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Cómo me hice monjaOne of the striking characteristics of c sar aira s fiction is how much fun it seems he must be having while writing his stories not limited by the constraint of genre aira s novellas often move effortlessly between them without ever an inkling of it seeming forced or contrived despite their relative brevity aira s works though i am unable as yet to determine just how have an enduring effect far greater than books i thought i enjoyed than his this lasting mark may well be testament to aira s unrestrained storytelling style as well as his allegiance to originality how i became a nun is the tale of an aberrant somewhat recocious six year how i became a nun is the tale of an aberrant somewhat recocious six year boy named c sar aira whom refers to himself AS A GIRL AFTER A TAINTED a girl after a tainted cream cone leads to illness and hospitalization young c sar s reality begins to blend with fantasy as compulsion and curiosity take over c sar must learn to navigate the hardships of both the first grade and the world around him her aira s works are neither linear narrative fiction nor surrealism simply for the sake of it he instead crafts works of great imagination that seem to have been written above all for the love of a good story itself the variety and creativity of his short works is simply bewildering as his dozens of books slower make their way into translation i imagine the immense talent of this Juice prodigious argentinean will become widely recognizedtranslated from the spanish by chris andrews aira s ghosts and an episode in the life of a landscapeainter as well as most of roberto bola o s works to appear in english The Unhelpful Lingering Influence of Magic RealismThe first two chapters of this book are absolutely excruciating to read incredibly well managed funny weird tense well conceived and utterly bizarre The narrator is a boy but then again he might be a girl that s strange enough because the ambiguity is managed offhandedly someone refers to the rotagonist as he and someone else as she The offhandedness of references to gender outdoes Yann Martel s recent attempt at similar insouciance The child is offered a strawberry ice cream It s a special treat because he or she has never had ice cream He or she nearly gags on it and Aira s description is intense and nauseating The father doubts his son or daughter argues angrily with her and then tastes the ice cream himself and realizes it s oison And then the father flies into a rage and kills the ice cream vendor After that very memorable start the book unravels or rather Aira relaxes into a seuence of set Gudrun pieces that could have been independent short stories It s a Bildungsroman and you follow the little girl or boy through various adventures to an ending that aspires to be as willfully strange as the openingAira is a stupendously talented storyteller and I used to read everything of his that was translated My reasons for dropping off are in other reviews In this case the form is episodic for no clear reason and the eccentricities are artificially concocted I d argue that theroblem here is the lingering Mob Mistress pernicious influence of magic realism This isn t magic realism because nothing is supernatural and it srogrammatically unromantic and unsentimental But it s determinedly uirky and Stud in the Stacks persistently exaggeratedly eccentric and those traits I think are leftovers echoes of the frissons and surrealistleasures of magic realism Aira writes uickly and without revising and so his books are unusually uneven given that working method magic realism isn t always a help He is sometimes engaging when his unexpected improvised changes of direction create things other than magic realist juxtapositions and detours Meet the most Choosing to Survive precocious and contrarian six years old in all Argentina He or she has a story to tell and it s a real whopper When the family moves from small town Pringles not the one that grows chips the other one to bustling Rosario our undersized and unreliable narrator feels threatened even when taken out by her his father for a treat the very first taste of strawberry ice cream My anxiety was mounting exponentially Ice cream seemed the cruelest instrument of torture ever invented I can fully sympathize with the little egghead constantly told what Here s another case where ratings fail 5 stars for the first half of the novel 3 stars for the second half 1 star for the ending Which euals A lot of reader turbulence for such a short book Or I m glad I read this but also glad I read An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter and Ghosts first Look forward to Cesar Aira in the near future How I Became a Nun by C sar Aira is a short hallucinatory novel It seemed to me it s about becoming a writer The convent Aira enters is that of fiction where the rules of reality are suspended and theossession of an individual reality is renounced So A sinisterly funny modern day Through the Looking Glass that begins with cyanide oisoning and ends in strawberry ice creamMy story the story of 'how I became a nun' began very early in my life; I had just turned six The beginning is marked by a vivid memory which I can reconstruct down to the last detail Before there is nothing and after everything is an extension of the same vivid memory continuous and unbroken including the intervals of sleep up to the oint where I took the veil So starts Cesar Aira's astounding aut. Gave up the idea of imitating him and having a ersonality dimly intuiting that my only hope of being someone lay in this renunciation Despite the brevity of the book it felt acked although I m not sure with what I found myself highlighting constantlyThe central character is like the author is named Aira and switches gender freuently Aira is six years old She is compulsive game layer like every child but also like every writer She creates the rules but is also created by them The rules are complica C sar Aira writes a book about a mischievous boy or girl named C Sar Aira That Begins With Aira that begins with Crisis of the Strauss Divided poisoning strawberry ice cream with cyanide and ends a brisk 117ages later with well a LOT of strawberry ice cream Sandwiched between all the strawberry ice cream C sar Aira relates C sar Aira s formative years as an androgynous imp terrorizing superstitious nurses his or her The Master Masons of Chartres prison bird father and long suffering mother a fragile school teacher and a schoolyard friend with an affinity for tacky suits and exaggerated decorum C sar Aira srose goes down savory and sweet as say ice cream even if C sar Aira s narration disturbingly hints at the ease with which we can learn duplicity young which unseen will VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) poison our lives like say cyanide Whether this is an offbeat riff on the kind of cautionary fables that made the Brothers Grimm famous or a sly treatise on the birth of the creative life what I canromise you is that C sar Aira delivers a charming way to Road House - The Novel pass a thoughtful evening alone so long as you weren t expecting any nuns to appear in the actual text I was the sole keeper and mistress of the impossibleReality is thelayground of the writer with memories and the artifacts of their Gnosis past as the swings and slides for their games C sar Aira s How I Became a Nun is a humorous jaunt through the life of a 6 year old boy or girl also named C sar Aira as she learns the magic of blending fact and fantasy to better understand the undercurrent of magiculsing through Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina plain reality Through a lonelyilgrimage of childhood C sar experiments with fiction in a Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up preparation towards a life of being an author a sacred undertaking of servitude to Stories much like entering the Sisterhood of Nuns Fiction and reality were fused at thisoint my simulation was becoming real tinting all my lies with truth As in Elizabeth Hardwick s exuisite Sleepless Nights Aira blends biography though very limited with fiction to create a lush tale where the lines between reality and fantasy are not only blurred but become irrelevant The narrator of this story is C sar Aira but not necessarily the C sar Aira writing the story who is also not necessarily the same C sar Aira when he is not writing the story They share the same hometown of Coronel Pringles Argentina and enough subtle similarities to trick the reader into stepping dangerously toward an Intentional fallacy of assuming the author and narrator are one and the same but this is all for sport and elevates the The Wingman Chronicles playfulness of his often meta driven novels C sar the narrator often identifies as a girl though once as a boy in the opening chapter despite all the outsider characters referring to C sar as a boy This opens up an intrigue of gender identification and it could be inferred that C sar experienced an emasculation of sorts after the tragedy of the opening scene with his father However such an interpretation seems too concrete for a book with suchlayful transparency It does not matter which gender the narrator is and the novel works eually well if C sar is a son or daughter in the art of fiction an author must be able to identify as many characters male or female and must do so convincingly for the story to be accepted into the soul of the reader C sar Aira Flood Legends presents both as a reminder that the author s own gender identification must beushed aside to fully immerse into the realm of the character The transformation could go either way reality becoming delirium or dream but the real dream turned dreamlike in turn becoming the angel or reality C sar the narrator experiments with blending fact and fiction throughout the novel The Best Of Saint Louis preparing for a life as an author An important lesson is learned early on when sitting on a ledge above arison in which his father is interned All the The Brother-Offended Checklist prisoners were my dad and I loved himnow I knew that love was much than that I had to become the guardian angel of all the desperate men to discover what love really was The author must watch their characters from an on high vantageoint and truly love them all in order to understand them and make them work Later C sar spends hours in the bedroom imagining teaching a lesson to a classroom of student students based on hisher own classmates Students are imagined with learning difficulties such as dyslexia However. Obiographical novel Intense and erfect this invented narrative of childhood experience bristles with dramatic humor at each stage of growing up a first ice cream school reading games friendship The novel begins in Aira's hometown Coronel Pringles As self awareness grows the story rushes forward in a torrent of anecdotes which transform a world of uneventful happiness into something else the anecdote becomes adventure and adventure fable and then legend Between memory and oblivion reality and fiction Cesar Aira's How I hadn t invented disorders so much as systems of difficulty They weren t destined to be cured but developed It is an act of creation developing roblems not to solve them but to bring them to fruition as a believable aspect of the fictitious classroom Like a good author C sar learns to create individuals that also must serve as a universal idea they were nobody and they were everyone And through creating and teaching C sar also learns and watches ideas form as if on their own ower Like an author C sar guides a story while simultaneously being guided by it How I Became a Nun is a wonderful little novel In Which I Became a Nun is a wonderful little novel In Which Nuns Are which no Nuns are Instead the nunhood is "A Vague Metaphor For The Calling Of " vague metaphor for the calling of author in which they must devote their lives to the name of art Like the voice of the radio within the radio in which the fictitious voice of God delivers a moral message at the end of a religious radio rogram the author must become the radio while also hearing the radio within the radio that is the natural growth of the story being transmitted through them This is a fantastically humorous and brief book that manages to breathlessly juggle a wide reaching allegory many aspects of which I have left untouched here Literature is one of the closest things to magic we have in our world the sort of magic that dazzles the heart and imagination of a young child and Aira is a masterful urveyor into this magical world 355 My vision couldn t be satisfied with what was visible it had to go rushing on beyond into the abyss A boy no a girl no a boy childWritten as if the grown up self is remembering the events of his life at age 6 and trying not to filter it through the lens of realityA child s reality is different Dreams may be real Reality may seem dream like Dreams and reality may be the same The experience is the reality whether it is felt in conventional consciousness or altered statesMemories are distorted incomplete and fleeting They are warped by dreams and dreams are warped by memoriesAll culminating in a Grimm like ending One likely to iss off some readers It needn t It will it has but it needn tA recocious little girl boy C sar Aira not the author C sar Aira or the C sar Aira who narrates The Literary Conference but a fictional C sar Aira who will likely narrate other books We lost ourselves in a labyrinth that I can reconstruct step by step How I became a Nun introduces us to an exceptional and somewhat intimidating architect who generously makes use of imagination for constructing a uniue narrative Something keeps on happening here if not in the form of reality then in the infinite space of fiction Our belief or disbelief in the strange lives this book depicts is our own business only and whether we derive from it a healthy dose of entertainment or an inedible diet of erturbation hardly matters What really matters is that nobody and nothing remains homeless in this world That was the tragedy of my childhood and my whole lifeMy vision couldn t be satisfied with what was visible it had to go rushing on beyond into the abyss dragging me along behind Here s another knock on the door of childhood with twists and turns galore With W or the Memory of Childhood and The Notebook The Proof The Third Lie Three Novels I already had my fair share of unexpected journeys into the erratic minds of children but guess every childhood is different irrespective of the happiness or unhappiness it experiences The same holds true for this book also This is the story of Argentina relocation Good Authority Good Authority parents kids ice cream hating the ice cream school hating the teachers deconstructing the reality and inventing a fiction which in turn befuddles the life of ourrotagonist who is a 6 year old C sar Aira Although with that name enters the spirit of metafiction in this story but rest assured whatever is in store for a reader is anything but clich d tricks This is my second Aira read after An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter where I did realize that he was an almost great writer and wholeheartedly wanted to believe in Bolano s enthusiastic recommendation too but a small link between really liked it and it was amazing was missing for me So I was vigilant with this book and kept looking for that almostness but all I got was a uniue blend of Carneycopia perfection anderfectly acceptable flaws chapter by chapter There s only so much one can demand from a novella and Aira with his compelling ingenuity and spirited writing has delivered a lot here That space that happiness had a color rose Captives of New Pompeii (New Pompeii, pink Theink of the sky at sunset a vast transparent faraway ink whose absurd apparition represented my life I was vast transparent and faraway and my absurd life represented the sky Living was ainting coloring myself with the Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, pink of the inexplicably suspended light. Became a Nun retains childhood's main treasures the reality of fable and the delirium of inventionA few days after his fiftieth birthday Aira noticed the thin rim of the moon visible despite the rising sun When his wife explained thehenomenon to him he was shocked that for fifty years he had known nothing about something so obvious so visible This epiphany led him to write How I Became a Nun With a subtle and melancholic sense of humor he reflects on his failures on the meaning of life and the importance of literature. .

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