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Picture Theory eD where the Empire is led by the Empress and you get new names throughout your life as you accomplish things I thought this story was original and fun 45The Lenten Rose by Genevieve Valentine I only read 60% of this story I was lost It is a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson s The Snow ueen I m not that familiar with the original story so that may be why I couldn t follow it 5The Spinning Wheel s Tale by Jane Yolen This story shows the well known fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty from a different perspective For a hint just read the title I never thought about this perspective before I found this story short butlouent 55Below the Sun Beneath by Tanith Lee This is another retelling I remember the original story from a cartoon that used to be on HBO Family The story involves a king searching for a man to find out what his daughters are doing at night that causes their soles to be worn in the morning I feel that Lee added depth to the story with the cripple and the witch I am interested in reading the original fable now 45Warrior Dreams by Cinda Williams Chima This story takes place in America with all the unusual magical beings you find here I like the way Chima combined magic and science There is mention of magic side by side with hormones phosphates TBI and PTSD 355Born and Bread by Kaaron Warren This was a retelling of a story I hadn t heard of before This retelling involves a dough like lady who bakes Ancestral Voices excellent bread There is also a very unusual sex scene I found the story interesting It was short and sweet 35Tales that Fairies Tell by Richard Bowes I really liked a uote from this story The craving of fairy tales appears when a world is changing from one of magic to one of science and vice versa This story takes place in a futuristic New York and features Puss in Boots The concept was interesting and the world was cool but I felt like it was too much for a short story I didn t understand all the characters And the story just kind ofnded 255Sleeping Beauty of Elista by Ekaterina Sedia This short story is an interesting take on the pediatric AIDS incident in Elista in the 80s This story brings up the uestion of why things happen Do all things teach lessons This story plays with the basics of thr original Sleeping Beauty story a witch and a victim It was written very well 45The Road of Needles by Caitlin R Kiernan This story references Little Red Riding Hood It takes place in the future when space travel is becoming commonplace The protagonist is the only person on a soaceship when something goes wrongThe story jumps back and forth through time in its telling There was an interesting use of the storybook 45Lupine by Nisi Shawl This is a simple story A girl is locked up by her mother with a curse she must overcome 35Flight by Angela Slatter This is a complete fairy tale It feels like its been around a long time I could see this as a Disney movie I would watch an animated version of this Bird transformations princesses And Bid Him Sing evil aunts humanating giantess 45Egg by Priya Sharma A woman wants a child A hag grants her wish but not the way she Aristotle Detective (Aristotle expected This story brings up some interesting topics about parenting 45Castle of Masks by Cory Skerry This story reminds me of a different take on Beauty and the Beast A man poses as a women and goes to a monster as a virgin offering I really liked how this story was told 55The Giant in Repose by Nathan Ballingrud This story draws from Nordic myths A man hasscaped his fairytale like story and lived life He is thrust back to a place where verything has waited for him I liked this story 45The Hush of Feathers the Clamor of Wings by AC Wise This story had lyrical imagery but it was kind of twisted It is a modern tale with a witch s curse Choice plays a big role 355Eat Me Drink Me Love Me by Christopher Barzak This is a retelling of Goblin Market The original story is in this story if you aren t familiar with it There s also an xplanation for the retelling This story features an interesting relationship between sisters 45The Mirror Tells All by Erzebet Yellowboy There aren t many stories I ve read written in second person It was interesting to read This is a take on Snow White I liked this interesting and different way to tell a story 45Blanchefleur by Theodora Goss This is an pic adventure of a boy called Idiot becoming whatever he can be I really liked this one There are interesting worlds and characters Its like a blend of classic and modern 55 m not a huge fan Of Anthologies But This One Features Fairy Tales And I anthologies but this one features fairy tales and I you can t go wrong with that Obviously you can There were stories I njoyed than hated but most of them were just njoyable with the potential of being great I m going to point out the highlights and the ones I dislike because reviewing them all would make this review too longGood storiesSleeping beauty of ElistaThe blend of the original tale with the modern world was subtle It didn t clashed with the charm of a fairy tale the original tale with the modern world was subtle It didn t clashed with the charm of a fairy tale tale with the modern world was subtle It didn t clashed with the charm of a fairy tale it created something original It s about vaccinations and how one girl nded up in a never Building the Cold War ending sleepLupineThis book is how a fairy tale is supposed to be It already starts with a great fairytalish line It s about a bad mother and a lovely girl who needs to find herself to break freeThe spinning wheel s taleVery interesting POV It gives a complete other spin to the Sleeping beauty taleWarrior dreamsI liked that this story was based on sacrifice It s not about romance and finding your true love but it s about sacrificing your life to protect othersCastle of masksThis is by far my favorite story It vaguely reminds me of Beauty and the beast and I swear it s not because of that It s well written and clever It s about a boy who sacrifices himself to the beast by dressing up as a girl He wants to find revenge for his sister who went the year before but instead of a monster he finds a friend A friend he still needs to kill I didn t saw the twist comingBlanchefleurI always like tales where the hero is portrayed like a total loser The boy here is called Idiot but people are not able to see his potential I loved seeing him develop into the boy he truly isBad storiesThe lenten roseThis is a retelling of The snow ueen but it was just so slow and boring I never feltngaged in the story and there was something off about the writing style It s a shame because this was one of the longer retellingsTales that fairies tellI have no idea what this story is about because I skipped it From the first page I knew this wasn t going to work for me I believe it s supposed to be about Puss in boots who tells a story and it s a strange blend with chick litThe road of needlesWeird story I started to skim and I still don t know what this was supposed to be Something with red riding hood but it was weirdThe hush of feathersI like the idea of the author but it didn t work for me I felt unsatisfied at the Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) end and it was hard to get into the storyThe mirror tells allI guess it was the POV but I also had troubles with the writing style It felt a bit choppyOverall not bad Still not goodnough to give it 3 stars but if you are a hardcore fairytale fan like me it s definitely interesting Counter-Amores enough to read it once otherwise skip it. Dia“Egg” Priya Sharma“Lupine” Nisi Shawl“Castle of Masks” by Cory Skerry this version © 2013 Cory SkerryAnarlier version appeared in Fairy Tales in Split Vision d Cindy Lynn Speer Drollerie Press 2009“Flight” © 2013 Angela Slatter“The Lenten Rose” Genevieve Valentine“The Hush of Feathers the Clamour of Wings” A C Wise“Born and Bread” Kaaron Warren“The Mirror Tells All” Erzebet YellowBoy“The Spinning Wheel’s Tale” Jane Yolen.

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As always with an anthology there are some stories you love some which challenge you some which confuse you some which are surprisingly short and usually one you just don t like for some reason and this was no xception Most of these stories meld the old and the new so read on to see Puss In Boots Beauty and the Beast the Twelve Dancing Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood amongst others in a very different way You ll find role reversals and substitutions all in the same world of fairy tales and legend where promises are broken or kept with terrible or wonderful conseuences but maybe seen from a different viewpoint or where the focus of the story is newIn the Double Jeopardy end it was hard to decide on a rating By choice it would be 35 stars but as GR doesn t do half stars I was leaning towards 4 stars before realizing that I probably wouldn t seek this out for a reread and therefore decided to round down Don t think I didn tnjoy it though because I did and I may reread a couple of the stories again I just wouldn t seek out the anthologyDisclaimer I received a free copy from Netgalley in Composition and Literature exchange for an honest review Source Received an ARC via Netgalley in Cezanne and Provence exchange for an honest reviewAs has been long documented on this blog I adore fairy tales in pretty much all iterations so of course I was going to take the opporutnity to read the new variations contained in this book My usual policy for short story collections is to reviewach individually just a few sentences so be ready for a long one today because we have Dark Voices eighteen to coverThe Coin of Heart s Desire by Yoon Ha Lee This story is based on a Korean folktale so it was not one I was familiar with but it does have dragons and is very well written I was notxpecting the Contested Reproduction ending but loved how it all panned outThe Lenten Rose by Genevieve Valentine This is based on The Snow ueen a story I only vaguely know and I did not really like this retelling I wonder if familiarity with the original tale would have helped me here I kept feeling like I was missing somethingThe Spinning Wheel s Tale by Jane Yolen This is an author whose name I ve seen a lot but who I actually haven t read though several of her books are on my list Here her offering is a short variation on the tale of Sleeping Beauty looking at the innocent at the heart of the story It s very short so it didn t make much of an impression on meBelow the Sun Beneath by Tanith Lee The Twelve Dancing Princesses was always one of my favorite stories as a kid so I just adored thislaborate retelling Though the beginning left me wondering where we were going I soon caught on and was thrilled with the feminist slant included This was probably my favorite of the storiesWarrior Dreams by Cinda Williams Chima I admire the intention behind this story which looks at a contemporary soldier struggling to reintegrate himself to civilian life and being brought into a battle with some fantastical creatures The writing for this never clicked with me and I had trouble staying ngaged with the storyBorn and Bread by Kaaron Warren I ve never heard of the Russian story Sivka Burka which inspired this interpretation but I loved how it was rolled out here I don t have much to say about it but this was another one I likedTales That Fairies Tell by Richard Bowes This was a weird take on Puss in Boots though admittedly that is never one of my favorite stories despite getting to live with an adorable cat who could totally rock boots if he so chose I did not find much to impress in this story but I m sure it will intrigue othersSleeping Beauty of Elista by Ekaterina Sedia takes as a starting point a pediatric AIDS outbreak in Elista and weaves in a bit of Sleeping Beauty to shake things up This one had a heavy air of melancholy over it but was beautiful all the sameThe Road of Needles by Caitlin R Kiernan Little Red Riding Hood Is The Inspiration R Kiernan Little Red Riding Hood is the inspiration though it s a shaky one I thought the nding pages were most Creating Country Music excellent but the beginning is a bit of a slog in this sci fi twist there are many made up words and terms thrown at the reader I preferred focusing on the familial relationshipLupine by Nisi Shawl This was such a weird story beginning with a mother who hates her daughter i liked how thisventually nded but hated liked how this ventually Evolutionary Patterns ended but hated starting point Flight by Angela Slatter I was not familiar withither of the stories referenced by the author in her introduction this story which made me nervous as I tend to like the retellings when I know their source material Still it was beautifully written and the start middle and Evolution As Entropy end were clearly distinguished Ispecially loved the use of the sister sister relationship as well as mother daughter when looking at two standout partsEgg by Priya Sharma A woman is somewhat incautious when wishing for a child and having that wish fulfilled The heartbreak is palpable in this story as the mother struggles with her daughter and Forging Gay Identities ends up doing the difficult but right thingCastle of Masks by Cory Skerry This was such a cool story It owes a bit to Beauty and the Beast and has so many great moments Another standout in the collectionThe Giant in Repose by Nathan Ballingrud Injoyed this story upon giving it a second read as I initially found the story bewildering When I read it the second time I knew the characters better I liked how it played with the Story making me think of Mercedes Lackey s fairy tale novels where the Story will impel people to fulfill certain tropesThe Hush of Feathers The Clamor of Wings by AC Wise Such a sad story with a brother who chose to remain a bird after his sister s sacrifice of silence and knitting a nettle shirt for Forbidden History each of her seven brothers what will he give up for her to allow her to liveEat Me Drink Me Love Me by Christopher Barzak I did not really like this retelling of The Goblin Market though I suspect this is one I d have at leastnjoyed if I was familiar with that poem Instead I just kept reading hoping to Fiche Blian ag Fás eventually fall in love but never succeedingThe Mirror Tells All by Erzebet YellowBoy I loved how the starting point for this Snow White retelling is not about mother daughter competition or jealousy but instead is about triumph in the face of those who would try to stifle a young woman s spirit I thought it was very neat how thelements of the original story were woven inBlanchefleur by Theodora Goss I think this was the longest story in the collection and it Esteem Enlivened by Desire ended up being one of the best too It really honors the traditional fairy tales with the young man who no one much values undergoing three trials rescuing a kingdom and learning from a mysterious frightening woman It may have been a bit on the long side for this collection but the characterization really benefited from thatOverall Injoyed this collection finding stories to Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith enjoy than skip If you like short story fairy tale collections this would be worth checking out I love fairy tales and I like clever retellings Most of these fit into the two categories Coin of Heart s Desire a very cool Korean fairy tale about sacrifice and responsibility I really liked the atmosphere and the beautiful writing Definitely checking out the author s other books The Lenten Rose Snow ueen is one Eighteenxtraordinary authors devise all new fairy tales imaginative reinterpretations of the familiar vocative new myths speculations beyond the traditional realm of once upon a time Often dark occasionally humorous always nthralling these stories find a certain Puss in a near future New York an mpress bargaining with a dragon a princess turned into a raven a king's dancing daughters with powerful secrets great heroism terrible villainy sparks of mischief and ,
F my super favorite fairy tales and this one was done really well Some xtra character development was nice and the theme of poison was pretty cool throughout The Spinning Wheel s Tale Too obvious and boring Maybe should ve changed the title instead of spoiling the whole thing not that the revelation would have been any interesting Glad this one was shortBelow the Sun Beneath Definitely a favorite It had the perfect fairy tale atmosphere without getting too preachy I love the The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning extra descriptive stories so this one was right up my alleyWarrior Dreams Broke my heart This story incorporated a real issue into urban fantasy without being painfully obvious or awkward Pretty sweet references to the obscure French fairy talesBorn and Bread No freaking idea where the author got the original twisted ass Sivka Burka story I grew up with these stories and just to double check I read the original in Russian NOPE the father does not come out of the gravevery night to Hereward (Hereward, eat bread The sons are just supposed to guard the field trying to catch whoever isating all the grain It turns out to be a horse which MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE Under One Sky end rand Other than that gross bastard of an original version I uite liked the story The character of Doe was very uniue and likable and she carried the whole story Good job Sleeping Beauty of Elista Meh I see what she did there but it was too serious of an issue to stick into the fairy tale format It s thought provoking but it had no place in this collectionThe road of needles I don t read high sci fi so that could be the reason why I didn t get this story at all All the high tech words were so foreign to me that I couldn t get into it Absolutely not for me If you want to read a sci fi retelling of Little Red Riding Hood read ScarletLupine Very pretty straight forward fairy tale Solid 3 starsFlight Cool combination of two stories White Bride Black Bride The Raven A longer fairy tale with a strong female character and a twistnding not my favorite nding but not bad overallEgg Eeeeewww But I still liked the modern setting and the hearbreak that comes with having a child who not what you wished for A good oneCastle of Masks This one made me giggle A cross dressing take on Beauty and the BeastThe Giant in Repose A Scandinavian myth retold It s about your destiny and stuff I m weird and I didn t like it that much All the lements were there The characters the origin the heroic middle and genre defying Groom and Doom ending But the author needs to become a stronger story teller The Hush of Feathers The Clamor of Wings The familiar story of the sister who is forced into silence until she makes nettle shirts for her 7 brothers turned swans pigeons in this case This one s also set in the modern world but it didn t make as much sense in this case The choice seemed to be deliberate but unnecessary in thend The twist in this one is that it s told from the point of view of the brother who did not want to be turned back into a human costing the freedom of his sister It s about selfishness and sacrificed at the cost of another uite a doozy and I liked it Eat Me Drink Me Love Me A retelling of the Goblin Market I ve already read two of those and I have to say that this one was the most messed up one Not a fan unfortunately For a better one read Lips Touch Three TimesThe Mirror Tells All Meeeeh A modern day creepy Snow White story Not Eroarea lui Descartes executed well too confusing I m all for unresolvedndings but you need to give us a bone here Blanchefleur The longest tale and one of my favorites I loved the hero s journey feel to it And the sassy kitty Mreow Great collection I got a free ARC in xchange for an honest review A strong collection of fairy tales adapted twisted re imagined re purposed and made anew for a modern audience These tales capture the original tales and make them feel fresh and new And whilst most collection of short stories have a few that aren t as strong as the others all these tales stand strong alone and collectively The Coin of Heart s DesireA tale I hadn t heard of the sacrifice a ruler
make for its Kingdom I the characters in it and the twists and turns The Lenten Rose A stunning retelling of the Snow ueen I really loved the narrative the flashes between present and past and the stark red rose imagery against the white snow and those white lenten roses always present and creepy throughout The Snow ueen is a tale that has always haunted me and this version just made me remember why I loved it as a child The Spinning Wheel s TaleWithout giving too much awa I had no intention of getting sucked into this book I was just going to read Caitl n R Kiernan s story which was nominated for a 2014 Locus Award for best short story and maybe one or two others Kiernan was also nominated in the novella category and for her collection But the ditor real DNF 45 stars overall This anthology was much but much better than Guran s other anthology Beyond the WoodsYes the uality is still uneven I think by now it must be a standard disclaimer as well as a genre clich to say that about anthologies but it isn t less true for that So what makes this one better for me For one that the 22 Britannia Road entire anthology doesn t live or die on one single star author included in it as was the case with the previous that relied mainly on Tanith Lee s brilliance to succeed and I very much doubt it would ve been as highly rated if not for her Instead in this anthology there s three authors that stand out amongstighteen included and that distributes the merit for its success Gabe Izzy evenly Many talented ones are responsible instead of just oneach with their own style and creativity Secondly from the authors whose stories stood out there s much variety in styles and stories which means different takes on tales than there would be from just one creative And since I m on it shouts out and bows go to Cory Skerry for his story Castle of Masks and to Theodora Goss for her story Blanchefleur as the best writers Honourable mention goes to Caitlin Kiernan for The Path of Needles All three were wonderful but Goss s is my absolute favourite and gets the top rating from me An above average version of retold fairytales I did Nigella Bijt enjoy some of them but for a lot of them it was difficult to associate the short story in this book with the fairytale it was originally based on And am someone who knows their fairytales fairly well so it was a challenge for me toven figure out if some of these tales were based on fairytales or new fairytales made up by the authors Additionally the Seventh Circle (Vampires Realm, editor didn txpressly put on Bloodlust Denied each story which fairytale it was based on so it made itven difficult to figure out if these tales were inspired by the genre of fairytale or if they were retold fairytales Overall I really njoyed this anthology of short stories I highly recommend it to fans of fairytales There were many stories referencing tales I ve never heard of so Fairy Tale Fanatics Will tale fanatics will this book Averaging up all the reviews xcluding the one story I couldn t finish gives this book a 45 and I agree with thatThe Coin of Heart s Desire by Yoon Ha Lee Dragons and trickery uestions and bargains This is an Asian influenced fable with an interesting worl. Great deal Brilliant dreams and dazzling nightmares with meaning for today and tomorrow“The Giant In Repose” Nathan Ballingrud“Eat Me Drink Me Love Me” Christopher Barzak“Tales That Fairies Tell” Richard Bowes“Warrior Dreams” Cinda Williams Chima“Blanchefleur” Theodora Goss“The Road of Needles” Caitlín R Kiernan“Below the Sun Beneath” by Tanith Lee“The Coin of Heart’s Desire” Yoon Ha Lee“Sleeping Beauty of Elista” Ekaterina Se.
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