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The end I just wanted it to be verNevertheless I cannot give this writer less than 3 stars because the book fails for the same reason that it is so strong This is a marvelously insightful view n a self bsessed boy Mark and his relationship with the new boy at school Barry Mark worries about his wn sexuality especially as he IS TURNED ON BY BARRYI HAVE READ I THINK turned n by BarryI have read I think r four ther books ever with similar sexual confusion amongst the main characters and this was really the nly ne that main characters and this was really the A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) onlyne that the themes honestly and faithfully through the eyes f the teenage protaganist All the thers seemed to be romantic visions f how the authors wish they had behaved at that age This was the first book that actually read like the character really was a teenagerSo in summary this is a wonderfully perceptive work that faithfully captures the teenage mind and a snapshot f a teenager s life complete with plenty In the End of humour Thenly uestion for potential buyers is whether that is really a place you want to go Funny but the end is a bit depressing Still a good read though Very funny book Easy read easy laugh Uggh The protagonist is just so horrible It goes beyond adolescent egotism r narcissism At times I felt he was psychotic It was made worse that the story seemed to be narrated fr Found this book to be very funny at times and the author was successful at delving into the mind f a teenage boybeing a guy there were several moments where I could relate and recall my wn inhibitions fears failures and realizations at Mark s age However there were times when I felt the plot to be disjointed jumping all ver the place with no real direction and the final utcome felt abrupt pointless and as if the author had enough f writing and decided to just Ffe has managed to pull ff a worthy British companion to Portnoy's Complaint Jay RaynerObserver Well writtenclever and very. Story f a confused and sometimes cruel teenage boy in the homophobic 1980s Supposed to be Funny But I Found It but I found it sad Barry is so lovely and Mark is such a terrible friend Well written however and probably true to the sad and cruel life f many teenage boys The humor f this book is The Age of Treachery ok It reminds me writing stylf CD Payne and his Nick Twisp series However in Nick Twisp was coming ut newer the biggest theme f his books In general I do not like so much English novelists with several exeptions I do not like so much English novelists with several exeptions as terry Prachett but this book was The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy on several times uite hilarious First I have to say what I love about William Sutcliffe This is a writer who really does know how to write He can be funny and interesting and his books don t suffer for being clonesf Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite other people s work If I could write as well as this author I would be a happy and presumably richer manNevertheless after erading his absolutely wonderful Bad Influence which I really do recommend strongly I found this book a littlef a let down This book contained much Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) of the same gritty realism and insight into the young adult mind Partf the problem here was the subject matter was just too painfully realistic and reminiscent f an awkward stage f late adolescence here was the subject matter was just too painfully realistic and reminiscent When a Man Loves a Woman of an awkward stagef late adolescence language is extremely school yard which is again realistic but just fely that much stronger in print When I got to the page with the phallic drawings I was extremely embarrassed to be reading this book in a public placeI had a skim through some ther reviews before writing my wn for this book and the reviewer who gave this book 1 star claims he could not even finish it Well I did finish it but like him I found myself wondering why I was bothering The book seemed almost tediously long and it really isn t that huge By. NEW BOY is a dark modern comedy about the hormonal angst f a Jewish lad growing up in north west London's bagel belt Sutcli. Nd it That being said there were several hilarious moments where I burst ut laughing Catalogue the Insanity or blushed at scenes all too familiar from mywn teenage years It s also a very uick read It s worth a read but not something I would recommend wholeheartedly Interesting read told from the point Blessed Homecoming of viewf a precocious but sexually confused Jewish English school boy I m sure at least some Shrek of that was redundant His confiding in a friend but not taking you too seriously narrative style is consistently interesting and the story that he tells is familiar enough to be compelling while being honest andriginal enough to be entertaining The book suffered a bit from the same confusion as its protagonist The reader couldn t really tell where it was all headed and while that strung you along you were glad when it was finished but not sure if it was all worth while There is an elaborate decades party described that was the unintended highlight for me It somehow felt real than the rest f the book I somehow guessed the surprise reveal a bit before I think I was supposed to and that made the later part f the book interesting as well Overall this was not a bad first attempt I m a big fan f William as well Overall this was not a bad first attempt I m a big fan

William he s very funny making serious points and providing a gripping story Above all he s excellent at getting into the heads f characters at various stages f life here sixth form public schoolboys in all their insecure unpleasant ways A funny account f the narrator s school life and the disruption to his euilibrium by the arrival Architecture for the Shroud: Relic and Ritual in Turin of new boy Barry The narrator can t see what the reader sees and his stubborn blindness to himself and the situation leads to a conclusion that might be unsatisfactory to some but in the contextf this character is perfectly ap. Funny Literary Review Smartentertaining stuffsomewhere between Adrian Mole and Holden Caulfield Philip HensherMail n Sunda.

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