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Chapters very clever and well written But to get there I wonder did he have to be uite so explicit Did that did he have to be uite so explicit Did that him anything other than nowing that he has an extensive nowledge of sexual words and practices I sense not Did not finish While great care was clearly given to the diction it was too clunky for me And the intense sense of jadedness was not promising for the rest of the book Fifty year old Frank isn t doing so hot Jacobson s novel is mid life meltdown than crisis Having been made stupid by sex for his younger years Frank even with his ebbing libido seems most comfortable being ridiculous in the sexual realm As with all Jacobson s novels the ridiculous and comic merge with the sublime to explore loss in all its facets Frank is a 50 year old British television critic who has just left his partner a highly dysfunctional author of feminist porn plagued by bulimia and neuroses He is literally a talking and breathing penis whose thoughts about having sex are interrupted only by eating sleeping and other necessary bodily functions He returns to Oxfor sigh a book from a woman s point of view about men written by a man just wish it hadn t been so fractured in places I liked this novel better than The Finkler uestion although it has some of the same problems a self loathing Jewish character other people who are eually difficult to indentify with strange British yiddishisms and lots of senseless extramarital sex The main character is a TV critic who hates popular culture of all inds and I have read some really awful books this year but critic who hates popular culture of all inds and I have read some really awful books this year but No More Mr Nice Guy I d managed to trudge all the way through to the end of them It blows my mind that the author won the Man Booker prize for another book I cannot imagine this guy writing anything that s even worth staying awake to read let alone worthy of a prizeThe protagonist is going through a mid life crisis and so he decides to track down a series of women he s had mostly unsatisfying sexual relationships with over the years I ve read other reviews that took issue with the cussing Being 13 sailor myself I didn t mind that and I wasn t put off by the graphic sexual details t mind that and I wasn t put off by the graphic sexual details though they were plentifulWhat did put me off and eventually led to me putting the book down was that this guy could write about such sensational stuff and somehow the result is one of the most boring books I ve ever read Seriously a sno. No longer what you wantPraise from the UK for No More Mr Nice GuyBrilliant and funnyNo More Mr Nice Guy shows invention on every page every paragraph Jacobson is uniue Evening Standard A very funny very intelligent novelHow many of Jacobson's contemporaries have described the male condition with such wry unsparing honesty Sunday Telegraph. No More Mr Nice GuyFrank Ritz a successful television critic and inveterate sex addict is in the throes of a significant mid life crisis At the age of 50 he has just been icked out of the London house he shares with Melissa Paul his long time domestic partner and author feminist oriented pornography This cathartic event sets Frank on a motor journey around England where he revisits scenes of past sexual humiliations as he sorts through the emotional wreckage of his life No More Mr Nice Guy is essentially one man s twisted coming of age Guy is essentially one man s twisted coming of age but one in which the protagonist s heightened awareness and hard won wisdom come uite late in the gameI really disliked this novel in fact it is the first book I have read in a long time that I had to struggle to finish Although well written and very occasionally funny Jacobson tells a tale in which there are simply no appealing characters Certainly Frank s particular set of neuroses are so unbelievable in addition to being so very British and so very Yiddish that I suspect few readers will be able to sympathize with or relate to him I imagine that the author thought he was describing the travails of Everyman but the main character s condition is not remotely similar to that of any man I now I did not care at all what happened to Frank which made his delusional self serving psychological musings and explicit bordering on vile sexual reminiscences difficult to stomach after a while Stated plainly I was both repulsed and bored by this story in roughly eual measuresThis book was originally published in England in 1998 and has been re released in 2011 for the North American audience undoubtedly in an attempt to capitalize on the wider profile that Jacobson has enjoyed since winning the

Man Booker prize for The uestion While understandable this marketing strategy seems unlikely to succeed largely because this turgid and depressing novel is so vastly inferior to that later work Indeed having read The Finkler uestion first perhaps the indest thing that can be said about No More Mr Nice Guy is that it helps the reader understand just how much the author s fiction has improved over time A review comparing this favourably with my least favourite Philip Roth novel Sabbath s Theatre possibly ensured the same fate boredom Both say something about male preoccupation with sex but the topic is perhaps not interesting enough to sustain a novel Th. Frank Ritz is a television critic His partner Melissa Paul is the author of pornographic novels for liberated women He watches crap all day; she writes crap all day It's a life Or it was a life Now they're fighting locked in oral combat He won't shut up and she's putting her finger down her throat again So there's only one thing to do Fran. Is is at least shorter As we follow Frank Ritz on his journey of exploration we learn a great deal we follow Frank Ritz on his journey of exploration we learn a great deal him Frank does what anyone thrown out of their housedismissed from a relationship would do retrace his steps from some of his happier moments as a youth We see Frank s younger self through reminiscence as well as his contemporary self Sadly the years do not seem to have had added much maturity to Frank or maybe it s just that men really do ruminate about sex and female body parts all the time and the rest of us just don t Flying Scotsman Manual know that A man would likely read this novel differently than I did finding himself nodding in agreement in disbelief where I was bobbing in astonishment I picked this book up uite randomly as a 3 for 2 dealnowing nothing about the author but noting the sticker on the front cover that said Winner of the Mann Booker Prize Prompted by this I started reading I had forgotten that I had read The Finkler uestion by Jacobson which was the book that won the award Deceptive little trap on the sticker on the cover Another small attraction was that it was for sale wrapped in sealed cellophane and signed by the author Trivial I now but it makes you pick it upHad I stopped reading it before the final 2 chapters I would have given it 1 star Had there been writing like the final 2 chapters I would have given it 4 stars maybe 5 Here is an author who can write no doubting this His style is intellectually strong and when it comes to humour and wit his writing is often genuinely very funny I have to admit I did laugh Not just smile but laugh So what s the problem If the competition was to see how many times he can use the F word and the C word problem If the competition was to see how many times he can use the F word and the C word one page or in one paragraph or indeed in one sentence then here you have a winner If you want to have revealed the absolute detail of every sexual act undertaken by this man and have it grahically described to you then here you certainly have it If however you are likey to find that page after page of this material becomes at best boring then here here you will have a book that uickly turns you offI am not prudish It wasn t that it was offensive although many might readily find it to be so but it was gratuitous uncecessary extreme unpleasantAnd yet it was often witty When I then got to the final 2 chapters much of what had luridly been described before fell into place and became resolved and I did find those last K has to goBut go where And do what Frank Ritz has been in heat or less continuously since he could speak his own name Let him out of the house and his first instinct is to go looking for sex Deviant sex treacherous sex even conventional sex so long as it's immoderate he's never been choosy But what happens when sex is all you now and yet. ,

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