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Golde Once again ou find ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 yourself rooting An wanting Bishop an Anja end up togetherBishop An his on again off again lovehate makes the reader want smack an shake himAnja once again finds herself becoming the target of someones rage an revenge Poor new vamp she can t catch a breakNow RobI can t figure his egnima butt out There is a story thereJakob his sexy old vampire self has some serious secrets that stay secretsI know book three he wont be accommodating nor as patient I really look forward to the next bookGREAT SERIES The plot is a bit weak and I gotta sayI like Jacob than I like Bishop Bishop just doesn t have much appeal he just seems weak and his back and forth feels like a plot device than an emotional pull and it s wearing The books aren t expensive so I ll try the next one as the world is interesting and some of the characters are interesting even if Bishop is kind of a bore I jumped into this the second book in the series without any doubt I instantly finished reading book 1 and found myself one clicking my way to the next one simply because I HAD to know what happen next with Anja and Bishop Jakob and the rest of the cast For a second book in a series this one was pretty awesome It had all the right elements the plot got richer we got to know the characters better and were introduced to new ones there s a mystery around our girl someone is trying to harm her theres drama action guns blood but what didn t allow me to give this book a five star rating was two things 1 the hot and cold rollercoaster love ride anja and Bishop seem to be stuck in I meanwillou please make up our freaking mind and 2 the way the author played Jakob as the other part in this triangle love affair I felt he deserved a better antagonistic role Let me add I am not going to jump into book 3 as uickly as I did beforesorry Bishop The first book had a few slow moments but there was some pretty good potential Unfortunately this second book became a snooze fest for me It was such a slow moving book with areas that were simply unnecessaryI saw one review on that said watching paint dry was faster and I have to agree This writer and her style is just not for me I won t be reading any future installments of this I prefer less extra wording and a faster moving pace with page turners The only reason I turned the page for this was in hopes it would be THE END SPOILER ALERT The premise of this book was to figure out who was trying to kill Anja or d0 harm to her in some way Yet the bulk of the book wasn t even about that and when it finally came back to it they literally caught the villain and had dispensed with them in a matter of what seemed like a few pages As dispensed with them in a matter of what seemed like a few pages As as reading about Anja placing her blood in the microwave smhJust reading about Anja placing her blood in the microwave smhJust up the book for me There are just SO MANY WAY BETTER books out there not wasting my time on this series ever again Even if it becomes free This is the second book in the Forged Bloodlines series This one picks. N from the police and the vampire community alike and now she’s got a stalker making her life difficult at every turn At her side is darkly intense Bishop but how long will their happiness last once her absent Sire reappears To complicate things it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep up the façade Sometimes Anja s life seems like ONE CRINGE WORTHY NIGHT OUT LIKE cringe worthy night out like ou lose With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) your phone fall off the sidewalk and fart in between songs at the bar When allou want is for the guy ou like to notice our existence and NOT just because of the aforementioned noisy fart at the barAnja and I had a rough relationship in book 1 by book 2 we found ourselves in a cozy headlock Okay I m mostly joking I really warmed up to Anja in Meet Me I was rooting

For Her To Win 
her to win get her well deserved night out where everything goes rightBishop even proves to have stand up intentions becoming emotionally available Not completely but it s a start It was painful to live through Anja s back to back rejections In this second installment the reader is given hope that Bishop is than a bag of unmentionable phalluses waiting to pick a fight He still isn t my favorite but the tender moments and candid talks pave the way for something resembling a relationship There is hope for Bishop Anja s maker Jakob remains mysterious and intriguing waiting in the wings My favorite for now though I have a feeling he has a darker side than we ve been shownWhile Anja s social climb in the vampiric underworld was a positive development my one real gripe would have to be the scene when her parents show up in the dean s office to tell her just how worried they are about her waning grades and attendance Not to mention how upset they would be if they knew just how much blood she was drinking or how often she got someone killed In reality no matter who is paying for one s college courses no one and I mean NO ONE will be given access to our records Believe me my friend s parents once tried it You don t make it past the secretary at the front desk Overall the storyline flowed well and leaves readers geared up for an adventure in book 3 which I will be reading as soon as I finish a few projects of my own My feelings toward Anja started out a bit rocky but I ve grown to like her inuisitive and at times naive nature Maybe she embodies that inner voice in all of us The one that makes us second guess ourselves even as we refuse to give up After reading Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down my feelings were a little ambivalent So I decided to read book twoMeet Me When the Sun Goes Down before making up my mind on whether or not to continue on with the series I will admit there are several things about book two that I loved but there are also a few things I struggled with as wellAnja is being held in high esteem by all the vamps at the bar because they believe she killed Kursik She is not about to tell anyone anything differen Book 2 just starts rolling where book 1 left offEveryone thinks Anja is one bad ass girl since They Think She Killed Kursik Of Course Anja Seems To think she killed Kursik Of course Anja seems to danger and this time someone is out to get her or at least all her clothingbeing a poor college student Anja had to sell her collectable Captain America doll for some fast cash Meet Jakob gorgeous hunk with. “Do ou ever wish Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah you could take something back the instantou say it One moment Bishop and I were kissing under the moonlight and then I had to go and open my big fat mouth”The bodycount rises in the next chapter of Anja’s afterlife and not in a good way Anja finds herself attracting a lot of attentio.

free download Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down Forged Bloodlines #2

Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down Forged Bloodlines #2

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