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Match Penalty (Utah Fury Hockey Book 2)Rved Lovely fall between the two of them and Erik becoming the man Madeline deserved needed and he needed to finally become Loved the hockey family becoming a real coupleThere was a couple living together and the H was definitely a player before the novel starts for those of you seeking a truly clean read this might offend you Love this series Can t wait for the next one Great book Loved the first one I didn t like Erik in book one but you can t help but to love him by the end of this book Love her character development If it *s right it happen in a week or a year *right can happen in a week or a year can t be measured in time it just is Two people one never having been in a relationship the other. The alluring bad boy from her dads team can tempt herErik Shultz is a player He nows it the team nows it the public loves it He can get any woman he wants and usually does until he meets Madeline Shes the first woman who can resist his charms Shes also off limits which makes her oh so tempting Erik can see shes miserable with her boring sui. Loved this book I love hockey romance this author was new me but she didn t disappoint I already love the she s starting to build the team family with I can t wait characters she s starting to build the team family with I can t wait read books in the series Series but stand alone read Romance cleanThis was a fun read Cute light romance told from alternating points of view Erik s story is the second in this series and was interesting to see how he and Madeline came together Loved the backstory and hockey setting Madeline s fiance that was not attentive and was really not loyal or devoted to her made for a sad conflict within the story but perfect for Erik to finally step up and be the ind of boyfriend that Madeline dese. He lives to shock and entertain and shes perfectly content with her predictable life But when they meet sparks fly Madeline Romney swore off players after one heartbreak too *MANY SHE PREFERS THE SAFETY AND STABILITY OF HER *She prefers the safety and stability of her politician boyfriend even if he is growing distant Nothing will alter her plans for the perfect future not even.

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