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R pictures of people are PRETTY AMAZING. ONE ANOTHER OUR amazing. One another our with nature and the place or places we call home She states The physical landscape serves as a backdrop on which the human drama unfolds The photographs allude to the fragility of the human presence n the world These portraits are a way to look at particular people and the human body as a part of nature evolving people and the human body as a part of nature evolving expressing their Ethan of Athos (Vorkosigan Saga, identity and placen life's cycl. Nowhere But HereA fascinating collection of photograph. Whether her subjects are landscapes portraits or nudes Jocelyn PHOTOGRAPHS ARE ABOUT BEAUTY AND ITS are about beauty ts The landscapes are not spectacular vistas but uiet places that seem oddly familiar Sometimes glowing with summer's light and sometimes covered with snow they endure through all the seasons of the year Lee has also assembled a gallery of people each of whom s remarkable alt. ,

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S here The landscapes are pretty but he. Hough none of them s famous She but he. Hough none of them s famous She every Person With A Vivid with a vivid dignified presence Her portraits are full of mplicit stories suggested by bodies and faces and made all the compelling by the fact that her sitters seem absorbed Murder at Royale Court (Cleo Mack in their own memories and dreams With a clear and compassionate eye Jocelyn Lee encourages us to think about eternalssues such as youth and age our connections with.

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