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Love Is Relative Defining Love #1This uote came to mind while I was reading Love Is Relative The heart is a strange beast and not ruled by logic Maria V SnyderLove has no bounds It sneaks up at the worst ossible moments and *can make you feel emotions you might not want to feel If you understand what I m *make you feel emotions you might not want to feel If you understand what I m then you will understand the struggle that unfolds in this story If your one of the few out there that hasn t experienced love Well this book may shock youI love Danny and Emily Their love brought tears to my eyes and I felt their ain and wished them happiness with every step they took to be together Emily is wonderful She s the kind of girl I could see myself hanging out with and her grandfather reminded me of my own in a lot of ways I m glad she had her grandparents in her life because her mom grandparents in her life because her mom a total whack jobDannyI have a lovehate relationship towards him In one way he s the sweetest kindest guy and the way he takes care of his family is great But he rubbed me the wrong way with a decision he made I m still mad and it s been a couple of days since I ve finished the bookI loved this book and can t wait to begin reading the second book Love Is Absolute I really felt for the main characters Emily and Danny They had already started to fall for each other before they discovered there was a ossibility they may be half brother and sister Then they get torn apart when Emily s mother takes her away to live in a commune Meanwhile Danny s family is devastated by the ossibility that Emily may be his half sister It means that his father cheated on his mother Over the three years that Emily is gone Danny s mother ends up dying his father turns into an alcoholic and he has to take care of his younger siblings It is hard not to get lost in a romance that also involves dysfunctional families especially when this romance is uite tabooWhen Emily returns home to live with her grandparents the relationship between her and Danny grows even complicated I easily became swept up in their story knowing that they wanted to be together but they felt it was wrong They weren t raised as siblings and they had strong feelings for each other before they found out they might be related How horrible would that be There was strong character development in this novel and the characters young ages really seemed to match their often impulsive and immature actions There were some erotic scenes and even though they were afraid to do too much in case they were related they still managed to cross that inappropriate boundary line anyway so they may as well have I also loved the scene where they were kissing in the cave the imagery was uite enchanting This was an easy and enjoyable read and although there were some editing issues I saw that the author had made editorial changes so I imagine they are robably fixed Just as a warning the ending will leave you a bit frustrated and if you want to see what is going to happen you ll have to read Book Two I Already two I already it on my to read list Love is Relative by Haven Francis is the first in a series I will be awaiting the second book uite impatiently Haven has managed to create characters and events straight out of real live and make them totally believable She created a series of characters among whom Danny and Emily are the main ones Emily has decided to run away from the commune her mother had brought her to three years ago She forced Emily to leave her adored grandparents and their farm her friends and neighbors and most of all her dearest friend Danny just as their relationship starts to take off Charlie made it almost impossible for Emily to live there as just before they left she shared the unwelcome news that Mike Dan. LOVE IS RELATIVE Defining Love Book One When the one thing they want is the only thing they can't have how far will Danny and Emily go to convince themselves that love is all that matters even if it’s forbidden When Emily Winters returns home she thinks she knows what she's getting into She's had three years to accept the fact that her former best friend love of her life boyfriend of exactly one day Danny Donovan is no longer any of those things to her In. Ny s father is in fact s father too Not only does this change Emily s life completely it shatters Mike and Cora s marriage Cora leaves Mike begins drinking again and Danny is left to care for his father Luckily they reconcile only to lose Cora in a car accident shortly after the reconciliation Mike goes downhill fast with his drinking and Danny is left to care for the business the house and his younger brother Jason and sister and Danny is left to care for the business the house and his younger brother Jason and sister Danny goes wild for a while trying to run from his roblems and his memory and love for Emily Then Emily returns How can she and Danny reconcile their love for each other with the ossibility that they are half siblings Can Emily ever forgive Danny for the wild side of the road he took Can they remain friends only Can Emily return to school as if nothing has happened when the entire town knows about her secret Father and her love for Danny This was an excellent book although there are some grammatical errors that need to be fixed Waiting until next year for the seuel will be difficult but maybe time will ass uickly This was a very sweet story about two young Tabloid City people who truly love each other but find themselves having to battle with theossibility that they are indeed half siblings In the latter half of the book the relationship between them becomes intense forcing them to be creative in dealing with what s going on between them They also need to deal with issues about their own families especially since Danny has had to step up as a guardian to his two younger siblings Jason and Maddie after the death of his mom and his dad turning to alcoholI really started to feel for the characters and Danny and Emily definitely have serious chemistry I was a little bummed when I got to the end and found a cliffhanger because I thought it was a stand alone but I will read the next book hopefully that one is long as well PS Emily s mother is just so cruelunbelievableevil yea you get the Kirkland Revels pictureshes not a niceerson lolBUT overall it was a good book This is Haven s first series which I read out of order but I actually don t know that I would have been able to handle it without knowing there was a happy ending I read both Love is Relative and Love is Absolute one after the other so I honestly don t know where the first ended and the second began I will To Him Who Sits on the Throne post this review on bothAgain Haven write s from both characters POV which lets us know what both are thinking at all times This series revolves around Emily and Danny Emily and Danny have been best friends for as long as they remember Danny hisarents and his siblings are like Emily s second home She has always felt like she belonged One summer when Emily was 15 Danny kissed her and their relationship went from best friends love to a whole new love That is until Emily s mother announces at town festival that Danny s father is also Emily s father and roceeds to skip town with Emily It is 3 years before Emily is able to leave the commune her mother moved them to and return to her grandmother and grandfather they left behind and of course Danny What Emily doesn t realize is that time didn t stand still while she was gone and the series of events that took lace after her mom s news are tragic and will not be easily forgotten Danny has since lost his mother his father is an alcoholic and he is doing his best to raise his siblings and is dealing with a lot of his own issues including the loss of Emily This story and it characters are amazing and emotional it brought tears to my eyes several times and Emily and Danny try to work ast what they now know and figure out how their relationship is supposed to be I truly can t say without giving awa. Fact there is a good chance he hates her There is an even better chance that he is her half brother She thinks she knows what she is coming home to but what she finds is the utter devastation that Danny's life has become thanks to the chain of events that Emily's mother set in motion three years ago Danny has lost everything and Emily doesn't recognize the cold hearted bad boy that Danny has become She can only resist his temptation for so long before the. Y too much of the story so just READ IT 333 I really Loved This Book I this book I loved Danny There was definitely a sexy element throughout the entire book but it was done differently then most I ve read in this genre because the two main characters may be brother and sister I loved that their love felt genuine and that it was based on a shared ast and a long friendshipThe chapters alternated between Danny and Emily and I liked seeing both erspectives it also helped moved the story along This Book Was Hard To was hard to down I received the novel from through a free romotional day and contacted the author to do an honest reviewLove Is Relative was a very good read It had suspense a villian Emily s mother steamy sexy scenes and a story that to me was very different than anything I have read in awhile I loved the alternating POVs In some books that I ve read in the ast the alternating POVs were not clear enough Haven s writing made it very clear and flowed smoothlyThe book showed how the characters evolved from young to young adulthood and the Chasing After Infinity problems associated with it Some natural but many created by their familiesI hadn t read the reviews before I started the book so I didn t know there was a cliffhanger I m very glad to know that the story will continue and I really hope that Danny and Emily get their HEA that they both deserve I had mixed feelings about this book but since it kept me in suspense and engaged me to the end I m giving it 35 stars but I ll round it up to 4 Emily and Danny have known each other since they were children As young t Ok im irritated i thought this was a stand alone book and get to the end and its another book to come They were doing too much to not know if they were related all that time Charile is a POS she does whatever she wants and never thinks how it effects theeople around her I really needed this story to end Love Is Relative by Haven Francis was an interesting take at two young Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China people 17 year old Emily Winters and 19 year old Danny Donovan who have been best friends since they were children and were just beginning to explore their feelings for each other two yearsrior to the story when Emily s mother inexplicably announces that Danny s father is also Emily s father making them half siblings Talk about Captain China Volume 1 putting the brakes on a blossoming romance Emily is then taken away from the town she grew up in and escapes the commune she has lived at two years later Her return to her grandparents and the town is welcomed but almost all but shocks the heck out of Danny who has been dealing with the aftermath of Emily s mother s revelation and Emily s two year absenceThis was oftentimes a very sweet story about twoeople who truly love each other but find themselves having to battle with the Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication possibility that they are indeed half siblings In the latter half of the book the relationship between them becomes intense forcing them to be creative in dealing with what s going on between them They also need to deal with issues about their own families especially since Danny has had to step up as a guardian to his two younger siblings Jason and Maddie after the death of his mom and his dad turning to alcohol My main issue with the book had to do with the editing or lack thereof and that s basically what made me go with the rating I gave it If the editing could have been onoint this would have been an even stronger book since it already had a good story and characters Heads up This is the first book in a series and is NOT a stand alone In short it has a cliffhanger ending Hehe The second book Love Is Absolute is supposed to come out sometime next year Love Is Relative gets four out of five stars. Line that separates right from wrong becomes blurry and negotiable as she and Danny try to navigate around it When life in the small town of River Bluff becomes too much to handle Danny and Emily are finally forced to deal not only with their Cast On, Bets Off present but also theirast When the truth of their sibling status is revealed will it tear them apart or allow them to finally be together in the only way they know how Contains adult content Suited for ages 17 and up.

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