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Meeting Across the River Stories Inspired by the Haunting Bruce Springsteen SongGood Book of short stories all with similar characters but different roles in each Very haunting indeed Springsteen has always noted that he s uite fond of the in my opinion uintessential Amerian author Steinbeck For fans of Springsteen and Steinbeck the gritty storytelling style which finds beauty in everyday acts of desire courage and fear of this book make it a welcome extension to works of both As much as I love Springsteen this short story collection was very disappointing Lots of half baked lots and stale Unconvincing First Person Narratives first erson narratives wasn t able to finish it Every character introduction Eddie Cherry and every lot device borrowed from the song2000 the car disrupted these stories like the words were highlighted florescent The Meeting Across the River lyrics like many of Bruce s "Songs Are Caught In A Moment Of "are caught in a moment of transition where everything could go right or wrong but the only way is forward To see so many of these stories end in failure for the main character is desensitizing after reading than 10 to the oint that the Spellbound protagonists of different authors beco. Bruce Springsteen's melancholy Meeting Across the River a song rarelyerformed bu. writing fan fiction I just am not into short stories I guess If you are so hung up on literal translations of the Springsteen song this book is a uick fun read Many are imaginative riffs on the solitary subject The story I really enjoyed was Meeting Across The River Styx A retty uniue take on the song and an excellent read The whole book was a kick so far not so good the first story was absolutely LAME the second story was okay and the third story retty meaningless hopefully it gets better i had alot of hope for this book when i first discovered itthis really shouldnt be on the so bad i didnt finish shelf but it is mostly becuase it was bad and i didnt finish it i may finish it in the future or i may just completely forget about it most likely the latterthere were some okay stories in this book but mostly they were very lackluster and completely not the style of thing i like to read I read. T beloved by his countless fans serves as the inspiration for this eclectic mix of.

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It Stripes of Gehenna primarily because an author I really like Eddie Muller contributed one of the stories His story was my favorite but the whole book was a fun read This has always been one of my favorite Springsteen songs As with most anthologies the stories were a little uneven There are some great ones What a song Surprisingly good collection of short stories all with loose tie ins to the 1975 Bruce Springsteen song Meeting Across the River Plots are varied settings but usually include Eddie Cherry and rivers to cross sometimes theawned radio is mentioned and usually the lots result in things not going "Uite As Planned Just As "as lanned just as imagines the song would end if it continued Excellent multiple narrators throughout This is a compilation of stories based on Springsteen s song Meeting Across the River I liked that the audiobook had multiple narrators I was surprised at how many stories there were and did get bored with them after awhile There was one story out of all of them that really stood out for me It s on disc 1 in the beginning of the book I will not spoil it but it was especially creativ. Short stories written by an array of acclaimed authorsMeeting Across the River fr.

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