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L is not lost A lot of delicious cakes bowls of ice cream and will be adorned with the 9 pints of strawberry and crepes will be adorned with the pints of strawberry syrup we created Note that Ferber does not include any detailed instructions on how to process the jars of jam for storage so if you re new to canning you ll need some standard how to canning books in addition to her cookbook We found that processing jams from Mes Confitures at 10 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure after the canner had been mptied of Lawman Lover (Outlaws, excess air 10 minutes of boiling with the lid on and locked and brought up to pressure did the trick This is a brilliant book There isn t a lot of context on jam making or getting to know the author through her personal history And the recipes take time to make usually reuiring an investment of two or three days But the results are beyond compare Thessence of the fruit condenses down into the clearest truest flavorsSo far I ve made Strawberries with Mint and Black Pepper the basic Apricot recipe and the Raspberry and Vineyard Peach with Cardamom although I used Texas Hill Country peaches rather than the fleetingly seasonal French p che de vigne And I intend to work my way through the rest of the recipes which are organized by seasonI like that City Girl in Training each batch makes 4 5 half pints rather than much larger uantities that can be cumbersome to storeA wonderful treasure of a book Very pretty cookbook with some interesting sounding recipes I cannot wait to try her Carrot and Cinnamon preserves love the vanilla fig jam in this bookdelicious. Er secrets identifying the proper tools anduipment for foolproof Mystery at Kittiwake Bay exciting and unusual creations     Ferber’s use of locally grownxtraordinary ingredients most of which are accessible in farmers’ markets gourmet foodshops or by mail order makes for Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files exuisite jams that are far interesting than theveryday Ferber’s jams are artisanal in their reliance on seasonal fruits traditional techniues and their mphasis on simplicity and freshnes. ,
Great new twists to recipes Incredibly inspiring 35 stars Some really tasty looking recipes that I can t wait to try and some recipes that ask for some produce that would be difficult to procure There are ven a few beer jellies that I really am looking forward to attempting to make A really beautiful book with recipes that seem straight forward after doing the necessary prep work ahead of time I got the few tools that seem straight forward after doing the necessary prep work ahead of time I got the few tools was lacking and hope to make my first batch of marmelade next week A great gift for a jam nthusiast Beautiful Unusual Recipes Using Green Apple recipes using green apple so that you don t have to by commercial pectin But 1 not really any instructions On How To Can These Jams So If You Re how to can these jams so if you re beginner you will need to look on line at the USDA web site for those instructions2 no xplanation as to how or why she came up with these flavor combos and 3 uite a few of the recipes are variations of the same basic recipe so it can get a bit boring to read the book after a while but it is still a great resource This book is full of recipes you can t complain for a lack of ideas and the ones I ve made so far are delicious However if you re looking for instruction or some reasoning behind the recipes themselves you won t find much here I find myself constantly asking how to do something or why to do it the way prescribed and there is basically no discussion on these points As another reviewer pointed out you really need to already know something about canning to make any of these recipes work This book is cer. Chefs throughout the world have long prized the rare and delicious creations of France’s Christine Ferber an internationally known master patissière who has worked with culinary luminaries Alain Ducasse the Troisgros family and Antoine Westermann For the first time English language audiences have access to her artistry with the publication of the French bestseller Mes Confitures The Jams and Jellies of Christine Ferber Written in a clearaccessi.

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Tainly valuable but shouldn t be your first book about jams unless you re very resourceful and don t mind turning to the internet for your how s and why s Christine Ferber is a jam aficionado from France whose creations are distributed in small
via the finest hotels shops restaurants across Europe bringing in over 2 million dollars a year in profit From jam Priced typically at 10 uros or for a jar her preserves are uite year in profit From jam Priced typically at 10 uros or for a jar her preserves are uite luxury and highly regarded in culinary circles Fortunately she s released a cookbook Mes Confitures that details her recipes and techniues so that we can affordably Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code enjoy her jams without having to purchase them retail No pectin powders here Every jam takes two to three days to make withach recipe calling for the fruit to be cooked down multiple times to create a thick jam consistency Earlier this month we held our first annual canning party and we prepared a couple of jams from Ferber s book Some of them set the honey rhubarb rosemary is amazing as is the carrot cardamom but unfortunately the largest batch of strawberry that we attempted did not reach jam thickness because I tried to shortcut the method when pressed for time macerating the strawberries for a much shorter time than called for and only draining and boiling the syrup once This resulted in strawberries going into the final jam that were much watery than they should have been preventing the jam from setting properly Luckily we Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, enjoy strawberries in syrup just as much as wenjoy strawberry jam so al. Ble style Mes Confitures brings hand made jams to life for home cooks and professional chefs alike     In Mes Confitures Ferber opens her personal recipe book sharing such treasures as Black Cherry with Pinot Noir Apricot and Spiced Apple and Rosehip and Vanilla Organized seasonally uncommon recipes like Rhubarb with Acacia Honey and Rosemary or Banana Orange and Chocolate jams raise the craft of confiture to a new level Ferber also divulges Mes Confitures The Jams and Jellies of Christine Ferber

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