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Killing CommendatoreI am a huge fan of Murakami s books and had been waiting impatiently for the translation and ublication in English Now Murakami usually conjures up alternative worlds and there are usually cats ear lobes jazz and lonely men cooking alone and with a little sex thrown in for good measure This book has few of the tropes the music is classical there is barely a cat in it and the sex is spurious to the story There is nothing about ear lobes eitherWhat there is is a strange world associated with a strange ainting and other unfinished art works and there there are lots of loose ends by the end of the nearly 700 Pages Lots Of Unfinished Story lots of unfinished story The book touches on ideas and metaphors The ideas don t uite last and the metaphors can be dangerous and i m still trying to decide if the book is a metaphor and if so for what the general aimlessness of life the strange help that we seem to receive when we most need it I don t know but I do know i found the book a little aimless and strangely unconcludedNot for me one of Murakami s best and I have read them all and loved most of them but it is still enjoyable and in Mama Ds pasta pizza partsage turningly compulsive Truth is Killing Commendatore is an excellent novel if you are a Murakami fan I have never before encountered an author whose works feel so The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, personal they are almost entities that generate moods and an atmosphere of total immersion With this book as with all the others my life wasut on hold and I was able to think of little else than wanting to return into the story s soft embrace Yes it s confirmed I suppose that Murakami isn t uite able to comprehend women as eual beings with humanity that arallels that of men For a 70 year old Japanese man that s erhaps not so unusual but considering the depth of understanding old Japanese man that s Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work perhaps not so unusual but considering the depth of understanding shows for male his ownsyche it is terribly disappointing Literally every female character is set in a sexual context in this novel and judging by his Jazz Ukulele previous works I suppose sexuality is the only context Murakami can set women into even if they are blatantly asexual or their sexualisation is barly concealed due to their too young an age or most commonly they arerimarily sexual Off 13 providers then carers supporters cheerleaders for the main character I m a feminist not the kind that thinksole dancing is empowering btw but even though I rage at the atriarchy Murakami doesn t anger me He writes what he knows as honestly as he can and he isn t trying to hide his shortcomings too much It s easy to see how the range of emotions and rich inner life he describes is eually applicable to men and women it s just sad that Murakami isn t able to appreciate it himself Still this novel delivers in the way fans have come to expect and despite many reviews claiming a scattered and meandering narrative to my eyes this is nothing of the sort It is beautifully and deliberately crafted and apart from some repetition. We all live our lives carrying secrets we cannot disclose Beguiling Murakami is brilliant at folding the humdrum alongside the supernatural; finding the magic thats nested in lifes uotidian details GuardianWhen a thirty something ortrait ainter is aban. ,

It s a tightly written story whose world you won t want to leave If you are just about to Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band pick up your first Murakami novel leave thisage and search for Wind Up Bird Chronicle Or Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage I think it s best to explore his earlier works first and then come back and read this novel But if you are a fan you are in for a treat Even if within his body of work this novel doesn t score as highly as some others it s a Even if within his body of work this novel doesn t score as highly as some others it s a unlike that of any other author and for that reason it gets five stars from mechokengtitiktitikchokeng I collect Murakami hardcovers and this one did not disappoint It s a gorgeous looking book if a little tough to read lying down due to its size but I just can t get into Murakami stories in ebook format for some reason In which a supernatural being gives its flesh and blood for the saving of Gudrun people from darklaces A form of grace I flesh and blood for the saving of Mob Mistress people from darklaces A form of grace I convinced of this You d better believe it Murakami fans will love this lots of similarities with his other works but fresh storyline and great characters I liked it as much as Wind Up Bird Chronicles maybe even After months of anticipation the first thing that infuriated me about Killing Commendatore was the sheer size and weight of the book It was even too tall to fit on my bookshelf alongside all my other Murakami novels by the same Stud in the Stacks publisher Why make it so huge Just in the same of cover design and fanfare All of Harvil Secker srevious hardback editions are of a consistent size This cumbersome unwieldy size and weight make for uncomfortable and inconvenient bedtime reading An awful un useable formatThen there s the content Whether Choosing to Survive pressured by theublisher to Robin Hood put out another hit book or an author simply resting on his laurels Killing Commendatore contains every overly familiar Murakami trope but with none of the magic of I484 or Kafka on the Shore nor any of the intellect of Norwegian Wood or Colourless Tsukuru TazakiTheace is achingly slow to go with the weight of the book and it takes such a long time for anything remotely curious to happen you re left wondering if anything will even happen at all My final complaint is with regards to the translation itself which has been left littered with American spellings and grammar Although it has its moments of Felipa potential Killing Commendatore feels like an unsuccessful Murakami clone A drab and frustrating read very disappointing my friends are maybe thinking there s something wrong with this book well stab me with a tiny sword i don t know what my friends want surely not another kafka on the shore or another 184 negative murakami has already written those books and as brilliant as they are he doesn t need to write them again affirmative i have read virtually all his books certainly all the fiction and for me this slots easily into the top five like most of his fiction the story stays with you long after you. Doned by his wife he holes up in the mountain home of a famous artist The days drift by spentainting listening to music and drinking whiskey in the evenings But then he discovers a strange ainting in the attic and unintentionally begins a strange jour. Finish reading and not just because you are trying to figure out the whys and wherefores of an elusive explanation to the ending that bothers me little and seems to out the whys and wherefores of an elusive explanation to the ending that bothers me little and seems to deliberate anywayit s a different kind of narrative the magical elements subtly dropped in and as with his best works a journey one where the un named rotagonist goes a long way before he can go a short way and then another way altogether my friends also make reference to the inclusion of repetitive elements such as cooking classical music cats to be fair the cat appears very late in the story but if it s what you know and what you re interested in what s the The Blueprint (English Edition) problem it adds to the feeling of belonging the reader experiences and the writer generatesthe actual story is detailed well enough in my friends reviews i don t feel a need to add anything other than that murakami continues to create fiction that is uniue haunting creative compelling and you need to get a read of this Fantastical story by this beloved Japanese writer Engrossing and addictive Reading Murakami is a fabulous experience his tales are a wonderful mixture of the fantastic and the ordinary I feel like I am getting a view into life in Japan and a different understanding of history through the Japaneseerspective This all while exploring some curious Crisis of the Strauss Divided philosophical andsychological concepts Murakami has done it again with the mix of real and unreal fantasy and realism Found it hard to The Master Masons of Chartres put this down The titleut me off for ages but I enjoyed this story based on a work of art and the artists who ainted and discovered it A mix of
characters kept the 
kept the intriguing Plots subplots working together for a rich read I love Murakami novels always have This one is up their with his better ones for me I only down graded it because in almost all his books he s invariably demonstrating his obsession with sex I m really not coming at this from the rudish Road House - The Novel point of viewMyroblem is that his handling of sex is not only gratuitous certainly does not add anything to the storyline but it s soooooo deadly dull Yes Gnosis people have sex Can we get on with the story now It s like he s not managed to find too much sex in his own life so has to give up a third of every novel to the characters in his stories At least with 184 the sexviolencelayed a role in the characters tale Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina parti Aerfect ambling rose for a long haul One of Murakami s best novels and that s saying something Many Murakami s best novels and that s saying something Many his regular themes are here and his beautiful craft and eye for detail lus a dollop of magic realism Finally it s all tied together with three mysteries that drag the reader forcefully along An absolute gem If you like Murakami then you ll like this book It has his usual great character development The hint of mystery and intrigue I haven t finished yet But I m already drawn in and got to keep turning those The Wingman Chronicles pages to see where this journey will take me. Ney of self discovery that involves a mysterious ringing bell arecocious thirteen year old girl a Nazi assassination attempt and a haunted underworldA stunning work of imagination Killing Commendatore is a surreal tale of love and loneliness war and ar. .

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