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Ritten of course with a perfect atmosphere fitting the story and all the emotions of the characters but so are many many other books I ve read Nothing special on that part for me sadly That is the reason I couldn t give this book five stars but it is the one and only Everything else was perfectBD Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin This book could have been great but it was almost embarrassing to read at times I know that sounds pretty mean but c monI can appreciate any novel that mentions Kathleen Hannah and Courtney Love in positive context it also earns points for being set near Portland but I can t respect a novel that is full of cliches unrealistic characters and CHEESE I almost had to stop reading when one character played the other character s body like a guitar and I actually id stop reading for awhile when the girl brought out her Graphical Methods for Data Analysis damn cello bow and started running it along her boyfriend s body Seriously Would this ever really happen I know this is fantasy but the authoroesn t write it like it is supposed to be a Iraq dreamThe parents were the worst part of the book for me They were the parents absolutely every teenager in the Western world wishes that they had cool young know music laidback had wild young adulthoods act like teenagers and are just soamn awesome it hurts There really is no happy medium in teen fiction parents are either antagonists or sidekicks these Ford daysThe premise was a great one being able to choose between life oreath And it could ve been awesome But this book was sadly not awesome it was poorly written and cheesy My impression It was good Not fantastic but okay Decent Tolerable But I m a bit irritated with this book right now because it is one of those books that has been ridiculously overrated Yeah it was sad But not Spartan devastating Not heart wrenching This book was fine but I honestly think that if I had read the first chapter and then read the last chapter I wouldn t have missed much Yes her parents were both beautiful people who will be missed And I have to admit the whole story of he brother s life andeath tugged at my heartstrings But at the end of the book I found myself feeling bored than anything This book wasn t new or original or groundbreaking It was a way for me to kill time while I waited for my Mom to pick me up from school I ve seen stuff like this novel a million times before and most of them were a lot sad Sorry Forman but I m not impressed EDIT Guys I wrote this review in 2010 Do you seriously feel the need to continue commenting on this when I ve been messaged by ie hard fans and fellow haters alike had to answer every possible argument for or against it and been criticized for aring to write a less than glowing review on a website whose literal purpose is to review critiue gush about and condemn books Are you honestly that rilled up by a negative opinionIf I Stay just isn t that great My tastes have changed uite a bit since I read it and I stand by my opinion Why o you care Why are you it and I stand by my opinion Why o you care Why are you whining about it when a simple read through of the comments will show that I ve already addressed your specific complaint Go away Write your own glowing review Watch the movie version coming up which also looks terrible but what Read, Write, Edit do I know Go Leave Ion t care I Think about Editing do not care Ion t caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare There are two kinds of books those that you finish reading and leave you with fleeting memories of the attractive hero the silly heroine and the overall storyline or perhaps all you noted was the glaring plot holes inconsistencies ridiculousness or flat characters At any rate it s a book that you read either like or American Legal History dislike but no sooner than you have turned the last page it is out of sight and out of mind Then there is the other kind of book that will touch your heart or awaken a lingering memory or a potential fear that will haunt your mind so that even long after you ve fallen asleep your unconscious self is still wading through theetails Your reams will be fitful and when you finally awaken you will find yourself tangled up in sheets with puffy swollen eyes from tears that you shed when you weren t even aware enough to know you were crying If I Stay is the latterMia is eighteen and has the kind of family any of us would pray to be born to and the kind of boyfriend that can only exist in the fictitious world Further she is a gifted musician and is about to be accepted into the prestigious Julliard Mia has a choice she can follow her love Of Music Go To Julliard music go to Julliard accomplish her cellist reams or she can stay with her family and the love of her life and follow her heart Either way she has something to gain and something to lose Then one fateful morning Mia s world is turned on its head and life as she knows it changes The one thing that remains the same is the uestion that Mia has asked herself for the past few months should I go or should I stayIn art the brightest colors appear beside the Objective PET Students Book with Answers [With CDROM] darkest of lines and in this book the most endearing tender and happy moments are surrounded by grief so palpable that you will laugh through your tears and sob with a smile If I Stayemonstrates the kind of beauty that can only exist alongside Ethan Marcus Stands Up despair and shines all the for it It is filled with happiness and sorrow laughter and tears birth andeath love and loss By writing a book filled with parallels Forman proves that life has no opposite and thus leaves readers with an overwhelming since of joy and hope Matti In the Wallet despite tears and grief that they are bound to feelUpdate I just re read this book for the forth time and it continues toevastate and Raised in Captivity delight Has to contemplate everything she holdsear and make a choice to go or to stayHeartwrenchingly raw and heartbreakingly romantic Gayle Forman's international bestseller asks the ultimate uestion What would you o if you had to choos. If I StayDespite the general hype about this book I had my reservations because I had gone into The Lovely Bones with similar optimism and been highly isappointed by a story that never really took off and was simply Two Brothers, One Tail drab and boring After reading the goodreadsescription for this I imagined something of the same and could only hope I wouldn t have a repeat performanceTo be honest if you re looking for fast paced adventure and a really gripping plot then I m not sure this book is for you Gayle Forman uses subtleties and beautiful writing to tell her story in a Woman Much Missed deeply emotional and moving way She creates wonderful moments from the most simplistic things as playing cello or going to a concert or the protagonist spending time with her grandfather Where The Lovely Bones was a book abouteath If I Stay is very much a book about life and how the small things we overlook are so important Forman creates the sense that life is always worth living even when it seems that your whole world is falling apart if you have nothing else you still have a friend who Why Americas Top Pundits Are Wrong d risk their life for you Still think your life isn t worth living when someone wouldisagree to such an extentThe many Citizen Cain different relationships in the book are told in varied but eually moving ways The author shows the intricate relationship between mother andaughter father and Trail of Secrets daughter siblings grandparents and grandchildren boyfriend and girlfriend and just that of a person s closest friend Mia a shy cello player from Oregon with only one close friend is shown in this book to have a life full of love and things to be grateful for I found it truly inspiring and heartwarming I will be reading the seuel without aoubt How to Train a Cowboy dear ohear this gave me major before i fall flashbacks which was one of the most One Special Moment disappointing books i read this year this isnt as terrible as that but iefinitely have come to realise the whole teen ies but given second chance trope is just not for me which is a shame because there is a lot to be said for the messages and lessons taught within that kind of story but for this book in particular it actually isnt the plot that bothers me the most although it oes a little its the constant switching between the present moment at the hospital and flashbacks to the past only because i was invested in what happened to mia after the accident and what was going on at the hospital so the flashbacks to random points in her life Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, distracted me from that i appreciate that they are used for characterevelopment but i often found myself skimming forward to the present The Mommy Makeover day sections on aifferent note i actually really enjoyed the ending and i thought it was well The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives done i uickly read the synopsis for the seuel and it honestly sounds a million times interesting than this book so i willefinitely be picking that up as it sounds much like my kind of story 3 stars If I Stay If I Stay 1 Gayle FormanIf I Stay is a young adult novel by Gayle Forman published in 2009 The story follows 17 year old Mia Hall as she A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, deals with the aftermath of a catastrophic car accident involving her family Mia is the only member of her family to survive and she finds herself in a coma Through this coma however Mia has an out of body experience Through this she is able to watch the actions around her as friends and family gather at the hospital where she is being treated We follow Mia s stories and the unfolding of her life through a series of flashbacks Mia finds herself stuck between two worlds the world of the living and the world of those who have moved on Mia realizes that she must use her past and her relationships to make aecision for her future Her options are to stay with Her Grandparents And The Love Of Her Life Adam Or grandparents and the love of her life Adam or move on and avoid the pain of living without her mother father and little brother 2014 1391 206 9789645668899 1393 204 9789644083587 I was actually uite shocked to find that this book First Blood did not even make me shed one tear Weird huhUnless you count tears of boredom Other people THIS BOOK OMG THE FEELS I M SOBBING UNCONTROLLABLY Me Wait where was the part where I was supposed to cryDespite what you re probably thinking Iid not base this review on whether or not I would cry I gave it two stars because it The Palliser Novels did not affect me in any way Rather it bored me Other than the fact that I was bored to tears I had several major issues with If I StayFor one I failed to empathize with a vast majority of the characters The connection just wasn t there slightly contributing to myisliking of this book Identifying with characters is extremely important for me as a reader especially with these types of books I id NOT APPRECIATE MIA S EMOTIONLESS VOICE WHICH I KNOW appreciate Mia s emotionless voice which I know eliberate on the author s part because it id not fit this sort of story The characters in this book were much too perfect It was palpable from that first view spoiler and only hide spoiler In a single moment everything changes Seventeen year old Mia has no memory of the accident she can only recall riding along the snow wet Oregon #road with her family Then in a blink she finds herself watching as her own amaged body is taken from #with her family Then in a blink she finds herself watching as her own Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, damaged body is taken from wreck A sophisticated layered and heartachingly beautiful story about the power of family and friends the choices we all make and the ultimate choice Mia commands WHY I DROPPED ITIidn t like the book I just thought it was completely useless Nothing was really sad except times where Mia had to choose between stayinggoing etc And the plot The Friend Zone didn t hold my attention mainly because there wasn t much of a plot in first placeI was a little reluctant to admit Iidn t like it in fi. A special anniversary edition of Gayle Forman's breakout bestseller If I Stay in a brand new look and with an additional chapter to Mia's story Everything can change in an instant For Mia the ay started like any other surrounded by. ,
Rst place Mainly because so many people loved it I felt as if I was bursting their bubble But as time moves forward a lot of people idn t like it either So I m not aloneBut before you completely screech at me for not liking such a brilliant book I have my reasons Mia is too Alpha (Shifters, dull for my liking Sure she likes music and it s supposed to set her apart from the rest of the world Nuh ah Itoesn t work like that She s as ordinarysimple as possible There isn t much of a plot Just a girl wondering if she Whalerider d ratherie or stay Maybe for a lot of you it s a wonderful plot Not for me Sorry but recounting isn t my thing Which brings me to the third point This story is the wrong story which is being written As a writer I worship the rule If you have to add a lot of back story to make your book understandable then you re telling the wrong story I agree This book is just memories stringed together Maybe I m the only one who has a problem with this if so forgive me But I really really Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex didn t like this Oh and as for Adam Iidn t like him much either He seemed the usual Graphic Design For Everyone dark type And one of the things I really hate in romance is when I can t see why the boy and the girl fall for each other Io understand they both have the passion for music but so many other people Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, dorant overComment all you like My mind s not going to change Sorry I played the violin for five years and the viola for three It is the piano that only lasted for one year My older brother and I began our lessons together when I was nine My brother was a smart kid but heidn t know it then It Sweetland didn t help that his little sister was extremely competitive precocious and bratty I think he always believed heidn t have much going for him but boy he has it where it countsBack then I thought I was so much smarter than him and taking up the piano was another chance for me to prove that Unlike my brother who had never played an instrument before I could sight play and was already studied in the necessary music theory aspects from the violinAnd in form I was better than him For a while Effectively speaking I always was always going to be better at him in the technical arena But he was better where it counted When it came to the heart of the music bringing a piece alive and making it beautiful I was completely outclassed I played like a robot and he played with his soulThis book makes me regret that now than I ve ever regretted it before in my life If I Stay is a beautifully written character Art of Laurel and Hardy driven novel about a girl choosing between life andeath It was also one of the best narrated audiobooks I have ever listened to Mia s body is in ICU and she is waiting to Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, die As the events from her car crash unfold she examines her relationships with everyone toetermine whether or not it s worth staying or ying peacefully from her crashThere were parts of this novel that had me weeping my heart aching and #my chest pounding with emotion Mia s voice her relationships her struggles #chest pounding with emotion Mia s voice her relationships her struggles her pain are so brilliantly related to the audienceThe writing isn t perfect There are some parts that could have been a little polished Some paragraphs that probably needed another edit However the technical writing aspects are far and above overcompensated by the heart and soul of this novelThis novel is like Mia s Cello It is beautiful resounding and emotional Just as Mia can play Adam like her instrument so too can Forman play her audience strumming all the high and low notes with perfect breathtaking clarity Without a oubt Forman has it where it counts 45 stars There is something comforting in that To go own as a family No one left behind I m notI m not crying Why would I be If I stay notI m not crying Why would I be If I stay only one of the most endearing stories I ve ever readNo reason to sob uitely while writing a review You probably all know what happens A car accident A car accident that took Mia her brother and her parents lives away Only Mia stayed as a ghost a lifeless body She s hurt She s weak She oesn t want to leave everyone she cares about but how much easier it Distracted - Acting Edition d be for her to just let go I edge closer and now I know that it s not Teddy lying there It s me The blood from my chest has seeped through my shirt skirt and sweater and is now pooling like paintrops on the virgin snowThis book is beyond beautiful It s heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time You ll laugh you ll smile but you will cry or Trauma heilen drop a tear now and then Tears because you won t be able to believe your eyes at how poignant this is And how it is a story you ll cherish forever In my heart If I Stay will always have a special placeIt makes you wish you played the cello as our Mia exuisitely oes That s at least true for me and that is how much these characters and story had an influence on me What I know for sure is that after reading this book you ll take a moment to think everything through To think about your life and how it isn t easy but that when you re surrounded by people you love it s somehow easier to cross over all those obstacles life puts you throughMia sure is constantly sharing wonderful memories with us but what is so impressive is That The Author Subtly the author subtly a message in each of them A message to think about This is the kind of book I wished everyone with a soul would read and see its irrevocably originality and very pleasant and peaceful atmosphere I realize now that ying is easy Living is hardWhat I unfortunately Clean Tech, Clean Profits didn t like as much as I hoped to is the author s writing style I read raving reviews saying how amazing the writing is but Iidn t uite see its amazingness as most people have I guess It is well A loving family an adoring boyfriend and a bright future filled with music and infinite possibilities What she never expected is the choice before her now Caught between life and GameMaker Essentials death between a happy past and an uncertain future Mia.

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