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Leads to some sweetheart moves from Gavin that cement him as a bona fide hero Cait is pretty stressed out about her home situation with her mother s constant depression and the ffect it has on her younger brother and their mother son relationship When she confides this to Gavin Lawman Lover (Outlaws, even though he doesn t know her very well at this point he offers her the use of his house to have a privatevening on her own She can treat his house like a hotel and he ll vacate to stay on a friend s couch It s such a wonderful offer that cait is taken aback by his generosity specially is taken aback by his generosity specially she had not been treating him nicely But she accepts and in the morning when he returns they come to a mutual agreement that they want to Mystery at Kittiwake Bay explore the mutual attraction they feel Gavin had been adamant about not doing anything to make Cait feel obligated to return his favor and insists that they first go out for lunch so that anything that happens between them is separate from her staying overnight But hoo boy when the gloves are off they heat things up in some pretty sexy scenesGavin shows that sweetheart side in other ways too He asks Cait toxtend an offer for her brother to join a group of his friends in some pickup basketball games He brings her to meet his co workers at their favorite pub and makes sure she meets Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files everybody properly He insists on walking her out to her car and always seeing her off safely He is patient and understanding with her need to sometimes break their plans so she can be with her mom when she gets overwhelmed in her grief From the outside he can see that Cait s role in her household is holding back her mother from moving on with her life and when he tries to broach the subject Cait is not ready to hear itCait has spent the last six months worried that her mother won t be able to pull herself out of the depths of her grief yet she is unable to see that her presence makes itasier for her mother to stay dependent on her Her relationship with her brother is normal for the most part as normal as one can get with a teenager but he also feels the The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, effects of that loss Trying to balance her needs with those of her family is stressful When she feels pressured by Gavin to start prioritizing her own needs and their relationship the resulting friction leads to them both assessing whether they should cut their losses or find a way to make amends and get the happynding that s waiting for them Fortunately they choose the latterSince both Gavin and Cait are involved in first responder situations there are some pretty intense and motional on the job scenes in the book Fires car accidents slips and falls all come into play as does the reality of the loss of life that can occur Gavin and Cait have good relationships with their co workers and there are some fun and teasing scenes that show this as well as how they cope with the difficult situations But having similar occupations makes them uniuely able to share their xperiences with An Italian Education each other and have thatxtra Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code emotional backup when needed With its combination of laughs tears and sexy moments Hot Response is anxcellent addition to the Boston Fire seriesThis review also appears at All About Romance copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review Reviewed for wwwkisslikeagirlcomWould you take a look at that cover I think OSHA might have a bit to say about what he s wearing But I uite like it I had no idea a back could be so attractiveThis is a tough review to write So I will keep it short and sweet Everything about this book was good There s nothing I d change I don t have any suggestions to make it better but it didn t blow me awayThe story was Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, engaging the characters were relatable and the plot was believable This book made me smile I appreciated the banter between Cait and Gavin The author did a wonderful job of honestly conveying the struggles of a family trying to work past the loss of a loved one Sheven captured the conflict that often comes with trying to have a relationship when one is in that situationBut when all was said and done nothing made me go wow or this is amazing I feel like this was a story I ve seen a dozen times on television shows like Chicago Fire I guess what I m trying to say is it felt generic There was nothing incredible about this story but there also wasn t anything I really dislikedThis was my first time reading a book in this series or by this author but I m sure it won t be the ’t looking for promises are xactly his type and he’s comfortable with that Working with a gorgeous EMT isn’t going to change who he isThe last thing Cait Tasker needs in her personal life is a firefighter whose challenges on scene have been a thorn in her side from minute one Her plate’s too full for a man anyway Back in her childhood home to help he. .
AstOverall Hot Response was a well written and engaging tale about a firefighter and an EMT I d recommend it to anyone looking to read a tale about a firefighter and an EMT I d recommend it to anyone looking to read a and true love story Misunderstandings and family are determined to keep them apartOh the firefighters of Boston Fire are back and I couldn t be happier Gavin and Cait are co workers but despite the attraction they both feel for ach other they can t seem to get on the same wavelength A misplaced ma am has them at odds but once they talk it out there s a lot to discover He just rubs me the wrong way Maybe you re JUST MAD BECAUSE YOU WANT HIM RUB YOU mad because want him to rub you right way This author knows how to convey heart and soul into her characters and invites me in to share their joys their struggles and their passions Needless to say I m always up for a ride on that train and Gavin and Cait s story delivered They play cat and mouse for a while and Forbidden Stranger even that is fun as they work out their differences one conversation and kiss at a timeCait is falling for Gavin but she has responsibilities that need her time and attention When things come to a head it s hard to take sides when you are cheering for TeamCaitGavin all the way Another great addition to one of my favourite series Diane 4 stars Great story SighI already have a thing for cop stories and firemen stories are running a close second now This book hadverything we want in a romance story A yummy hot lead in Gavin a patient kind gentlemen Plenty of heated anticipation and build up to a full romance Humor and fun between the guys Depth of understanding and connection to Snowy River Man each otherGavin is built just they way we love them I loved the connection between the two and could totally visualize them together for the long haul due to similar jobs Cait had his number and totally could hang with the guys I like that she can take a ribbing and give it back tooHot Response is a contemporary romance that is light on the full on heat and steam but a thoroughlynjoyable story Sweet intense in parts a little Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze emotional in others and great character development make this a perfect romance to read My first story by this author but not the last advance copy received for review consideration An adult romance between one of Boston s handsome firemen this series is known for and a hardworking EMT with a complicated home life Easy to read and sexy it ll help you make the most of a rainy afternoon My favorite uote sometimes taking care of somebody means helping them face truths they don t want to It s been a while since our last visit with the firefighters of Ladder 37 and havingnjoyed the previous three books hugely I dived straight in being uickly reminded just why I love the Boston Fire series I don t know what it is about you that rubs me the wrong way EMT Cait has bit of a dim opinion the youngest of the firefighters Gavin Boudreau whose life loves are his job and the ladies Going on that you may Les brumes d'avalon : roman expect a bit of a player however what we have is a cheeky funny sexy thoughtful guy who loves hard and I loved him for that reason I came here to see how many beers it takes to get you to go in the store room with me and show me what you re wearing under that shirt He and Cait were fabulous together and we see the man Gavin truly is when we find out what she is dealing with personally showing her she doesn t have to deal withverything alone I m glad I m in your pond Hot Response brought Malakai (Wicked Games, everything I ve come to hope for from this author and the couples she plays matchmaker to Romance is blended with just the right amount ofmotion drama and action I loved catching up with the rest of the crew and I m looking forward to when we re treated to Derek s story later this year Copy received courtesy of Carina via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion Firefighter Gavin Boudreau and EMT Cait Tasker often find themselves on scene together and the The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone encounters are a bit prickly He has no idea what he did to get on her wrong side and his buddies at the station give him nond of grief When they finally resolve that issue what s left is the potential of a promising relationship This was an Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, easy story where we see two people tentatively beginning a relationship careful withach other as they get to know one another The main conflict is Cait s family whose need caused her to return home to help her recently widowed mother cope with her grief while dealing with a teenaged half brother I The Family Plan enjoyed how the two of them took the tim. R family cope with an unexpected tragedy she’s gotnough to handle without throwing a hot testosterone laden fireman into the mixAs long days on the job lead to long nights together Gavin and Cait will discover how far temptation can take them and what happens when the one you thought was all wrong for you turns out to be the person you can’t live withou. .
Shannon Stacey s firefighters are always fantastic ntertainment but I think Hot Response has so far knocked this series out of the park as a firefighter and an EMT get off on the wrong foot due to a small series of unintended misunderstandings Gavin Boudreau and Cait Tasker didn t seem like the kind of characters WHO WOULD HAVE WORKED OUT BASED ON THE BLURB would have worked out based on the blurb the story that Stacey tells turned out to be uite a different one I never uite ven got out to be uite a different one I never uite A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity even got idea that Gavin was only up for a good time and that he tuned out to be an absolute prize all about family thoughtful and considerate surprised me pleasantly as much as how into the relationship with Cait when that finally took off That their relationship was hampered by a large issue in Cait s life was going to be a conflict that I saw coming from afar though I was glad to see that resolved relatively uickly though a little abruptly What stood out however was the progression of 35 starsIf you re a fan of Shannon Stacey s Kowalski Family series you ll definitelynjoy this book It s character driven romance about a cocky firefighter and an tough no nonsense EMS I Celebrity Bachelor enjoyed thid book a lot mainly because I m a sucker for she s not really my type trope Gavin and Cait s chemistry was awesome and I like how the book was basically just about dealing with normal relationship stuff like should we or shouldn t we move in together or meeting the parents and coworkerstc It s all very normal and refreshing ARC via NetGalley ARC received for reviewGavin and Cait pronounced Kate got off on the wrong foot since he called her ma am I don t get that maybe since I live in the south and it s good manners to call For Better and Worse every lady ma am Any way she didn t like it but once they cleared up that misunderstandinghot hot hot But then you throw in hermotional drama and issues with letting family go and you get heart break Luckily it didn t last too long Great to see all the crew of Ladder 37 and Engine 59 again Shannon Stacey s Boston Fire series takes an in depth look at the lives and loves of those who work for the fictional fire department Ladder 37 I ve read and thoroughly Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, enjoyed the previous books in this series and like how the author has balanced the seriousness of the vocation with the less intense and fun side of falling in love In Hot Response we get a genuinely nice guy hero who crosses paths with an at first prickly heroine That initial friction serves to heat things up in thismotional and ultimately uite lovely romanceCait Tasker is competent and no nonsense when it comes to her job as an Rescuing the Texans Heart emergency medical technician Trained to respond uickly tomergency situations she s adept at providing immediate life saving care on the scene What she can t fix is her family With her mother s second husband having recently passed away Cait has moved in to help her mom and her teenaged half brother cope with the lossWhen the 911 calls come in it s common for Cait and her partner Tony to cross paths with the team at Ladder 37 Gavin Boudreau is one of the youngest members of his fire department but he s just as skilled as the rest of the team and very confident He s not sure what he said to rub Cait the wrong way on their first meeting but she clearly isn t impressed with him That changes when they are both at the scene of a house fire where they get trapped together briefly while rescuing a child It shows Cait that her impression of Gavin as a cocky playboy is wrong Feeling the need to apologize she asks him out for breakfast which he is happy to accept hoping to put the tension between them to rest Indeed Cait feels kind of foolish at realizing that what had initially upset her Gavin calling her ma am which she believed was a reference to her being a few years older than him is in fact just an Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., example of the manners with which he was brought upWith their trucestablished a hesitant friendship starts and then With both of them working shifts they spend time together when they can But Cait feels that her responsibility to her mom and her brother is too great to commit to a full time relationship Will her reluctance to move forward out of concern for them ruin her own chance at happinessThere s a really funny set of scenes that Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch evolve from a chance meeting of Cait her brother Carter and Gavin in a grocery store It s what sets off the knowledge that there might be something to their friction than dislike and truth be told made me laugh out loud It also. The men of Boston Fire are back and hotter thanver Don’t miss this brand new novel from New York Times bestselling author Shannon StaceyGavin Boudreau lives for the job but he also believes in “work hard play harder” As the youngest guy in Ladder 37 he figures he’s got plenty of time before settling down becomes a priority Soft pretty women who aren. ,


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Hot Response Boston Fire #4

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