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Der Tod in VenedigMario und der ZaubererJust wow A classic that should be ead by everyone at some point in their live Am I the only one who couldn t stop thinking about Verlaine and his elationship with Rimbaud while eading this book Please say no On beauty love Loneliness The Meaning Of Life the meaning of life the purpose of art But it s too bitter to me Death in Venice eminds me of Lolita by Nabokov course the Russian classic is much longer completely sexual and very disturbing while Death in Venice is about muses beauty Some can despise Aschenbach and his infatuation for Tadzio but in my opinion there is no sexual feelings behind I like how Mann characterized the writer well described you believed him to be true Graeco-Egyptian Magick real Bottom line is good writing In Mario and the Magician Mann s criticises facism Cipolla ia analogous of the facists thatuled some European countries back then Mor. Publicada por primera vez en 1912 La muerte en Venecia es la historia de un alma agotada capaz de sobrevivir solo en el artificio ue de pronto descubre la belleza espontánea ue se manifiesta. ,

CHARACTERS Der Tod in VenedigMario und der Zauberer

E like 25 starsWhat caught
my attentionmann s 
attentionMann s certainly had an alluring theme the degrading desire of a man whose internal view of a youth not only starts as the idealized version of beauty but goes downright to obsessive stalking pederast behavior under the disguise of Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge romanticism is alsoeflected upon the corrosion of Venice by the end On this matter the Aschenbach s character and his thoughts kept eminding me of Lord Henry Wotton from The Picture of Dorian Gray who believes that youth is the epitome of beauty and once that goes away there S Nothing Left Whose nothing left whose consists of satisfying above all else the senses So I wonder wether Mann got some inspiration from the one and only Mr Oscar Wilde while writing his novel After all it was just published twelve Years After His Wilde S Death In after his Wilde s death in Also it has some enjoyable thought. Sin esfuerzos y sin titubeos en la figura de un adolescente Mann escribió esta obra en un estilo de mosaico preciso minucioso y brillante a la vez y ue describe con eficacia la atmósfera cre. Ful uotes La soledad hace madurar lo original lo audaz e inuietantemente bello el poema pero audaz e inuietantemente bello el poema Pero n engendra lo err neo desproporcionado absurdo "E Il Cito P "il cito p La palabra solo puede celebrar la belleza no eproducirla p87 Pues uien esta fuera de s nada aborrece tanto como volver a s mismo p109So why two point five starsWell on one hand I think that the use of foreshadowing was overdone Second I got bored around the middle part where the character goes on and on upon Tadzio s obsession and the plot doesn t t seem to move it feels stuck But most importantly getting to know the story it feels stuck But most importantly getting to know the story its excellent movie version adaptation by Lucino Visconti I thought the novel was going to be profound and expense upon its themes It didn t go that way Overall It was a good Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family read but ok on most parts For which I highlyecommend to watch the movie instead. Puscular y agónica de una colorida Venecia Completa el volumen Mario y el mago elato de una muerte en un escenario italiano ue Mann escribió en 1929 poco después de ecibir el Premio Nobel. .

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