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One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic gAfter reading a few top reviews of this book I decided to add my own thoughts to this polemical collection hoping that it would be beneficial to someone The book is about male problems The mere fact that the purpose of this book comes as a surprise to a whole lot of people admittedly even offensive to the agenda of a few indicates how it has been overlooked in our society The book covers issues relating to sex relationships the effects of playing videoames and a few topics that the authors believe has led to the current withdrawal of some of the youth from the society Of course it does not imply all men will have all of these issues that is rarely a result of any psychological study The authors have identified some of the factors that they believe contribute the most to the current downfall trajectory of men and they offer their best psychological explanation to the situation As a The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City guy I could relate to a plenty of the observations they have made and I utterly enjoyed reading the comments of a Psychology expert Reading this book is recommended to people who do not carry a strong sense of self righteousness If you think you might be wrong about a few things I m sure you d enjoy learning about a different perspective This book s premise is that men and boys are in trouble This is a fairly controversial claim particularly among feminists who demand allender based sympathy be directed toward women They ve been very successful at this maybe too successful Women have increasingly outnumbered men in college for years and the trend has yet to abate I m The Holy Grail going to call it this is the most important book of the decade even though it may be another 5 years before everyone catches up to Zimbardo and Coulombe and figures that out Men are failing across the board boys have no decent male role models and there s no male euivalent of the feminist movement to help them along Anyone in education or raising children should read this and libraries should add it to their collections I picked up this book with skepticism about how much of a meninist stance it might take concerning the difficulties of young men in society For starters this may be petty but the title rubbed me the wrong way it s clearly a reference to Girl Interrupted but they chose to use Man instead even though they are talking about young men ie boys I mlad to report that this book is not meninist much but it still has its problems I am incredulous at the sexist notions the authors perpetuate seemingly without irony for example in chapter twelve there is an actual subsection titled Why Buy the Cow When You Can Have the Milk Free in which they uote one young man from their survey as saying Men are as British Jihadism good as their women reuire them to be from which the authors conclude that easy access to sex affects men s motivation to achieve other lifeoals How utterly offensive to both sexes not only is it a breathtaking example of academically couched slut shaming but it also implies that men are basically led around by their dick and can do no better unless rewarded by women with sex Or when the authors dismiss the pay ap between men and women as deceptive because it is notmen and women doing the same work completely ignoring that the reason female dominated fields like teaching pay so much less is precisely because women s work is less valuable in a sexist society For example in Russia where women dominate the medical field doctors make far less than they do in America where the field is dominated by men And I don t even know what to say about chapter thirteen The Rise of Women I am similarly speechless at the authors assertion that affirmative consent rules on campus put young men in the position of parent he is still expected to take all the initiative and therefore take all on all of the responsibility and young women in the position of child she shares none of the women in the position of child she shares none of the of initiation or responsibility and therefore has no accountability as well as their baffling assertion that in cases of sexual assault men are seen as uilty until proven innocent yet there are zero conseuences for false accusers There are many examples throughout the book of the authors conflating power and privilege and making claims that men s lack of power in some areas means that their privileges as men are moot too many to list here The truth which the authors seem unwilling to admit is that women are still hugely disadvantaged in our culture It s the same reason that reverse racism isn t real just as black disadvantaged in our culture It s the same reason that reverse racism isn t real just as black have centuries of being held back and oppressed to overcome in order to be on eual footing with white people so too will women be a long time overcoming the sexism that has held them back and erased their contributions throughout history Instead of recognizing this the authors accuse women of wanting to have eual opportunity without eual responsibility to have it all when in reality women are pressured to be it all they have to be beautiful and sexy while also having a career and raising a family and if they eschew any of that or fail to do any of it perfectly they are criticized harshly for it I am also wholly unconvinced of the book s major premise that the reason young men are in the authors words shy socially awkward emotionally removed and risk adverseunable and unwilling to navigate the complexities and risks inherent to real life relationships school and employment is mainly because of too much screen time particularly with video ames and online porn It s not that I don t think that and online porn It s not that I don t think that ame andor porn addiction are a problem but I think the authors ive them far too much credit Addiction is almost always a function of the addicted attempting to fixself medicate some other underlying problem in their lives and no matter how many. Young men are failing as never before academically socially and sexually But why is this so What are the implications And what needs to be done about it before it's too latePhilip Zimbardo and co writer Nikita Coulombe examine the modern meltdown of manhood and how this is manifest in the lives of young men today They consider such factors as absent fathers and legislation favour. .

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Man DisconnectedE with but mostly it misses the point We can t et men and women to be eual by pretending that they aren t eually capable of controlling themselves and of striving for excellence in whatever arena they find meaningful and fulfilling What needs to change is the idea that men have to uard their masculinity above all else to the detriment of their humanity as well as the idea that this is somehow not a feminist concern An infamous psychologist attempts to regain his dignity with this novel by making wildly alarmist claims about Western society primarily based on one online uestionnaire You know because the Internet is notorious for being entirely honestThird time s a charm Zimbardo In Man Dis Connected the eminent psychologist Philip Zimbardo trains his clinical eye about what it means to be a man in the early 21st century Young men can find out about sex through the internet in ever explicit ways they can fight false wars on a computer screen and see and horror exploding in the news They are falling behind their female classmates both academically and socially whilst ever increasing unemployment has meant that fewer can find work in many of the older masculine work places that their fathers and randfathers took for Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow granted Computers are taking away their need to leave the house whilst the increase in onlineambling is causing problemsZimbardo posits many reasons for this The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid general malaise from absentee fathers thelamourisation of drugs and crime to a Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys general disillusionment with schools low paid low level jobs and a largely unfair and indifferent societyMuch like he did with The Lucifer Effect Zimbardo s previous controversial and abandoned project where volunteers took on the roles of prisoners anduards he examines the problem from both sides Seeing it as a world wide problem rather than one confined to one country or one Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, generation he posits that the way to improvements can be found in a multi pronged attack where theovernment media and local community can play a large partHowever there is very little historical context within the book and during the industrial revolution the two world wars even the market street crash of 1929 young men would have found themselves facing similar issues it is just that they are spoken of and studied these days particular with our ever increasing reliance on computersThe book is written in highly intelligent but accessible language Readers do not need to have three degrees in psychology to Life Changing Smiles get the point and there is a lot to learn from this book The work of Zimbardo and his research scientist Nikita S Coulombe is both vital and timely with much to think about not only for thiseneration but for the next one and the one after that Only Zimbardo can write in a way to piss off both feminists and Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, gamers alike in a world of snowflakes everyone is offended judging from the reviews of the book I read before beginning reading it It seems that the vast majority of those writing bad reviews neverot to the conclusive part which is explaining rather well what should be done in this world regarding Only a Whisper growing boys It is hard to understand the incredible hate in the comments about a book that is rather peaceful which is trying to find solutions to a problemI think the book is in a must read list for everyone raising boys these days and points out to serious problemsoing on around them There is definitively a need to address the issues mentioned by the authors Clearly the fact that Zimbardo is uite old and thus conservative can be felt in his style of writing but it is a natural Copper Lake Secrets generationsap and should be treated accordingly The fact that the authors analysed and explained these issues is Brooklyn's Song great in a world where any book about males problems is becoming a danger to feminists and useful because it isiving advices how to correctly tackle the issues listedAn interesting book that is definitively worth your time I HATED this book Sure he had some ood observations about boys wasting their lives on the internet and the harmful effect He enjoyed his research on porn just a bit too much The one lines about Porn I agree with is Why is taking your clothes off the only way for a woman to publicly communicate self acceptance When we insist every woman is beautiful and encourage them to show skin as a form of empowerment we not only place even emphasis on physical appearance we devalue it This hit the spot with me especially as I have been talking with younger woman who have been telling me spot with me especially as I have been talking with younger woman
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have been telling is empowering to post nude photos YAWN But really why is it so hard for woman to use their brains to be empoweredThe authors sexism also rings out loud and clear So much so that I had to write comments in the columns as a way of disputing what he said He places much of men s decline in society with women s success and riseI kept checking his credentials which continue to surprise me but maybe since he is an older man I should not beAll in all his views were appalling Man Disconnected How Technology Has Sabotaged What it Means to be Male 2015 by Philip Zimbardo and Nikita D Coulombe is a clear eyed appraisal of modern masculinity and how technology is accelerating the decline of men The book follows four years after a short but provoking TED talk delivered by Zimbardo in 2011 His message to the psychology community and beyond then was simply this hooked on a cocktail of porn video ames and prescrip Had to dismiss this book after I discovered how ridiculous Zimbardo s or possibly his co writer s views on the role of women are Spoiler if women stopped reading Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue and started reading Forbes and The Economist instead women would be earning as much as men if not So technically I haven t read this book but I ve read as much as I m Plain Jane The Hotshot going to. Ying havoc with these boys' cognitive development their ability to concentrate and their social development allowingirls to excel in the real world where social skills are a source of successBy illuminating the symptoms and causes of these Family of Her Dreams gloomy trends Zimbardo and Coulombe shed light on how we arrived at this state of affairs and most significantly what the solutions might be. Anecdotes the authors can trot out about totally socially normal young men who found themselves becoming addicted to videoames or porn and losing their formerly robust ability to interact socially with others I still think for the most part this is not the huge problem the authors make it out to be There is a lot of hand wringing and head shaking by the authors over the effects of video Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed games and porn on young men s minds without a lot of solid evidence to prove this is warranted for example at the end of chapter eleven the authors make a dire warning about kids becoming detached and losing the ability to empathize in their future lives especially as drone technology presents itself as a deadly real world extension ofaming technology But this particular concern has already been demonstrated to be a false one drone specialists who are responsible for remote bombings in the military experience the exact same level of post traumatic stress over their work as pilots in the air who drop bombs although drone operators Girls Night Out get much less recognition and help with their stress As for porn warping men s minds there could be a scientific case for this but the case the authors actually make is far from a scientific one In fact I m not all that convinced that the real problem with young men is at all how the authors have framed it in this book The authors attempt to emphasize the differences between men and women repeatedly and draw the conclusion that men in many ways are worse off now but they hardly acknowledge that the sexism that affects men is the exact same sexism that has oppressed women for much of our history The reason many men feel trapped by a narrow definition of masculinity one that prevents them from displaying emotion or embracing their feminine nurturing side is the sexist culture that creates that narrow definition and attempts to maintain it by punishing men who try to step outside of those boundaries and their punishment is rooted deeply in misogyny If a man who chooses a traditionally female dominated career or role is seen as less of a man and this is a punishment then it follows logically that being associated with the feminine taints men and robs them of masculinity In other words it robs them of power and privilege which women are locked out of from the very start The message is You better act like a man or else we ll treat you like a woman which is the worst thing that can happen to youI think this is the real reason men are struggling to find their place in the modern world after all if the worst thing you can be is a woman then women had all the incentive they could possibly need to try to break out of their socially prescribed sexist roles and claim new ones that were heretofore reserved for men But for any man who wants to break out of the narrow sexist roles deemed appropriate for him there is everything to lose if you look at it the way our sexist culture hasroomed us all to see things from birth There are other social problems the authors blame for young men being adrift such as over reliance on illegalprescription drugs a lack of male role models in their early lives and failing schools and I believe there is truth to these observations However the authors provide very little in the way of actual evidence beyond anecdotes from those they surveyed and uotes from pop science news and magazine articles This isn t to say that young men aren t struggling but the problems young men face could easily be framed as problems that young women are also facing and there are probably plenty of anecdotes you could find to back that up too There is a whole lot of correlation pointed to here and assumed to be causation and they basically admit in the introduction that they felt men were struggling and went out to search for evidence proving why rather than to search for evidence that they are actually struggling in the way they claim What s worse their conclusions are deeply rooted in heteronormative ways of thinking and privilege traditional heterosexual marriage as the best way for men and women to live and for children to be raised They assume that people losing interest in traditional heterosexual coupling and marriage must necessarily Be A Bad Thing a bad thing the overpopulation of the world imply that homosexual couples can t raise a child properly and completely erase asexual and aromantic people from the euation Finally the solutions proposed by the authors to the young men problem that they have identified are also problematic as well as lack luster The male author Phil Zimbardo nostalgically references his personal history with sports in his youth and recommends that all young men Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) get involved in sports in order to learn leadership and teamwork as if this is the only appropriate way for boys to learn these skills Couldn t they learn them in debate club or maybe in a competitive cooperative boardaming club I suppose the authors want to encourage outdoor exercise but video Into the Wild (The McGraws, games like Pokemon Go include this as an element also incentivized through theameplay Their recommendations for overnment change seem commonsensical but in this age where Congress can t even pass legislation that has strong bipartisan support you may as well recommend we wave a magic wand to solve these problems And their recommendation for women to stop practicing no strings attached sex not only smacks of slut shaming again but
Also Promotes The Idea 
promotes the idea sex is A Transaction That Men transaction that men from women through their behavior and their attributes not only a ridiculous idea but an incredibly harmful and dangerous one TL DR This book is a very narrow minded heteronormatively skewed analysis of the difficulties facing young men and women in the modern world There are some things I agre. Ing women which contribute to many men lacking social skills and direction in their lives Most controversially Zimbardo argues that readily available hardcore pornography and exciting aming realities provide digital alternatives that are less demanding and far appealing for many than sex sports and social interaction in the real world Immersion in these alternative realms is pla. .

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