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Better than the first two in the series this one sees our main character travel to France on a protection mission With another secret vampire power revealed the baddies get bashed the goodies get kissed and we again see The Softer Side Of These Mammoth Males softer side of these mammoth males did njoy this story than the first two although I didn t like reading about Rune being used again ven understanding that this was for the development of Rune as a character for a future story Nx Okay I know alot of other people did not like this series Howeever "In My Opinion I "my opinion I they are completely crazy Yeah these aren t the best books you can pick up but you don t read these types of books with the highest of xpectations anyway With that said though In my opinion the writing is good yes there can be improvements but it s still good there are some be improvements but it s still good there are some characters and the storylines though can at time be annoying still succed in grabbing your attention I totally recomend this one to anyone Wow This is soooo much better than the two books previous in the series I would give a 45 so rounding it up to 5 I love Yuri and Dominic I loved that Yuri came in to do a job and his affair with Dominic didn t cause him to loose focus Love for Imperfect Things even with as tumultuous as it got You got to see Yuri in action out of the bedroom kicking Zakasacs butt as well as action in the bedroom OMG I never thought I would find that much hair on a man attractive You have to read it to find out what I mean Great story all around This was another great addition to the Warrior Camp series Yet details about the vampires and their councils are revealed and the two pairs from book one and two reappear brieflyThe main focus this time around is on the big bad warrior Yuri He is sent to guard the French vampire king Dominic Life threatening situations court intrigue and hot sexnsue Both characters had their flaws and I loved seeing them come togetherEven though the story didn t uite make it to 4 stars for me I think this is the best book in the series I look forward to the next one typical joyee flynn serial romance nothing fantastic nothing so bad it can t be finished. As a warrior of his race Yuri Stanalovic has spent centuries always completing any assignment as xpected regardless of his needs or feelings So when tasked with a mission reuiring his uniue gift Yuri immediately accepts and heads out to France The Grand Duc Dominic

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T is my opinion that the action Helps Move The Book Along And Is move the book along And Is Secondary To is not secondary to love scenes There are several different types of sex scenes in this book from rough voyeuristic ncounters to tender lovemaking All are amazingly detailed which makes sense with this particular author I am giving this book four cherries only because I am comparing it to her other works Love s Denial is a fast paced intensely Taking Instruction (Taboo, erotic book that will get your heart pumping This is a must read for any MMnthusiast but I do recommend reading the first two in the series before indulging in this book I ll close with my favorite uote from the book I m not an Language and Linguistics easy manbut I promise to give youvery part of me if you ll keep my heart safe Originally posted at Not that good Needs working It is too short Sure it was a rather light read but there are some dialoues not to be diminished Only uote a little here Do you think I did the right thingI do and not just because Matteo s my friend I let him go and ran my hands through my hair I also wanted to check that Dominic was listening to this next part Our parents are only vampires they re not gods They aren t infallible or always right We learn from them we love them but in the Divertimento end we are our own men In thend can you look them but in the Love Is a Fairy Tale end we are our own men In thend can you look in the mirror very morning and be proud of the man you are after testifying against your father Freebie at right now 25 stars Typically oversexed cheesy dialogue and amateurish writing for this book However I love the bigger alpha male and much smaller and submissive mate What I hate is when the small mate goes from an adult in this case a King to a raging hormonal teen Complete with giggling whining crying and temper tantrums It s pathetic I would just once like to see a grown up relationship where there isn t any crying unless something really tragic happens Where someone doesn t whisper snicker or sneer unless the character or situation really calls for it Where a stupid misunderstanding didn t ualify for character conflict Where sex didn t occur at inappropriate moments and where intimacy and sex aren t confused for being the same thing. Stens to the council of his parents' advisors But their influence forces Dominic to lose parts of himself When Yuri discovers the life of the Grand Duc is in his hands he wants nothing than to keep Dominic safe But can love prevail when it has been denied for a lifeti.

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Loves Denial Warrior Camp #3What is joyee flynn imagine A SHORTER HARLEUIN ROMANCE BUT WITH shorter harleuin romance but with ta see i was going to write no surprise pregnancies but yeah out of sheer laziness i will be using this as my template for all books by joyee flynnsunny daylynn hagenstormy glennscarlett hyacinthcarol lynnegabrielle vansunless otherwise noted i d apologize but i m not sorry i figure it s about as much time as they put into their books dammit well i made it all the way to the Bangkok Wakes to Rain end being rather moderate in my assessment that s a win There s just not a whole lot to do sexually that Joyee Flynn does not have in this book The scenes are smoking hot so if younjoy adventurous rendezvous this book will not disappoint Love s Denial is the third in the Warrior Camp series of books The book is full of sex god level vampires What I like most about Ms Flynn s books is that they include characters from her previous books If you fall in love with the couple or group in the first book you don t have to say goodbye as their happily ver after continues Yuri is the first to be introduced in this tale While he s the typical alpha male his longing for something than one night stands is obvious Dominiue is a complicated submissive since he s royalty and totally in the closet The MM genre of books is overflowing with characters who follow the pattern of dominant masculine male meets submissive sensitive almost damsel in distress male Joyee Flynn is fantastic about blurring these lines by creating realistic developed personalities who are both dominant and sensitive submissive and masculine Attention to detail is paramount in importance to me as it lends legitimacy to any story This is Joyee Flynn s strong suit You ll find that she xplains the gifts her vampires possess in amazing detail She ven goes so far as to include a flight schedule with times in different countries and I checked she got it rightIf you ve read her previous books in this series you ll be glad to find that Alexander Dimitri Matteo and Nate are active participants in this book Keep in mind that this is a book about warriors and as such includes combat and violence Eynard Courtland Aldrich spent most of his too few years in the best boarding schools in England preparing to fill the role of heir to the throne After his parents were murdered as a child Dominic had no one living without love With no other guidance to help him he li. ,

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