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Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them A Fair and Balanced Look at the RightAss Holes capitalized like Bill O Reilly and Ann Coulter they are the and Hera

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assholes This exposes them and all their fallacies for what they really are Racist Elitist and Deviant I don t think it s a good book for converting far righters but it makes a lot of good logical points It s also heart felt and apolitical at points something Bill O Reilly can t ever accomplish Grown p love means actually A Husband in Time understanding what you love taking the good with the bad and helping your loved one grow Al Franken Lies the Lying Liars Who Tell Them A Fair Balanced Look at the Right45 starsI guess one s enjoyment of this depends on how much they like Al FrankenThis was the first book I ve read by him and I found it to be a warm human andtterly hilarious read Al takes on FOX News in this this book in particular Bill O ReillyThis book has a very interesting back story as supposedly Fox News sued Franken in court over the words Fair and Balanced which I find to be tterly hysterical And yes it and Balanced which I find to be tterly hysterical And yes it discussed in the book I suppose I can see why conservatives might get pissed off at this book but even if you re not an The Innocents Dark Seduction ultra liberal this does make for fun reading Franken bringsp a lot of things that are really on point. World He's even watched Fox News A lot And in this fair and balanced report Al bravely and candidly exposes them all for what they are liars Lying lying liars Al destroys the liberal media bias myth by doing what his targets seem incapable of getting his facts straight Using the Right's. I hate to bring a heavy hand to a snowball fight but this book is actually important to me You know how some books ac 05 stars Okay this one was entirely my fault After reading and hating Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot I was still somehow drawn to open From Father to Son (A Brothers Word up and read this book Big mistake and I freely admit it As for a review of the book my best summary would be blah blah joke that isn t funny blahhalf truthblahout of contextoteblah blahpolitical attack without evidential or even logical basisblah blah blahsay the same thing ten different ways none of them rightblah blah blah mean spirited bomb throwingblah blah still jokes that aren t funnyblah blah blahthe end All that said if the book had been funny I would have looked past the flaws as I don t look to Al Franken for political insight However when you "WASTE MY TIME AND ARE BORING ALL OF THE "my time AND are boring all of the flaws jump off the page at me In a wordOUCH I actually listened to Al Franken read this on Audio CD and I loved it The advantage here on Audio CD and I loved it The advantage here that Al plays all the otes by the people he s bashing with a little context and he himself is just very funny how he readsI know the subtitle s supposed to be a joke but this book is WAY MORE fair and balanced than anything by bona fide. Al Franken one of our savviest satirists People has been studying the rhetoric of the Right He has listened to their cries of slander bias and even treason He has examined the Bush administration's policies of suandering our surplus ravaging the environment and alienating the rest of the. George Bush was president when this came out Franken brings his wit through the book to be sure but the thing is lots of stuff in this book make so much sense I loved his Lawyer and the waitress storyI personally love reading political nonfiction books to get all viewpoints and i happen to be a viewpoints and I happen to be a of Franken If you are seeking a good political Non Fiction book this is a great one AND there
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nothing about because he was a long way from being president when this came out Sighresisting the rge to say something Snarky about nowWhatever your views on Franken he is not and never has been boring And he just makes one laugh while at the same time making you think I would give this 45 stars Highly recommended I would recommend this book to intellectual conservatives so that they simply have ammo to disassociate themselves from the neo cons I actually respect true conservative thought and this administration was not it At all And Franken gives a funny sometimes enraging flogging of the neo con mediaIt s a great book I think however it preaches to the choir since the person who would read this is a liberal to begin with in the first placeAnd he DESTROYS Ann Coulter and Bill O Reillythis in and of itself are good things. Own words against them he takes on the pundits the politicians and the issues in the most talked about book of the yearTimely provocative nfailingly honest and always funny Lies sticks it to the most right wing administration in memory and to the right wing media hacks who do its biddi. .

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