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Neko laus Neko laus #1

REVIEW Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ð Derekica Snake

At raise mages as their primary weapons They periodically come Nicky s side of the world to poach people especially children who show any signs of having latent talents to poach people especially children who show any signs of having latent talents only reason Nicky was missed in one of their sweeps when he was young was because of his other secret he comes from a place called the Wild which is an area on his planet that is not touched by the gangs because its known for its wilderness and wild tribes of people that protect it Even the Empire has trouble going into the Wild so they rarely are able to test the people who live there for any latent abilityNicky is captured by the Empire because of the stupidity and betrayal of a former loverOnce the Empire has taken Nicky into custody their deadiest and strongest mage Arthur Magnus claims him for his own In the Empire mages are bonded with latents to be used for their power Magnus pisses Nicky off right from the very beginning when he wakes up to find that not only is he already forcibly bonded but his name in the Empire has been changed to Neko laus MagnusThis story has a wonderful mix of the relationship between Nicky and Magnus and other characters Plus the worlds and backgrounds are used artfully to enrich the story without overpowering things There s really funny moments because Nicky has a great personality and a big mouth there s also very intense ones because of the situations they faceI highly suggest that everyone give it a try it s currently free When I finished v1 I couldn t wait to continueOne side note there are some typos and grammar mistakes but since its free online fiction I didn t hold it against the author. That irritates mostWhen these two meet sparks fly literallyWill their meeting be the best thing for them both and turn them into a force that will stop the Empire or will they burn each other out online fiction COMPLET. D MC but there were a lot of little uirks that brought the rating down low It rambles it yawns it can t get it s story straight it stops brought the rating down low It rambles it yawns it can t get it s story straight it stops in the middle of sentences never to finish it skips entire words in a sentence it has loads of minor errors which is lucidly indicative of no to little editing It s free and unpublished so it s not like there s no excuse but to this to little editing It s free and unpublished so it s not like there s no excuse but to this it effects the overall story This story surprised me in many ways At first the title alone kind of pushed me off because of the silliness of it For those who don t know neko is the apanese word for cat and the laus brings to my mind Santa Claus Least To Say Its An Odd Title That Might Least to say its an odd title that might many awayAnd that would be a shame because this is a gem of a find and I m surprised its not one of the titles that the author has chosen to re edit and publish In my opinion this series is far superior to her published seriesThe story introduces you to Nicholas Nicky who has become a small gang leader in a place called the Shambles which brings to mind a futuristic post war world where government is non existant and instead gangs control their areas and gang leaders are similar to tribe leaders that protect their men and their land Nicky is uniue in the fact that he s a latent which is a person who can see store and control the flow of power in the world Latents are prized for their usage in powering mage s magic so their sought after by the EmpireThe Empire is described as a technologically advanced portion of society they control a place ust called the city on Nicky s planet possibly from another world that can space travel and th. Ll cost and fight for survival every dayMagnus is the Empire's deadliest mage who goes through latents like disposable batteries Privileged and pampered by the Empire Magnus has an air of entitlement and self importance. ,
45 Stars Great story This is science fiction that reads like a Fantasy At Times Nicky Is From The at times Nicky is from the of his planet The Empire has never BEEN ABLE TO CONUER HIS PRE able to conuer his pre soci I give this book 2 stars instead of of one ust because I already read other books from this author and they were horrid no kidding So this book as terrible as it is is much better than Blood Nation In both books the author good creativity made her write a interesting situation spoiled later by her writingI learned english few years ago and I think I could write better than her And if the terrible grammar and simplistic sentences are not enought to stop you and normally not me then here for you one of the worst world and characters build ever Characters are plain and I seriously doubt that the one who gave them life ever heard about coherent behaviourIt escapes me how this many people had the guts to give this horror 4 or even 5 stars I m starting to believe that aliens really exist and take away brains and eyesSummarizing it all this book general idea isn t bad and it could have been great if a true author someone with a bit of writing skills had wrote it 35 stars Great book love the pace I m addicted to your books They are not coming fast enough I hated the name it s a pun on his nickname Neko which I coincidentally also hate with his name Nicholas which I might appreciate but I don t because it s awkward as hell to pronounce even mentally There were a lot of elements in the story that were really interesting like the magic system I always love a good magic system or the complexity of the MCs gotta love a goo. Nicky is a rare thing a latent which makes him into an unending power source for all things and people magical He came from an area called the Wild and grew up in the Shambles where he learned to hide his abilities at

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