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Awesome readingFay Lamb truly brings her characters to ife and shows how to ove the way God intends us to I enjoy her writing and her obvious The Einstein Theory of Relativity love foreading people to Christ with her stories Each novel and short story by Ms Lamb has been well written and LIBBY is no exception this christian romance is the no exception This Christian romance is the volume of a series but the reader need not be familiar with the first book to enjoy this one I wanted to read this story first because of the description of the main character I believed I would relate strongly to her and I did The male How to Negotiate Your First Job lead character also touched my heart due to his terrible childhood For readers without religious faith it may be hard to understand how or why Christians trust God toead them toward someone who will be the right person to share the rest of their ives with as the main characters did But it works and in this story it made me want happiness for these individuals all the I now ook forward to moving backward and reading the first book Charisse Can I just say I LOVE Libby Fay Lamb has done an extraordinary job of writing about an adorably sweet somewhat reserved young Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, ladyLibby is your typical girl next door She has a hard time believing she is attractive and works at proving she s not However everyone she meets knows she s a diamond in the rough and just needs aittle help to push her into the ovely woman she isI appreciate Libby s "Love For The Lord " for the Lord her relationship with Him She endures so many sad situations and yet she s there for all her friends when they need her she also prays for them mightily when they think they don Libby Overstreet can’t see herself as anything but shy and socially awkward She’s nearing thirty and she’s never even been on a date Then she meets the man of her dreams but Libby knows he would never be interested in a wallflower ike her All she wants to do is to buy that garden nursery on the outskirts of town and se. Libby Ties That Bind #2

Characters Libby Ties That Bind #2

Ibby stumbles through romance and gets it Wrong Than Right Her Faith than right her faith the strongest aspect of who she is In the end it s her faith that brings her the desires of her #Heart I Really Love Reading Fay Lamb #I really Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber love reading Fay Lamb books She puts twists into her stories than are in a kindergartner s braids In this one a man and woman inove with each other misunderstand each other s statements over and over as only people with pronounced inferiority complexes can doLibby Overstreet has spent several years being her helpless and very sick mother s sole caregiver Her mother passes away and Libby has New Exploration little experience to enter the working worldet alone the dating world She has an idea to build a garden centerEvan Carter has this eye for beauty both in The Shaping of Western Civilization landscaping and in women Libby catches his eye but he can see she is such a sweet innocent He has no business pushing himself into herife with his barely controlled temper and ugly backgroundLibby and Evan have mutual friends in Charisse and Gideon Tabor but they are too much into matchmaking for either Libby s or Evan s comfort Add to that mixture a woman who used to date Evan in his alcoholic days Hope is determined to tear the couple apart and ure Evan back into the party sceneHow in the world the couple apart and ure Evan back into the party sceneHow in the world this mess be untangled I really enjoyed Charisse the first book in the series and I enjoyed this one too It s another wonderful Christian romance from this author with a story The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles line and characters that keep you reading to see if they are going toearn to trust God with their Medicine and Religion lives and their relationship I definitelyook forward to reading from this autho. That he would never The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, look at her as anything but a friend However that’s far from the truth Evan wouldove to get to know the innocent beauty God has placed in this path Trouble is he fears that a Valentino lovely flowerike Libby will wilt under the sins of his past and he’ll do everything in his power to keep that from happenin. Need her or her guidance in all things of faithI aughed and cried when reading Libby There are some circumstances in her past that broke my heart as well as hers and eft her uestioning her worth Nonetheless Fay Lamb was able to take these events and create a uniue oving person in her worth Nonetheless Fay Lamb was able to take these events and create a uniue oving person in Reading her story helped me to realize no matter how tragic or hurtful things in our past are we can overcomeI received Libby from the author However I was under no obligation to write a review As you peruse the cover of Libby from the author However I was under no obligation to write a review As you peruse the cover of book and wonder rest assured that it brilliantly portrays its content I don t think I ve ever seen a better book coverThe Ties Than Bind series continues with book two Libby the heroine s best friend from the novel Charisse has recently buried her mother to whom she d been a devoted caretaker for many years Now at thirty years of age it was time for Libby to get on with her ifeHad you told me Libby was a romance novel I might not have bothered to read it But since I know this author s work I knew it must contain substance and would definitely be worth the read This book is so much than your typical romance It will touch the hearts of anyone who has ever thought of herself or himself not good enoughAn overtly Christian but not preachy novel it is a story of character faith victory and God s grace And I Oba, the Last Samurai loved it But then as with all Fay Lamb s books it s not your typical Christian fiction Libby is aikeable sometimes frustrating character whose damaged self esteem compromises her happiness As I read I uickly began to care about her and want her to fulfill her dreams As Ttle down with the ife she has always dreamed about Evan Carter has been watching the sweet woman in the coffee shop for weeks when his friend tells him that the object of his affection plans to buy a garden nursery and needs Evan’s expertise as an architectcontractor When they meet Libby is enad of Evan and even convinced. ,

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