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N t we all have a notion of knights as a nobel class of soldiers under the banner of faith loyalty courage and honour Fighting tournaments and saving maids in istress Was the original intent of the Templars to protect pilgrims or was their prime aim to lead a monastic life William of Tyre writes that they edicated themselves to God taking vows of chastity poverty and obedience and then the Patriarch and other

"bishops enjoined them "
enjoined them the remission of their sins that as far as their strength permitted they should keep the roads and highways safe from the menace of robbers and highwaymen with especial regard for the protection of pil. F the Middle Ages While their campaign in the Middle East and travels are Well Known Their Huge Influence Across The British Isles Remains known their huge influence across the British isles remains uncharted For readers interested in Medieval Histo. ,
Knights Templar in BritainI interviewed Professor Lord for my blog The Templar Knight And It S This Templar Knight and it s this that really gave me a flavor of the Templars in Britain uring the Middle Ages for my book uest For The True Cross Evelyn goes from one area of England to the next etailing the number and size of preceptories their wealth manpower and ultimate fate A fascinating and serious look at the Knights Templar Ever since reading The Da Vinci Code I have been interested in the Templars and what they were I am obviously not alone in this interest since the book generated a freuent stream of literary tourism to places in the book and places connected to the Templars. The Knights Templar In Britain examines exactly who became knights what rituals sustained them the power bases were and how
"their tentacles spread "
tentacles the political and economic worlds of The best thing to o to find out what they Really Were Is To Read A Non Fiction Book About were is to read a non fiction book about So being me I ordered two books this one and The Rise and the Fall of the Knights Templar by Gordon Napier still to be readThe beginningThe book opens with a of the Knights Templar by Gordon Napier still to be readThe beginningThe book opens with a called The Knights Templar Knightly Monks or Monkish Knights A very good uestion indeed I think many of us forget the fact that the Templars were monks We are used to think of monks staying in their monastery taking care of their gardens oing their prayers and all in all live a very uiet contemplating kind of life However The Templars We See As Knights And Templars we see as Knights and firstly o. Ritain before their Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex defeat at the hands of the Inuisition some two hundred years laterFounded in the early twelfth century the mysterious Knights Templar rose to be the most powerful military order

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