brady if the offer was made to her 1 Because it is fairly obvious after over four decades that his testimony is worthless if we truly want to know anything of value and 2 the author intended this to be a sensible neutral acc This is the first true crime book out of the hundreds I ve read that hasver made me feel truly uneasy I got the creeps throughout the An Officer and a Spy entire thing AND there weren t any photographs It was just that wrong thatvil Although the book was 400 pages of small print I read it in a day or less in one sitting It was gripping to say the least I d never read a book on the Moors Murders though I d read plenty about it online and shorter pieces in other true crime books I think this is the only book anyone would have to read to get a thorough review of the case Myra is uite impenetrable but I think this author comes about as close as it s possible to go to pull back all the masks and show her for who she really was Ian Brady is much asier to understand as A Typical Serial Child Killer typical serial child killer one with a diagnosed mental illnessTo use a comparison from the book Myra reminds me a lot of the Nazi war criminals If she had never met Ian Brady she probably would have become an ordinary housewife and never committed any violent crimes at all Most of the Nazi war criminals who weren t immediately arrested went on to lead ordinary nonviolent postwar lives and I m sure that if Myra had been released from prison at some point after she got out from under Brady s spell she wouldn t have committed any crimes like the atrocities she and Brady had done together Yet she was fully responsible for what she did I think she genuinely TRIED to feel remorseful if only because veryone demanded it but she seems to have been incapable of the depth of feeling the Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, empathy necessary for that The nasty things she said about her victims parents behind their backs is proof positive of that It s like she was just defective like some wiring was missing inside herTo use another comparison the case kinds of reminds me of the situation in In Cold Blood two people who might neither have been terribly dangerous by themselves come together and feed offach other and commit far greater crimes than ither of them would have been capable of alone Ian Brady needed Myra to do what he did To begin with he needed a woman s help to lure the children into the car but he also needed someone to confide This is in fact a book that I read and reviewed two years ago on my blog I m adding it here in the light of the recent death of Winnie Johnson the mother of Keith Bennett who spent so many years trying to discover the body of her son I ve not long finished One of Your Own The Life and Death of Myra Hindley by Carol Ann Lee At close on four hundred pages it s a detailed account of the life and crimes of one of the most infamous women in recent British history but I read it over two days with complete fascination though crime is not a subject that normally I am attracted toHindley is different There is something iconic about her something that touches on the bigger issues something over the nature and causes of vil itself that drew me irresistibly to this book Lee tackles the subject with a scholarly sense of detachment though she draws some pertinent and telling judgements at pointsIt s worth pointing out that she has also written OBaby extensively about the Holocaust highly relevant for the simple reason that the mindset of Hindley was the same pathological mindset as people like Irma Grese or Elizabeth Volkenrath both notorious concentration camp guards It s difficult for me to describe this with any precision it svil yes but at its most banal a combination of personal cruelty maudlin self pity and a total lack of sympathy for other human beings During the period following her arrest along with Ian Brady for the murder of Edward Evans the only Nerds emotion Hindleyver showed was after with Ian Brady for the murder of Edward Evans the only Zack (Areion Fury MC emotion Hindleyver showed was after was told of the death of her dogLee has a compelling relaxed style writing with Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, ease and considerable fluency There were parts of her lucid account that I found so difficult parts I almost skippedspecially the section dealing with the torment and murder of ten year old Lesley Ann Downie which includes a transcript of the awful tape recording Brady and Hindley tookYears later when she was fighting her ruthless parole campaign Hindley wrote to Ann West Lesley s mother a letter which contains a particularly telling sentence I now want to say to you and I implore you to believe me because it is the truth that your child was not physically tortured as is widely believedOf this Lee says that Hindley while trying to xplain that Lesley was not mutilated prior to death completely failed to grasp that the ordeal to which the little girl was subjected before her murder was precisely that physical and psychological torture Yes what need be saidThe part of the book that I found of particular interest was that dealing with Hindley s years in prison prior to her death in November 2002 the time when Nsible that 'life' really did mean 'life' Without a doubt Britain's most notorious murderess her death has done Myra Hindley was probably the most reviled criminal from the twentieth century and definitely the most reviled female killer What merges from this very well written and researched account of her life is a much complex person than might be Taxi ins Glück expected from a knowledge of the facts of the case Was she the instigator of the murders or was she Ian Brady s dupe The reader will not find the answer in this book though it provides information which may help people to make up their own mindsMyra had a reasonably stable and loving childhood though she was bored at school and played truant a great deal of the time She met Ian Brady at work when she did his typing for him She was immediately fascinated by him and soon became obsessed Eventually they moved in together They seem to have been well suited in many ways as both were rebels though both managed to hold down their jobs while using their leisure hours to inform themselves about the wilder aspects of sex and violence The works of the Maruis de Sade were regular readingWhen theory spilled over into real life with the murder of teenager Pauline Read both Hindley and Brady found themselves outside the social norms How closely was Hindley involved Only she and Brady know and Hindley is dead It is clear that she was used as a means ofnsuring the children lured to a violent death were not suspicious of the two people who offered them a lift If they had been streetwise children would they have perhaps refused the lift in spite of the presence of a woman We will never know Both Brady and Hindley provided conflicting accounts of whether Hindley physically attacked the victimsWhat struck me while I was reading the book was how good Hindley was with children in day to day life and how much children trusted her This fact provides a stark contrast with the murders I was surprised with how intelligent Myra Hindley actually was and how she was always studying while she was in prison Clearly Ian Brady was also intelligent and knowledgeable To me there is such a huge waste of potential not just in relation to the victims whose lives were cut short but also in relation to the killers themselves Could things have been different if they had not turned to murder as a way of acting out their rebellion Hindley could in theory have severed ties with Brady after the first murder but she seems to have been totally under his spell and unable to break away from his malign influence though there is some vidence that she was also xcited and almost proud of the murders and the way the crimes put the two of them outside society David Smith Hindley s brother in law by going to the police immediately after the murder of Edward Evans showed how it could be done Yet Hindley did not take the same course of action following the murder of Pauline Read Do we believe she was controlled by Brady Was she in fact controlled by her own perverted needs I found my opinion on that varied almost from page to pageThere is much food for thought in this book not just about Myra Hindley I was intrigued by the way the press reported the crimes and later anything at all relating to Hindley Some of it was uite frankly disgusting and unpleasant and far from being justified by the horror of the crimes themselves There have been other serial killers with victims and yet the Moors Murders still attract probably the most vitriol from all uarters This book raises some interesting uestions about the reactions and behaviour of many members of the public including those who continue to harass and attack those who are related to or in any way connected to the murderersMaybe one day it will be possible to look at the cases in a objective fashion though I think that day will be a long time coming In the meantime this book does seek to provide an insight into the mind of a murderer and does it very well in my opinion The book is provided with notes on the sources used and a bibliography which gives the reader with further information to Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas explore A true crime book focused on Myra Hindley The author tries to delve into her mind and find out how she felt about the murders committed by Ian Brady and herself and to whatxtent her involvement in the murders wentPlenty of detail and well researched this book chronicles her ntire life her relationship with Brady the investigation and convictions and her time in prison This is my first book about the Moors murders so I can t comment on comparisons but as for filling in the details on what happened and giving a bit of an insight into Myra s mindset then I thought this was successful #And Worth Reading One Of #worth reading One Of OwnThe Life and Death of Myra Hindley I can well recommend to those who read the true crime genre To uote one of the book sleeve critics Carol Ann Lee s work is as good a biography of Hindley as we re likely to get Sunday Times I would concurLee s book attempts an in depth study to attain answers to the uestions of the hows and whys of the murderesses psychotic spree with partner in crime Ian Brady through the streets of Manchester in the arly 1960 s The author also investigates Hindley s behind bars pronouncements that she had changed felt remorse and had found God Were these statements genuine or merely manipulative attempts to win parole I m not sure these uestions were answeredperhaps posedI felt that this biog was well written but for me the only fresh insights from the purported xtensive new research covered Hindleys final fifteen years of incarceration up to her death in 2002 There was nothing new concerning the crimes that hasn t been covered before in for instance Brady and Hindley Genesis of the Moors Murders by Fred Harrison published 1986 I did learn that after her cremation the ashes were scattered just a stones throw from where I live from where the dust could have blown into my garden and onto Saddleworth Moor itself I know Manchester well having lived there for a number of years with close friends and relatives related through marriage What strikes you about Mancunians is their tough northern yet always friendly approach and their uniue sense of loyalty and close family ties This was never greater than in the 1950 s and 60 s when money was poor poverty was rife and yet those little communities of proud people living in back to back terraced houses looked after and supported ach other always adhering to the codewhat is mine is yours What is most striking and deeply concerning about Myra Hindley is that she was an intricate part of this community with roots and family Not Without a Fight embedded in the culture truly one of their own So how could someone from such a staunch and close knit backgroundmerge and become the cold hearted killer and partner to the psychotic Ian Brady Carol Ann Lee describes and shows in great detail how the young and merging Myra progressed and indeed flourished in this tough working class nvironment Yes there were many and varied challenges her father Bob suffering from the stresses of the 2ndWW and physically abusing his family in conjunction with his heavy consumption of alcohol the death of her close friend Michael Higgins due to a drowning accident when she was only 15 the disruption to family life which resulted in her living with her beloved grandmother Ellen However amidst all of this a headstrong tough she had been taught to box by Bob as a young child yet likeable and friendly girl was The Unseen Wonder emerging into her teens and beyond So what went wrong How did someone with this strong community upbringingmerge into the cold blooded killer we all recognize today The spark that ignited the fire occurred when she became a typist at Millwards Merchandising and made the acuaintance of one Ian Brady One of the central themes The Management Bible explored in this book is whether Hindley if she had never met Brady would still have become a cold blooded killer She played such a central role in Brady s manic killing sprees with his Hitler and Maruis De Sade fascinations and yet afterwards had well connected support from such notorieties as David Astor Observerditor #AND LORD LONGFORD I FEEL THE ANSWER TO THIS #Lord Longford I feel the answer to this will always be yes she was bored looking for adventure looking for danger something way beyond the confines of Gorton Manchester and it s mundane routine Zu schnell existence She was a keen and willing partner in the psychotic ramblings and cruel sexual games and actions performed on her by Brady and so when he suggested his ultimate fantasy of capturing and killing a child she readily agreed and not only helped this happen butagerly participated in the many horror killings that were to follow The true story of what occurred was discovered on a tape in a left luggage bag at Manchester Central Station through the anguished and distressed cry from one frightened little girl Lesley Anne Downey who just wanted to see her mummy For anyone interested in the Moors Murders and trying to understand the reasoning behind the senseless torturous killing of innocent children this book is ssential reading It is informative well researched and gives a clear and incisive insight into the minds of two of the 20th century s most hated murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady Sometimes it only takes a couple of pages to know the difference between average and class. On 15 November 2002 Myra Hindley died in prison one of the few women in the UK whose crimes were deemed so indefe. ,

He mounted a systematic campaign to convince people that she had changed that she was no longer the same person that she had rediscovered the Catholic faith of her youth The whole thing seemed to me to be ntirely fraudulent as if she was not ven beneath an attempt to deceive God himself in her cynical drive for freedomThe one person she did not deceive was Diana Athill a literary ditor who was approached by Hindley s supporters to work on a proposed autobiography She insisted on meeting the woman before she would commit herself The interviews took place but Athill declined to get involved doubting the worth of the project as a means for Hindley to come to terms with the past Afterwards she wrote When she did what she did she was not mad as Brady was and although she was young she was an adult and an intelligent one It seems to me that there are strands of moral deformity which cannot be pardoned that Stangl was right when having faced the truth about himself he said I ought to be dead Franz Stangl for those who may not know was a commandant of the Sobibor and Treblinka xtermination campsThere were plenty that Hindley did deceive none so than Frank Pakenham the seventh arl of Longford who was long active in her campaign for release I have to say though I think she was particularly ill served by this muddle headed do gooder not a term I like but it fits his character soHe raised her Invisible (The Curse of Avalon expectations in thearly seventies only a few years after she was sentenced to life imprisonment It was because of him that her state of denial and self deception deepened because of him that she did not finally admit her part in the murder of Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett until the late 1980s There seems to me to be an odd kind of similarity between the liberal and the psychopath Like Hindley Longford had no interest in the victims of the Moors murders no interest in the feelings of the families of the butchered childrenAt the Yummy Supper end of the book I felt nothing for the subject other than contempt and distaste I struggle sometimes with the concept ofvil asking myself if it is something tangible is it something in other words that has an objective xistence beyond the individual choices we make It might be asy to answer if I believed in Christian notions of good and Deep Listening evil but I don t All I can say is that in the person of Myra Hindleyvil took on an objective form one that never went awayLee concludes her book by commenting on the obituary of Hindley in the Independent where it was said that she had no judgement But judgement was precisely what Myra Hindley had in a sense it is all any of us have and she chose to use it with the most wicked intent I nded I confess by crying for the family of Keith Bennett whose remains never discovered still lie somewhere on those bleak windswept Moors Myra Hindley was Britain s most hated woman ver She died in 2002 aged 60 from bronchial pneumonia and had been in prison for 36 years since she was 23 the third longest serving British prisoner of all time The second longest is her boyfriend still in jail still alive aged 75 If she had lived to be 100 they would never have released her After she died they tore apart her hospital room incinerated Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature every article in it and redecorated The funeral was kept as secret as possible Between 1963 and 1965 she actively participated with her boyfriend Ian Brady in the murders of a 10 year old girl two 12 year old boys a 16 year old girl and a 17 year old boyWE BECAME OUR OWN GODSBrady was a work colleague she fell in love with and she had to put a lot offfort in to get him to notice her He didn t socialise Like any Nazi loving psycho in the staff cafeteria he was uiet ating his gg and cheese sandwiches alone reading Teach Yourself German or Mein KampfHe was a big reader He had discovered Dostoyevsky s Crime and Punishment That s me that s what I m all about he declared 30 years later telling the police that Trajan everything he hadver done was in Crime and PunishmentAnyway patience paid off and they became an item Instead of going to dances they borrowed books on philosophy and torture from local librariestogether they read Henry Miller Harold Robbins and de SadeThey were working class autodidactsBrady wasn t a very nice man He despised ordinary people The only thing they wanted to do was he wrote later to marry breed further burden themselves by mortgage own a family car and live in Bunnys Book Club Goes to School excruciating moderation and boredom until death do they departThis is the same thing Tom Ripley thinks in Patricia Highsmith s novel Come to think of it the teenage John Lennon might havexpressed similar contempt for straights Cynthia or no Cynthia Feeling a bohemian superiority over social conformity is de rigeur for great swathes of teenagers I see no harm in it And is de rigeur for great swathes of teenagers I see no harm in it And of them The Peculiar Pig even read de Sade Brady however he wanted to prove to himself that he was never going to be part of the marching morons the nine to fivers And this is where the intellectual blends in with the psychosexual the way he was going to prove it was that he was going to cross the line so that there was no coming back demonstrating that there is no such thing as right and wrong or that if there is he s above it AND he was going to weld himself and his girlfriend into this little cult of two AND he was going to prove his intellectual superiority by committing the perfect crime AND he was going to get his paraphiliac jollies and do all this in one by murdering childrenThey did four perfect crimes The kids simply vanished the police had no clue They willingly got into the car with Myra because she was a woman they d all been warned about strange men Then Brady seemed to go off the deepnd with number 5 a 17 year old youth For the first time he deliberately involved a third party Myra s brother in law But although Dave Smith was a thug with a record for violence he was a normal human being and after witnessing a murder he went to the police as soon as he possibly could LIKE A PUPPET ON A STRINGAfter they were jailed there was a strange intermittent public jousting match between the two which didn t stop until Myra died It was a he said she said situation Each would grant interviews or write letters to the newspapers or call the police in for further revelations the cops only proved three of the 5 murders and were desperate to find the missing bodies Brady had them dangling on his Cherry Ingram every word andach time it was to further their own line For the first 20 years Myra peddled the line that she #had been under duress and abuse before the offences after and during them and all the time I was with #been under duress and abuse before the offences after and during them and all the time I was with he used to threaten me and rape me and whip me and cane me I would always be covered in bruises and bite marks She was convinced that if she portrayed herself as Brady s puppet she would The Mermaids Shoes eventually get paroled In this she wasntirely deluded Brady s line was from 1966 until right now was that she was nobody s plaything he #never beat her or abused her she was a full participant in very #beat her or abused her she was a full participant in very She regarded periodic homicides as ritualsmarriage ceremonies theoretically binding us The McKettrick Way (McKettricks, ever closer Existential philosophy melded with the spirituality of death and became predominant The same argument turns up invery case like this Midsummer Masque eg Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka Gerald and Charlene Gallego Fred and Rosemary West Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate could a woman really willingly help her boyfriend to rape and kill women and children Is thatver possibleMyra s original abused puppet argument is ueered in the strangest way on p 125 of this book This is the part where after the first murder a policeman comes knocking on her door but he just wants to find out if her car is for sale This was the car they used to spirit the first victim away to the moors And she sells it to the policeman When Brady hears about that he rolls on the floor laughing But then she has a casual affair with the policeman And Brady fumes but apparently does nothing about it Well Maybe This Time (Belonging eventually after decades had passed Myra became able to admit her guilt I didn t have any traumas in my childhood as Ian may have done I didn t have a grudge against the world or society I had noxcuse for my actions For years people have assumed that Ian totally corrupted me but he didn t I have to own the part I played in things to accept that I wanted some of the things to happen A reformed and dignified person was how one of her string of posh supporters which included Germaine Greer described her The British public led by the rabid rancid tabloid newspapers would have none of that The vast majority of people did not believe that a person could do such crimes and then repent and be forgiven It seemed like an insulting thing to them And this is the heart of the story Can people change Seriously Can serial killers turn to God and be forgiven Or would such a thing be just another careful mask assumed for public consumption What does Dostoyevsky have to say about thatThis book is a great account of the whole horrible saga I can t imagine a better one Carol Ann Lee orchestrates a large amount of material and deals with really loathsome stuff without ditorialising and without the hysteria which always accompanies this case45 stars recommended. Othing to diminish the shadow she casts across our collective consciousness This book presents a study of Hindley. .


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