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Fiction You Buy The Realism 
You buy the realism itAnd of course it is uite useful to have learned the seven Ps p 232 of course it is uite useful to have learned the seven Ps p 232 planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance This 500 page book finally picked up around the 400 page mark Far too dull I am struggling to really enjoy these books This one was not one of the better ones The first chapter spent so much time detailing how to make the various explosives and plant them that I Almost Fell AsleepSome May Enjoy fell asleepSome may enjoy minute details of the plans and I normally do but these seem so long winded and confusing that I sometimes lose track of what they are supposed to do I just cannot identify with Nick at all and I think that is why I neither care if he succeeds or not I will persevere with a few books and see if it improves but these are not books I can t wait to read I just read them because I feel I need to just in case it gets better No point denying it McNab s Nick Stone book series has become my current literary guilty pleasure I ve now reached far enough into the series to develop a relationship with its main character and actually be curious to find out what perfect shitstorm he will find next The fact that the series has now sunken its fangs into me is relevant because otherwise I would most probably not like Liberation Day one bit Action in this one is really low ey there really isn t much happening in this book at all But for me it was an entertaining read nonetheless because by now Nick s antics are simply fun to follow even on his slow day at the office Not the best book in the series and definitely not where I would recommend for anyone to jump into the series For returning customers it should provide necessary special ops fix. BegunIn the shadowy French underworld he’s caught in the deep end of a very dirty war against al aeda operatives And as one bloody twist leads to another Stone soon finds himself on his deadliest assignment yet and confronted by the most lethal dilemma a man could fa. ,
Another excellent action thriller from McNab Full of action operational detail a bit of romance mystery and longing for Liberation Day Andy McNabNick Stone clandestine OPERATOR FOR THE CIA FORMER SAS for the CIA Former SAS last mission to complete and he is guaranteed a new life in America Citizenship and to be with his girlfriend and soon to be wife Nothing works out as promised He has to do one mission His girlfriend finds out his boss is her father a General Their relationship as a family ceased long ago Nick is left hanging again one mission Non stop action This is an excellent read nick stone has returned to boston to carrie who he loves having done one job for george in return for citizenship of america the job seems simple travel to algeria with 2 comrades in arms and sever the head of a money laundering businessman job done or so he thinks in boston george is awaiting him having told carrie the truth who disowns nick the money laundering issue is worldwide with money being sent from country to country to finance high profile attacks by al ueda operatives wo his citizenship as promised he has no choice and with The Same 2 Muslim Operatives same 2 muslim operatives himself in the south of france fighting a very dirty war for which he will never be acknowledged if captured but how much of the truth has he really been told and why this once again nearly costs him his life after those of his 2 associates sorry but the one left me cold first rule of a novel is
To Get The Readers Attention 
get the readers attention the first few pages well the whole first chapter read like a training novel the rest was extremely drawn out and repetitive and the only thing that saved it was the banter between the 3 men and the insight into their religion as opposed to the western world but the final nail in. Former SAS commando Andy McNab unleashes a non stop whirlwind of action and intrigue in his new #1 international bestseller featuring top secret operative Nick StoneDesperate to gain American citizenship and start a new life with the woman he loves Nick Stone agrees to .
The coffin was the plot with Such A Highly Skilled Worldwide a highly skilled worldwide it would have been obvious to have the safeguard of each hawallada phoning in or making contact once the handover was complete wo this the next 2 drops would never have happened bev Yep Andy McNab The action was good some of the in between relationship building dialogue etc a little forced Lucky to get one star click click Nick Stone saves the world again Sadly nobody thanks him yet againFrom the blurb If Nick Stone wasn t
So Desperate For His American 
desperate for his American he probably wouldn t have agreed to do this one last job with the CIA But Carrie is over there and he simpl Another pageturner in the Nick Stone series by Andy McNab While not up to for instance Fire Wall it is still an excellent thriller with a realistic background in the hawala system see for instance Nice with a change of scene too after many scenes in poor backwaters or djungles etc we are suddenly in the glitzy French Riviera Again excellent scene descriptions that you actually enjoy reading and plenty of humourous uips like letting your chihuahas poop on the sidewalks And I want one day to write a script where I can steal the scene of the silly hat competition as a comic relief in a thriller But the silly hats is not only comic relief a comic relief in a thriller But the silly hats is not only comic relief also illustrates the tediousness of field work and how friendship can build even when you Dangerous to Touch know you shouldn t etc And of course it makes the ending even tragicAnd as before this novel is also excellently structured Liberation Day may seem heavy on the tediousness of preparation and surveillance The wait they prepare it just goes on and on and then the ending just explodes And as before the descriptions of field work is sometimes too detailed yet absorbing As one. O one last job for the CIA He must infiltrate an Arab republicill a money laundering local businessman and bring back gruesome proof of his death He doesn’t now why and he doesn’t care Too late Stone realizes the truth about his real mission which has only just.
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