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Nt s life All craziness aside Shannon Kirk s writing is beyond compareThis book reads like a 277 page poem penned by Poe It s horrifyingly beautiful like a Tim Burton production contained within pages Certainly not a style that everyone will enjoy but for those that

"Are So Inclined Prepare Yourself "
so inclined prepare yourself a slow escent into the heart of this story This is the longest short book I ve ever read 277 pages felt like 500 though I can t explain why I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Holy crap This book is about as odd as they come The story centers around Mary Olivia Pentecost Mop to her loved ones and the mysterious eath OF HER MOTHER JOHANNA TWO YEARS her mother Johanna two years What happened that night that her mother threw her burning body to the churning waves below Chapters alternate between Mop and Aunty Liv past and present and both are telling us a ark and My Name is Bob disturbing story that lead us to this treacherous night The first chapter is perfection In present time Mop is hiding in a burnt out cellar while a hatchet wielding mad woman is screaming and trying to break in If thatoesn t hook you then I on t know what will This book has me so torn Some parts were brilliant Other times I found myself confused A lot of this book is really over written with long wordy escriptions I liked it in the beginning but as I got closer to the end I began finding it tedious and just wanted everybody to get to the point For a book under 300 pages it seemed to take forever to read Kudo s to Shannon Kirk for creating one of the CRAZIEST characters I have read about in awhile Actually TWO of the CRAZIEST characters I have read in a while Heck it may even be three but I really can t be sure That s how bat shit crazy this book is 4 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a Billy Bragg digital ARC in exchange for my honest review 2018 is the year for gothic noir suspense In the Vines is aisturbingly creepy story set in New England with Mary Olivia Pentecost Mop and her Aunt Liv Vandonbeer playing center stage Mary Olivia and her family are one of the most wealthy families in America ating their genealogical power back to the inception of the United States Mop has a strong and very loving relationship with her family but her closest relative is her Aunty Liv Liv resides by herself i FIVE FRIGHTENING STARS to the Kindle version with audio It *S FABULOUS ALLOW ME TO COLLECT MYSELF I MIGHT *FABULOUS Allow me to collect myself I might a puff of Albuterol And now I will be off building a new Hall of Fame shelf This shelf shall be titled NOVEL LONG SPASM OF TERROR and it shall contain this one and only book With a spotlight shining own on it And maybe an occasional strobe light And scary musicIf Misery and Sharp Objects and Dolores Claiborne all banged into each other rolled around on a angerous cliff and fell into the raging Atlantic Ocean together a mermaid would rise up from the epths raising this beautiful book to the heavens Mermaids and other lovely things are The Majors Daughter detailed in this uniuely Gothic thriller Yet it is so crazy I can only think of if as an ugly kind of beauty The writer Shannon Kirk is one to watch friends She is uberly talented and I can t even imagine how she conceived of this story and wrote it in such a technicallyifficult structure AmazingAhemmove over Gillian Flynn and Stephen King there s a new ueen in townIn the Vines starts in the middle of a terrifying scene and only gets terrifying from there Until the 50% point you will HAVE NO IDEA WTF IS GOING ON AND IT WILL SCARE YOU TO DEATH THE DREAD THE FEAR OH MY MYI Miss Shumway Waves a Wand didn t know anything about this book except that all the cool kids have been raving about it When it became available to me free as an Kindle First Read with the Audible sync or something like that I snatched it up and am so happy Iid I would recommend reading it with your eyeballs first because it is super confusing in a good way when you start Then when you ve got a handle on the story listen to the first rate audiobook The audio actresses are PHENOMENAL Also my new favorite lit kitty is Popover Check out my friend Gare He s put his famous skills to work in imaginary casting with Sarah Paulson as Aunty Liv Perfection Everything about this book screams horror mov. Eboding threat and for Mop the grave suspicion that to The Touch discover Aunty Liv’s secrets is to become a prisoner of themHow wello we know the people we love How well o we want to know them The answers are as twisted as a tangle of vines in this throat clutching novel of psychological suspen. ,

In the VinesThis story represents itself as an old New England family gothic though real old New England families on t have names like Pentecost and Vandonbeer They also tend to resemble inmates of a homeless shelter We have two narrators Lynette Olivia Vandonbeer known as Liv and Aunty with a Y not an ie and her niece Mary Olivia Pentecost known as Mop I m not making this up Both Liv and Mop speak in a very poetic style chiefly Mop I m not making this up Both Liv and Mop speak in a very poetic style chiefly by using nouns where literate people use verbs Mop seems to have studented that at Princeton So we get such beauties as she suirrelled her eyes at me like I was hallucinating Aunty alighted her green orb eyes on me and Different Class didn t blink flopping pink hibiscus stabbed a vapor of high octane sugar up my nostrils I reckon Mopidn t The Essential Good Food Guide do organic chem at Princeton Ion t think octane is a sugar I wish to jackhammer this tar As I tweezered my fingers in my back pocket to pull the note out Lasering my eyes along the wall I magnetized myself back into the main hall my father s black Lamborghini the one hosting low profile tires Buongiorno Segnior Pirelli Le bevande son laggiu I suppose is how a Lamborghini hosts a tireNot only Textbook of Wisdom do Kirk s speakers excel atiction we are also treated to lots of similes Two of my favorites Mopery In Defence of Dogs descriptions With the apparent effort of a Mack truck shifting up some nonexistent eighth gear torive vertically up a building she ratcheted her horror oll head two notches to meet my face again and recounting a love scene He pushed up inside me while I stood my right leg raised and bent so he could enter at the right angle and thrust Our sexual geometry just right We pulsed against the barn s side room in a rabid passion my back banging against the peeling paint He felt like the greatest scratching sandpaper to an unuenchable urge and I reciprocated by soothing his heat in an agreeable wet I love that adjective agreeable and it
"S Even Better When We "
even better when we that Aunty has converted a stall inside the barn into her own private ICU Mop s lover Manuel he s socially acceptable Son of a rich Spanish hotelier not an undocumented alien pool boy exhaled as if he finished a grueling sprint and pulled away one inch which felt like ten miles to me Holy shit Mop That was amazing he said Listening to Liv you can also learn how to talk like Kirk s notion of New England aristocrats Never use a generic name like car handbag shoes or upholstery say Audi Valentino Tory Burch flats and Zimman s instead You The City in Mind don t have crockery you have yellow ware I never heard of that and looked it up online it s what everybody s mom had when I was a child till they invented PyrexThe author is eually uninformed about Roman Catholicism nuns on t say novenas on rosaries or live in a rectory even if they re called Aunt Sister Mary Patience PentecostA FULL SCALE REVIEW REUIRES DISCUSSION OF scale review reuires iscussion of characters and plot but I lack the fortitude to tackle them Let s just say they are worthy of the style This must be the most pretentiously over rated book I ll read this year Perhaps ever It puts Luckiest Girl in the World on the same shelf with Henry James 45 rounded up yes yes yes for the audio This book is insane I read twisty shocking books just about No One Wants You daily but nope this 1 just about takes the cake The author has somehow managed to inject genuine feelingare I say beauty Into this incredibly stunning Armageddon ish family The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity drama It was so good And absolutely terrifying Ion t want to say much you should just go in blind Buckle up Penguins Poems for Life descend into madness And as the story is revealed you ll realize that you just may understand some of these people and oh Ion t know I loved them Outrageous macabre but incredibly well one It was an incredible ride and then I absolutely LOVED the end Am I gushing yet Just be lucky you on t have to listen to me in person Oh if you ever listen to books on audio please listen to this 1 The voices were PERFECT I swear I was in a creepy mesmerizing horrifying movie Ugh SO GOOD 455 stars I loved this read such a fun page turner with a ark side Find my full review here If you re craving a super ark and highly compelling read to binge on this summer look no further because In the Vines has all of that and much This was a creepy gothic read that bord. Family ties so strong you can’t escape Mary Olivia Pentecost known as Mop was born into one of the wealthiest families in the country and one of the most guarded Now two years after her mother’s mysterious Divine Beauty death Mop is seeking closure on theisuieting tragedy by returning to the New En. .

Ered on horror at some points it sure as hell scared me half to eath and you guys know how much I love thatThis is told alternately from Mop s point of view and her Aunty Liv s and it oes jump around time wise but everything is clearly labeled and easy to follow Mop was a great character but what Down to the Sea in Ships does it say about me that I loved the mentally unstable and totally unhinged Aunty so much No need to answer that one Following herown a rabbit hole full of Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, dark secrets and bat shit crazy musings was the most fun I ve had in awhile Kirk is such an outstanding writer that seeing Aunty s stream of consciousness felt incredibly authentic a true glimpse into the mind of someone living in total hysteria and paranoiaBesides the fabulous characterization the level ofetail in Kirk s writing is truly amazing Her prose is so rich and packed full of meticulously Dog Years detailedescriptions that this is one book I would recommend that you savor The atmosphere she created of a seaside New England mansion that s the center of several family tragedies and horrifying secrets was vividly Chain of Fire drawn and extremely creepy I could wax poetic for ages about how much I enjoyed her writing style but I won t bore you and will just finish by saying read theamn book SO GOODIn the Vines in three words Immersive Rich and Menacing Thanks to Publishing partner I was gifted In The Vines by Shannon Kirk via Netgalley Wow This was such a fun creepy crazy read I have a rule A rule that is pretty stupid on my part but still my rule If I can t read a book within two The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, days I lose interest Why am I like this No clue just my thing Well this gem broke my rule With life school recitals etc my reading time this week was limited So to my surprise I ended this gem onay 4 I could NOT stop I had to know what was going onEnter Mop Mary Olivia Pentecost the aughter of Johanna Vandonbeer Penetecost and niece of Liv Lynette Viola Vandonbeer Three very close women that come from the richest family in New EnglandMop s mother jumped into the ocean behind Aunty Liv s property two years ago Mop hasn t seen or heard from Aunty in those two years aunty was like a second mother to her was like a second mother to her so now Mop feels alone and unloved Well that s about to change and ohh Lordy oes it get W I L DGood god this was addicting Told in two Maharaj different POVs Mop s and Aunty s from past and present with somewhat long chapters If you know me I like my chapters short but thatid NOT take away any enjoyment while reading this I know I am not saying much about the story but it s because I feel like there are many story lines within this book A LOT goes Kuduz down and I could not get enough Whooesn t love isturbing women Lies SECRETS gothic isturbing AF betrayals ooo juicy 45 This story is bananas It s like every Poe story smushed into one And I haven t The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, decided if that s a good thing or a bad thing The timeline is a bit all over the place present and two weeks ago Mop and two years ago Aunty Liv with many past memories interspersed Surprisingly this works and the story feels cohesive even if it is jumping around The writing is very atmospheric albeit a bit wordy In fact I think it would have made a great novella or short story as I felt a lot of scenes were tooescriptive the information over abundant Family secrets are revealed and psychopathy shines through in this crazy thriller with a touch of horror The poem at the beginning of the book penned by Shannon Kirk is so ark and profound it left me breathless And thenAND THEN I read the first chapter and knew I was a goner The first scene of this story left me horrified for a narrator I had yet to meetThere is a Woman In Black With A in black with a gun firing it into the sky and screaming at the woman with the hatchetSeriously what in the actual helicopter is happening This story is like a ride on a erailed crazy train told from the view of two protagonists mop and her aunty of two protagonists Mop and her Aunty boomeranging between the past and the present seamlessly Mop has returned home after the tragic Camellia (Ellie, death of her mother two years earlier only to find her beloved Aunty Liv is no longer the woman she once knew and is plagued with secrets that Mop isetermined to uncover What follows is a head first ive into the utter madness that has consumed her Au. Gland seaside estate of her cloistered Aunty Liv once her closest relative and confidanteBut behind the walls of the isolated estate the shadows of the past are arker than Mop imagined The puzzles of the family history are not to be shared but unearthed With each revelation comes a new for. .

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