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Surprised as I thought I d like this given I ve liked Mabey S Other Works This other works This seemed a tad too self indulgent at times and went off on a few too many "Tangents Can Nature Heal A "Can nature heal a spirit Mabey s story suggests that it can But what a long wordy journey it was And then in late May after all the false starts and unfulfilled days summer opened as if it had simply been wai. In the last year of the old millennium Richard Mabey Britain's foremost Nature Writer Fell Into writer fell into severe depression For two yearshe did little than lie in bed with his face to a wall He could neither work nor play His money ran out Worst of all the natural world which since childhood had been a source of joy and inspiration for him became meaningless Then cared for by friends he gradually recovered He fell in love Out of necessity as much as choice he moved to East Anglia And he started to write againThis remarkable book is an acco. Ell from the blowsy lace Of The Last Cow Parsley the last cow parsley the sun came up and simply parted it unfolded the life of the new day from the Wi Not Immediately But Slowly Not immediately but slowly book settled in and helped me find a gentler rhythm From tentative strolls in the "park to the remote hills and wind which blew my blues away this book helped me too find new " to the remote hills and wind which blew my blues away this book helped me too find new in a world turned grey for too lon. Ts into our human place in nature He reflects on the inherent value of all creatures; on our presumptions that mankind is superior; on the ancient morality of commonland; and above all on the role of the imagination not as a barrier between us and nature but as our best way back to it This was his 'nature cure' not a passive submission to nature but an active sensual re engagementStructured as intricately as a novel a joy to read truthful exuisite and uesting Nature Cure is a book of hope not just for individuals but for our specie.

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Creationism in Europe
Ting for the right moment And not just any old summer but what Was To Become A to become a of burnished colour and intoxicating smells that banished elegies for days like they used to be and burnt itself into Eastern England s collective memory By a stroke of luck I was up at dawn on the morning it started There was a mist hanging over the back meadow a thin milkiness that was hard to Unt of that first year of a new life It is the story of a rite of passage from sickness into health from retreat into curiosity It "Is About The Adventure Of Learning To " about the adventure of learning to againHaving left the cosseting woods of the Chiltern hills for the open flatlands of Norfolk Richard Mabey finds exhilaration in discovering a whole new landscape He writes about the changing seasons in prose so exact and so beautiful that every sentence delights the readerBut Nature Cure is also alarger story In finding his own niche Richard Mabey gained insigh. ,
Nature Cure

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