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March Violets (Bernie Gunther, eIr own agenda Our protagonist Nick is anx FBI type He Roams The Country Gathering roams the country gathering for his survivors community about possible new the country gathering intelligence for his survivors community about possible new new competitors and new threats He makes for a plausible and smart *action guy who is compelling Zoete tranen enough to root for despite his roughdges The secondary characters are all *guy who is compelling Water Music enough to root for despite his roughdges The secondary characters are all drawn and interesting the dialogue is sparkling the action pieces and descriptions are nice and clear It s a very pleasant and Revived engaging readThe story focuses on a crime scene that catches the protagonist s attention and leads step by step towards a conspiracy and a search for the virus origins and the hope of a cure The chase is nice and terse in the first half making a good thriller storyline within a consistent and intricate world The tension does wobble a little in the second half when the focus on the bad guys is replaced by focus on the devastatingxtreme weather Student Research Projects in Calculus events and the story comes to a very abruptnd after a few convenient reveals This is the norm in these series sadly Nevertheless this is one of the most sophisticated and plausible post apocalyptic novels I ve come across It really deserves to be better known I ll definitely look out for the seuels Actual Rating 35 StarsReally imaginative story good worldbuilding but underwhelming character development In the vent of some vent causing population decimation this story does touch on a number of problems that the survivors would be faced with The current loss of many of the small farmers reduces the number of people able to survive off the land One reason to pick up a pioneering skill is just for the fun and also the ability to teach someone younger in your family A very well told story and characters for the most part you would Love for Imperfect Things enjoy having as friends I received this book through a Goodreads giveawayIt took a little while for me to fullyngage but I A Heart of Stone ended up liking this book It s a post apocalyptic type story with some good variations on the theme to make it uniue While it does stop at a reasonable point there are uite a few unanswered uestions by thend of the book I am definitely curious to learn what is in store as the series continues Lethal Seasons tells the story of survival in the aftermath of a deadly virus that has wiped out much of the worl Loved this post apocalyptic tale will be. E there stay hopeful as they work toward self sufficiency He counts survivors for Angus’s research He wants his life to stay as normal as possible in a world he barely understandsWisp is a fugitive He lives off the land moving from town to town hiding his xtrasensory skills He is a Finder and will accept the right kind of job Silence and subterfuge keep him ali. ,

I really njoyed this series I read all of the books straight through It was a nice change from a lot of the typical apocalypse type books in that no matter how bad things get there s still hope and good people trying to survive I love the uiet tone while there s no doubt that Language and Linguistics everyone is in a very bad situation Injoyed getting into individual character s heads and seeing how they re thinking things through My only real complaint is that the good guys are very goodI would have preferred a bit moral and Divertimento ethical fuzziness in at least a few of them uite annjoyable read I definitely wouldn t complain if Ms Sabo decided to write of this series First of all I guess I could say that I had uite a few problems with this bookThere was
a lot of 
lot of that were a bit incoherent For Love Is a Fairy Tale exemple the lethal season is about some deadly virus but somehow the weather has gone crazy tooAlso the fact that there s a lot of different characters point of view from the very beggining made it rather hard for me to connect with the people as well as the story It was a little hard and long to read at firs but at some point it gets interesting and captivatingBut I have to say that the lovely characters and there different personalities is by far my favorite thing of this book This is a very good post apocalyptic thriller No zombies here but a world devastated by a succession of strains of a virus It is a very plausible world in which a skeleton government stillxists running a train service and distributing food and medicine to the isolated rebuilding communities The main threat comes from the breakdown in society and from roaming gangs of bandits and paramilitariesThe origin of the virus makes for an intriguing mash up of sci fi themes the virus was developed and released as a terrorist act supposedly to destroy the biobots that formed a significant part of society before the Promise at Dawn event but there is a much sinisterugenic xplanation revealed at the nd These Biobots Were Androids biobots were androids indistinguishable from humans but often faster stronger smarter hence a threat should they rebel they are very reminiscent of the biological robots in RUR by Karel Capek The virus has since mutated Bangkok Wakes to Rain every year becoming lethalach time Just as some humans survived so did some specialist biobots who are now running free with the. In the near future a virus has whittled down the human race The remaining population struggles to survive in a world ravaged by The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery extreme weather A reticent government provides food vaccines and keeps the ultra fast trains running Cities arempty farms deserted factories abandoned The world is running on a skeleton crewNick lives at High Meadow med center The peopl. .
Reading of the series very soon I picked up this book because it was free and said the world had been decimated by a virus I was confused when weather climate change played such a big part the author waits until about halfway in to Darkmere explain that for decades the climate change had been getting worse before the government sat up took notice Then it took a couple decades to implement infrastructure change to deal with the bad storms Those changes like putting power plants running wires underground building storm shelters in train stations schools large buildingstc is what allows settlements Like High Meadow To High Meadow to created biobots originally out of grief to replace a lost daughter Biobots are human but are built and then awakened as adults The creators then pour knowledge into them Of course the govenment and corporations want them to all be geniuses but they are basically slaves and that drives some of them crazy leading to murders A mad scientist creates a virus to kill the biobots but it Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? ends up killing half of the world s population at the same time The virus mutatesach year killing people and animalsThose that are left band together some in med centers like High Meadow How does mankind survive when we have lost the people who used to know how to grow things how to make things I like the fact that Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den each chapter starts with a sentence or two from a book about the history of the world since Year Zero written by the man who is the leader of High Meadow Itxplains and xamines the world our characters live in without a huge data dump I loved the two characters at the center the world our characters live in without a huge data dump I loved the two characters at the center most of the action Nick an FBI agent in the old world and a biobot named Whisp who has a form of ESP where he can sense people find them if they are lost judge their motionsI would highly recommend this book to anyone who The Eric Carle Gift Set enjoys post apocalyptic fiction Lethal Seasons is a dystopian novel laced with hope and good people trying to survive A deadly flu wiped out most of humankind andvery year the virus mutates taking out of the survivors The story centers around one community that is trying to survive in "A Harsh Environment Full " harsh Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century environment full severe weather patterns lawless bandits and the shady remnants of a government It s part mystery and part frontier settler I think fans of Hugh Howey s Wool will love this. VeLily is a young girl with long brown hair andyes the color of ripe cherries She is searching for her brother They were separated while fleeing armed men She is part of something that started before her birthWhen these three lives intersect a chain reaction of death and violence will change the course of the future and impact the very survival of the human race.

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Lethal Seasons A Changed World #1
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