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Her contemporary works I had to freuently refer to THE COVER TO VERIFY WHICH BOOK I WAS READING cover to verify which book I was reading this tripe by Perez is so common in contemporary fiction Do contemporary authors share a common brain Avoid this book ven if you have a chance to read it without charge The first third or so of this book had me thinking it would be a 5 star read The premise is interesting with the decline of the newspaper business small town politics and a vigilante killer I liked Alex s character and was with him in his uest for answers town politics and a vigilante killer I liked Alex s character and was with him in his uest for answers least that s how I felt at the start Then things started to unravel and severely stretched credibility Apparently Spinal Trauma every cop in the townither hates Alex and wants to see him suffer or is completely inept Or both Alex becomes some sort of superhero able to survive and conuer most anything He seems to be the only person able to put the pieces together and no one wants to believe he s onto something He needs to do the cops job as well as his own in order to save the world That s how the second half felt to me I had To Force Myself To force myself to reading and to stop rolling my Shadow (New Species, eyesAnother issue I had with this book is a stylistic choice of the author Perez writes in the traditional third person past tense for most of the book but the killer s parts are written in first person present tense I am not a fan of the switch in tenses In general I do not like first person present tense and I find the switch in tenses throughout a story jolting It can feel like two completely different stories when done this wayOverall while the plot is interesting and the writing itself is good I found the story and characters stretched credibility to the point of fantasy Mourn the Living the second book in author Henry Perez s series featuring newspaper reporter Alex Chapa finds Alex juggling several complicated issues dealing with both the living and the deadRecently divorced Alex s vacation with his visiting young daughter is inte. Now reporter Alex Chapa is tracking the story following the lead of a murdered colleague and getting dangerously close to the mostlusive serial killer in decadesAnd Kill You When the next victim surfaces bearing the unmistakable calling card Alex realiz. ,

Another good mystery marred for me by a somewhat stupid protagonist finishedvery good book i njoyed reading it so muchand the style is greati LOVE the way he writesi cannot wait to read another by henry perez he will be around for a whileDAVID This was a very good book I must admit the storyline kept surprising me I started out thinking I wouldn t like the book but as I kept reading I liked it and I liked the plot as it had a few unexpected twists and left me wanting to read This book has a character I can like and root for someone not Perfect But Not So Flawed As To but not so flawed as to implausible in the story There s nough to grab your attention action wise and it keeps you guessing all the way through A serial killer has been on the loose for years moving from city to city but now journalist Alex Chapa is tracking the story after the murder of a colleague At the same time he is trying to manage the complications of his personal life which include his 10 year old daughter visiting from Boston and his relationship with a new girlfriend For me the story fell flat with characters I never felt I knew and a plot the story fell flat with characters I never felt I knew and a plot strained credibility A pretty The Gathering (Darkness Rising, engrossing thriller with a very human hero and all in all I reallynjoyed this read The dialogue was smart the protagonist s personality was well drawn and although I liked him I could asily see why so many of his associates did not I was absolutely sure that I knew who the bad guy would be but I was wrong The story never dragged without some new twist or turn popping up to snap The Reader To Attention reader to attention would definitely like to read other books by this author Mourn the readers of this xercise in banality Is it a reflection of society when simple uninspiring literature like this gets published I regret that I couldn t rate it lower than 1 A monkey with a pencil in its teeth could write a appealing piece Plot structure and characters are all simple amalgams that Perez cut and pasted from ot. Wherever You Live From city to city one man walks the streets carefully choosing his victims Mercilessly he cuts their throats And with Chastity each kill he leaves his chilling trademark honed to razor sharp perfection over decades of practice He'll Find You But. Rrupted when he is called by hisditor and informed that the paper s lead reporter Jim Chakowski has been killed in an xplosion at his homeThough written off by the police and fire departments as an accident caused by A Gas Leak And Faulty Wiring Alex gas leak and faulty wiring Alex poking around causes him to believe it was not an accident at all It turns out Chakowski had been investigating a series of seemingly unrelated murders strung out over numerous years in several different citiesAs Alex picks up the investigation it becomes apparent not only were the previous murders
related but that 
but that killer has made Alex s city his newest hunting ground Before he knows it Alex is doing than chasing a story he s chasing a killer one who s also chasing himAs author Henry Perez noted in his guest blog on Monday Alex is very much a flawed character His obsession with his job was the major factor in his marriage s collapse he doesn t spend nough time with his daughter his temper tends to get him in trouble with both his Die Neurobiologie des Glücks editor and the police and his new relationship is on the verge of going the way of his marriage for the same reasonsYet it s precisely those things that make Alex so believable Perez has created in Alex Chapa a series lead who the average reader can actually imagine knowing orven see in themselves Add to that wonderfully rich supporting characters race against the clock plots and Perez s insider s knowledge of the workings of the newspaper industry and you ve got a must read new insider s knowledge of the workings of the newspaper industry and you ve got a must read new fiction series So many villainsPerez is so much than just a good storyteller I am left feeling admiration for the hero without knowing how much I like him yet I love a story that leaves me satisfied with the resolution while I continue to imagine how the characters may develop in the future The only criticism I have is that Erin and Mike are too perfect Please let that little boy do some normal misbehaving sometimes so he doesn t grow up to be a serial killer. Es no one is safe from this psychopath's murderous rage For the killer has set his sights on Alex and those he loves and only their blood will satisfy himPraise for Henry Perez A riveting thriller Killing Red demands to be read in one sitting James Rollin.

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Mourn The Living
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