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Of her Christmas present This is after she tries to kill Jackie Oh and after the *MAN GIVES JACKIE 400000 JUST BECAUSEMAYBE *gives Jackie 400000 just becauseMaybe m just getting old or perhaps my reading choices are maturing but this was flat out ridiculous I wonder if EJD is in a place in his career where he feels as if he can give his readers anything and they ll just accept it because there is a miniscule of intrigue and overload of mind blowing sexI on t know but what I am clear on is his readers June Fourth Elegies deserve better and as a talented writer EJD should want better for his readers himself and his product I would prefer to not give this book any stars but I m not sure if that s an option Regardless this book isefinitely not recommended I barely finished this book The characters were tedious to Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes deal with theialogue was unrealistic and that reveal was completely lackluster I couldn t relate or become interested in either character The woman was so annoying I couldn t eal with her I was hoping that the chapters would alternate POVs but it stayed in her obnoxious voice over The relationship with the male lead character was not believable at all It wasn t even ridiculous but adorable like typical romance novels are It was just bad so bad And what was up with that ending That s why this guy is running all over town tense and edgy It idn t feel like enough The story ends abruptly in the worse way I really wanted to like this book but I just couldn t Jesus How Der Illusionist do you move on from something so invigorating Mr Dickey has a way with words that I have yet to understand The feels I got reading this I can t explain UpdateThis has got to be the best book that Mr Dickey has written I ve not read all of his books but I mamn close and I just Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue don t think that another book can compare He has a way with words that I can t explain The man knows his way around the worlds of sex suspense mystery adventure and a slew of other genres Even after finishing this book almost 36 hours ago I m still thinking about the guy from Orange County This book is based around one night hence the title It involves con games at the gas pump a Denny s a movie theater a 7 Eleven an upscale hotel room assault attempted murder and the most erotic ovary bursting pantie changing sex scene that I ve ever had the pleasure no pun intended of reading And let s not forget the mystery behind the characters mostly Mr Orange County From the very first page I was hooked Unfaithful jealous wives of the world have nothing on the one in this book I like to say the bitch is a boss but that would be putting it lightly I espise hypocrites of all fashions If you can t take the heat stay the hell out the kitchen Guy from Orange County meets girl from LA She tries to sell him a Macbook and the rest is history To say would give the whole story away So a Macbook and the rest is history To say would give the whole story away So can happen within twelve hours The characters in this book both have their own emons to Ask the Past deal with but for one night they set fire to the rain The chemistry between them is undeniable You will want some LSD after reading this book No not therug And when it ends you will be singing along to Jay and ueen B s On The Run because let s face it Who wants that perfect love story anyway If you are not a Dickey Nut then you need to be I highly recommend not only this book but his other works as well He s an incredibly talented man and you will not be Riding Class (Saddle Club, disappointed when he takes you on a wild rid. Orrow or ineathFilled with all the hallmarks of an Eric Jerome Dickey bestseller erotic situations edge of your seat twists and turns and fun believable relationships One Night will elight Dickey’s existing fans and lure countless new ones. One Night

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I hated this book In the beginning I enjoyed the conversation then it was like okay when are they going to have sex The whole book was just conversation then it was like okay when are they going to have sex The whole book was just unrealistic The sex was boring and I kept hoping it would end but it just went on and on I only finished the book because I idn t want to feel like I wasted time reading a book that would not be Added To My Book Challenge to my book challenge the year yeah Im a nerd but Anyway this book was just about 2 strangers talking and having sex BORING Everything else that happened just seemed too unrealistic so I could not get into it Two strangers One nightWitty fun intelligent layered simple yet complex One Night follows the course of two strangers as their lives intersect one night A night that will change their lives forever This man this man this man I ve read practically everything Eric Jerome Dickey has written and he still blows me away He never fails to awaken the intrigue in readers seemingly effortlessly Every word matters As I ve said in a previous review he taps into readers five senses There are a lot of themes addressed between these two characters within the span of one night including second chances marital conflicts loss guilt social issues and forgiveness You enter the world he has created fully You get to know the characters and their Different Class distinct personalities and flaws Their problems their issues their pain their joys become yours Dickey allows his characters room for growth and readers get to see that Full of vividescriptions and Short Stories by Roald Dahl details Eric Jerome Dickeyoes not Goldilocks the Three Bears disappoint with One Night I hope he revisits these characters again in the future The onlyrawback I have with this novel is the slow startReviewed by Toni A couple good moments with too many long rawn out poor ones Simply much too long 3 of 10 stars 35 really Started very slow Didn t get good until 40% inThe ending left too many unanswered uestions Ok we got itthe sex was greatmove ontoo rawn out Eric Jerome Dickey is stuck in a rut to me This book was no *different than pleasure The writing was choppy and the love scenes *than pleasure The writing was choppy and the love scenes forced A man has a cheating wife who tracks all of his credit card purchases Go figure One night stand that Socialist Realism drags on forever I amone Need a new author It s been a while since I ve slipped back into EJD s universe I started reading his books in high school Now as a woman in my thirties I ve grown and evolved unfortunately the same cannot be said for EJD s latest work What starts off as a fascinating premise two strangers one night anything can happen uickly grew stale and boring As a black woman who has living in and around Washington DC my entire life I am no stranger to issues with race but the two main characters just seemed to take it too far The sex I Look Up To... Michelle Obama didn t bother me at all theirialogue Doctor Extraño did It was like he was trying extra hard to provewhat Ion t know It had absolutely no point Time and time again his inner racist blatantly comes across intermixed with ridiculously unnecessary SAT vocabulary so we can t exactly call the characters stupid but they most certainly are the most close minded arrogant self righteous ignorant people I have ever come across in a novel and that includes Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby Maybe EJD needs to get the hell out of LA and move to a chiller city I hear Houston s nice Miami is ivine DC is heaven Drop the ridiculous vocabulary Start writing about characters that the rea. The New York Times bestselling author checks in to the hotel of readers’ reams for an ardent romantic adventure that lasts just One Night For one night a couple checks in to an upscale hotel The pair seem unlikely companions from opposing str. Der can actually like and root for I hated both of the characters and wished ill will upon both of them not because of their lyingcheating and infidelity but because of their simple mindednessIt s going to be long while before I consider picking up another one of his books This book is terrible I love EJD s work I have been reading his books for over Ten Years He S One Of The Few Authors That years He s one of the few authors that will support through book purchases without reading a synopsis of the work I was Never Tell disappointed in this title and the authorI understand that this is meant to be a book heavy onialogue and light on actual action but the story makes little sense A man meets a woman not by happenstance but because she s trying to con him They start talking and Feminism is for Everybody don t stop until after 6a the nextay That s pretty much the plotEJD s characters sound like they belong on a Shonda Rhimes television show They are Deterring Democracy described as attractive educated and they speak extremely fast Only in EDJ s case the characters are tossed into circumstances that make little to no sense Even at the end of the story when the entire plot is revealed I was left unimpressed I m going too something that I rarely Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, do in book reviews andelve into the plot a bit *As stated this begins with Jackie who is onned in a blonde wig ill fitting stolen Best *stated this begins with Jackie who is onned in a blonde wig ill fitting stolen Best uniform and is trying to con this unnamed male character into buying a Mac book which is really a bunch of rocks in a boxHe catches her some unpleasant "words are exchanged and the stranger ends up "are exchanged and the stranger ends up her two grand in cash for no good reason She takes his card goes to a local Denny s restaurant and calls him to join her Before he arrives she transforms into a beautiful sisterloc wearing African ueen yes I m being sarcastic but that s what happens They meet and talk and talk and talkThey throw around big words that the reader has to look up a few history lessons and some reality television tidbitsThey talk some and through another chance encounter Jackie learns that her ex hubby the one responsible for their child s Menneskefluene (K2 death is marrying someone else She talks to the stranger some and they get kicked out of the movie Annie which is a children s movie but seems to be filled with adults on this particular night They talk stop a robbery buy condoms and continue talkingThey talk some acknowledge the growing attraction between them talk some check into a luxury hotel talk a lot and have sex while still talkingI must add that as with most EDJ characters they have mind blowing sex on the first try In fact it is so good and loud that other people at the hotel complain and security comes up Jackie goes off on the guard Somewhere between all of the talking Jackie going off on people and the mind blowing sex they fall in love but they have a fight that results in Jackie posting hotel pics of herself on her social media accounts and naked with the exception of purple timbs in the hallway of the hotel None of this is making any sense right Describing this as terrible writing is really kind The writing the plot the characters are all nonsensical Both main character have a past andarkness that leads them to the choices made over the course of the story but their pasts or even current circumstances Nazi Gold don t justify their piss poorecision makingThe story actually ends with the main characters sharing multiple slices of cheesecake while the unnamed man s wife is in the trunk. Ata of society but their attraction is palpable to all who observe them or overhear their cries of passion In the course of twelve hours con games erotic interludes jealousy violence and murder swirl around them Will they part ways in bliss in .

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